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l ewing 10 days ago

They fit well

Perfect Fit A Review of Zenni OpticalAfter stumbling upon Zenni Opticals website I was initially drawn in by their wide array of trendy eyewear. As an avid online shopper I was accustomed to the convenience of virtual browsing however I was a bit hesitant about getting the right fit without trying them on. Nonetheless the seamless ordering process and a few helpful video tutorials put my apprehensions to rest. Upon receiving my order I was pleasantly surprised by how well the glasses fit it was as if they were tailormade for me. Not having to compromise on style and comfort was an absolute gamechanger. As someone with a busy schedule the prompt delivery was greatly appreciated. I couldnt believe how quickly they arrived at my doorstepWhats more the affordable prices allowed me to save a significant amount of money. This was a crucial factor for me as I needed a costeffective solution without compromising on quality. Zenni Optical not only met but exceeded my expectations by delivering a seamless and costefficient shopping experience. Their dedication to customer satisfaction truly sets them apart. Overall I can confidently say that Zenni Optical has won me over with their impeccable service perfect fit and unbeatable prices. I found not just a new pair of glasses but a reliable and trustworthy eyewear partner in Zenni Optical.

Vivian Rose 10 days ago

Great almost always.

When I first discovered Zenni Optical I was thrilled with the opportunity to purchase eyeglasses at such affordable prices. For years I have relied on their service to meet my prescription needs and I have been mostly satisfied with the quality and performance of their products. I have bought numerous pairs of Zenni frames all of which were crafted precisely to my doctors specifications. This level of customization has always impressed me and I have never had any issues with the accuracy of the prescriptions. However recently I encountered a minor hiccup with one of the pairs I purchased. After around six months of use I noticed that the plastic on one of the earpieces had broken. Despite this I found the glasses still wearable. Unfortunately the problem escalated when the earpiece completely broke at the hinge rendering the glasses unwearable. I attempted to fix them by replacing the pin but to no avail. Despite this setback I decided to give Zenni another chance and purchased a new pair with a different frame. To my delight the new glasses turned out to be perfect. The only aspect that I wish Zenni Optical would improve upon is their guarantee or replacement policies. It would be reassuring to have the option for replacements or repairs especially when such unforeseen issues arise. Additionally I would love to see a feature that allows for the insertion of new lens prescriptions into old frames. Despite this recent experience I must commend Zenni Optical for being a great company almost always. Their commitment to providing affordable and customizable eyewear is commendable and I will likely continue to rely on their services for my future eyewear needs. In conclusion Zenni Optical has been a reliable and budgetfriendly option for me and I am grateful for the convenience they offer. I am hopeful that they will consider enhancing their policies to provide even greater customer satisfaction in the future.

Vincent Wong 11 days ago

Unmatched Quality and Value My Exceptional Experience with Zenni Optical

Let me start by saying that my experience with Zenni Optical has been nothing short of exceptional. Over the last three months Ive purchased two pairs of eyeglasses from their website and I must say the experience has been nothing short of amazing. First and foremost the website itself is incredibly userfriendly. The ordering process was smooth and I was impressed by the seamless navigation and intuitive design. It made the entire experience hasslefree allowing me to find exactly what I needed without any unnecessary complications. Now lets talk about the eyewear. Zenni Optical offers an impressive range of lens choices and I was particularly drawn to their premium quality options. The clarity and precision of these lenses are truly remarkable and the fact that they are available at such reasonable prices is a testament to the exceptional value that Zenni Optical provides. But what really sets Zenni Optical apart is their progressive eyewear options. As someone who relies on progressive lenses for my everyday vision needs I can attest to the fact that finding highquality affordable progressive eyewear can be a challenge. However Zenni Optical has completely changed the game in this regard. Not only are their progressive lenses of the highest quality but they are also incredibly reasonably priced providing unmatched value for anyone in need of this type of eyewear. In conclusion I can confidently say that Zenni Optical has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. From the simplicity of their website to the exceptional quality and value of their eyewear they have truly set the standard for excellence in the industry. If youre in the market for eyewear that not only meets but exceeds your expectations I highly recommend giving Zenni Optical a try. Thank you Zenni for providing such an outstanding experience

Daizey Easley 11 days ago

Enhancing My Style and Vision with Zenni Glasses

After stumbling upon Zenni I have to say I am utterly thrilled with the stunning glasses I purchased from their website. The aqua blue frames I selected have truly become a standout accessory effortlessly elevating my everyday outfits. Beyond their fashionforward appeal these glasses have significantly enhanced my visual acuity making daily tasks a breeze. One of the standout advantages of choosing Zenni for my eyewear needs is the convenience it offers. Instead of enduring the waiting room at an eye doctors office I can easily browse through Zennis extensive collection of stylish frames from the comfort of my home. This streamlined process has not only saved me time but has also allowed me to explore a diverse range of options and find the perfect pair that resonates with my personal style. What sets Zenni apart is their commitment to providing highquality eyewear at an incredibly affordable price point. I could not be more pleased with the value I received for the exceptional quality of the glasses. The durability and precision of the lenses demonstrate the superior craftsmanship that Zenni consistently delivers. As someone who values both style and functionality I can confidently say that Zenni has exceeded my expectations. My experience with Zenni has solidified my preference for their brand and I look forward to expanding my collection with more of their fashionforward and reliable eyewear options in the future.

Hannah White 11 days ago

My Incredible Experience with Zenni Optical A Detailed Review

When I stumbled upon Zenni Optical I was thrilled to explore their vast collection of trendy eyewear. Eager to get my hands on two stylish pairs of glasses I swiftly placed an order opting for rush shipping on October 29th. Anticipation filled me as I eagerly awaited the arrival of my new frames hoping to have them before an upcoming trip. To my disappointment the delivery date stretched to November 7th exceeding the promised window of 25 business days for rush shipping. In my haste to secure a timely delivery I compromised on frames and finishes that I truly desired solely for the sake of ensuring rush eligibility. Anxious to have them before my trip I even reached out to their customer service seeking assurance that my glasses would indeed be in my hands by November 4th at the latest. Imagine my dismay when they failed to meet this commitment leaving me with two illfitting pairs of glasses that were not my preferred choice and worse still were not available in time for my trip. The experience left me feeling frustrated and disheartened. While I had hoped to rely on Zenni Opticals advertised rush shipping to have my glasses ready for my trip the delayed delivery resulted in a significant inconvenience. I couldnt help but feel that the companys shipping timeframes did not align with their promises. In the midst of my disappointment I realized that I could have effortlessly obtained the glasses I needed from Costco avoiding the disappointment and inconvenience I experienced with Zenni Optical. I yearned for a resolution and began to seek a way to address my dissatisfaction. Anxiously I reached out to Zenni Optical with the hope of securing a full refund for my troubles. Despite the setbacks I remain optimistic that Zenni Optical will rectify this situation appropriately underscoring the importance of transparent and accurate shipping information. As I reflect on this experience I recognize the significance of clarity and reliability in the ecommerce realm with hopes that Zenni Optical will update their messaging to accurately reflect their shipping capabilities. In conclusion I look forward to a resolution from Zenni Optical and hope that this review serves as constructive feedback emphasizing the impact of accurate shipping information on customer experience.

John Melville 11 days ago

The shipping is slow especially at the

Discovering Zenni Optical has been a gamechanger in my eyewear shopping experience. At first I was a bit hesitant due to some concerns about the shipping particularly at the budget tier. However once I received my glasses any lingering uncertainties vanished. Its true that the shipping may take a bit longer especially for budgettier options. Yet once you opt out of all the upsells and patiently await your new eyewear the quality and affordability of the glasses make the wait worthwhile. Upon unboxing my new glasses I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality. The craftsmanship was evident and they were everything I hoped for. The frames were sturdy the lenses pristine and the fit was just right. Ive worn them every day since and theyve held up beautifully. Not only did I find the glasses to be of remarkable quality but the affordability was equally impressive. Its rare to discover eyewear that is both economical and wellconstructed making Zenni Optical a rare and valuable find in the realm of online shopping. In conclusion despite the slower shipping once I received my glasses and experienced the superb quality firsthand I was more than pleased with my purchase. I would highly recommend Zenni Optical to anyone in search of highquality budgetfriendly eyewear. Its a testament to the fact that patience truly pays off in the end.

Diane L 11 days ago

The entire process from sizing to

As a loyal customer of I am thrilled to share my genuinely seamless experience with the entire process from sizing to delivery. Initially I was a bit skeptical about the fit and quality of the glasses but my doubts were completely dispelled upon receiving and trying on my new frames. The first step sizing was surprisingly easy and accurate. I followed the comprehensive guidelines on the website and was able to confidently select the perfect size for my frames. This ensured a tailored fit that was comfortable and flattering eliminating any concerns I had about the glasses being illfitting. As the delivery arrived I couldnt help but feel a twinge of apprehension about the quality of the product. However I was ecstatic to discover that the glasses exceeded my expectations. The craftsmanship and durability were evident immediately alleviating any worries about them being of poor quality. The moment I tried them on I was amazed by the impeccable fit and style. The frames complemented my face shape and the overall aesthetic was exactly what I was hoping for. It was a pleasant surprise to find that not only did they fit perfectly but they also looked fantastic. I am thrilled to report that my experience with has been nothing short of outstanding. The entire process from selecting the right size to the remarkable quality of the glasses has made me a devoted customer. I can confidently say that I will definitely be returning for future purchases. Thank you for providing such a seamless and satisfying experience.


I have been purchasing unhappy glasses from has been my goto for eyeglasses for many years and while Ive had mostly positive experiences with their products my recent purchase left me feeling quite disappointed. The frames I received were lovely as always but the lenses were so severely beveled at the edges that they were practically unwearable. Despite reaching out to Mandy from customer service the issue couldnt be adequately resolved and I found myself unable to use the glasses. I expressed my concerns to Mandy regarding order o6089148324 and while she made an effort to rectify the situation the problem persisted. It was clear that the beveling of the lenses was the root cause of my dissatisfaction as it significantly impacted my ability to see properly. However it wasnt the end of the road for me. I firmly believed that there was still hope for my beloved frames. I took the initiative to request a remake of the glasses emphasizing that there was indeed room to reduce the beveling without compromising the fit or aesthetic appeal of the frames. I was eager to salvage the situation because I genuinely adored the chic design of the frames and hoped for a positive resolution. Despite the initial setback I remain appreciative of the assistance I received from the customer service team. I am looking forward to a solution that will allow me to fully enjoy my new glasses. has always been a reliable choice for eyewear and I am optimistic that this situation will soon be resolved with their support. Thank you for your attention to this matter and I look forward to having a pair of glasses that meets the high standard of quality that I have come to expect from Yolanda Rosenblatt

Virginia Kostes 12 days ago

I had emailed saying my glasses didnt

When I first encountered Zenni Optical I was skeptical about ordering prescription glasses online. However after reading numerous positive reviews I decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately when my glasses arrived I realized that the prescription was missing from the left lens. Frustrated I reached out to their customer service team via email explaining the issue. To my surprise I received a prompt and understanding response. They requested a copy of my prescription and assured me that they would take care of the problem. Admittedly I was a bit hesitant at first but I sent them the required information. To my amazement within a week a new pair of glasses arrived at my doorstep and to my relief the prescription was accurate this time. What truly impressed me was the fact that they did not charge me anything extra for the replacement. The exceptional customer service I received from Zenni Optical was beyond compare. Their quick and efficient handling of my issue left a lasting impression on me. I am incredibly grateful for their professionalism and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. This experience has not only made me a loyal customer but I have also recommended Zenni Optical to friends and family without hesitation. Thank you Zenni Optical for your outstanding service and for going above and beyond to rectify the situation. I can now confidently say that I will continue to support and trust your brand for all my eyewear needs. Virginia Kostes

Lonnie Kiger 12 days ago

Discovering Affordable Quality My Transformational Experience with Zenni

After stumbling upon Zenni Optical my perspective on eyewear purchases was completely transformed. Let me take you through my journey from the overwhelming costs of traditional optometrists to the gamechanging affordability and quality of Zenni. Seamless Fit Swift DeliveryMy initial concern when considering an online purchase for something as personal as glasses was the fit. However my worries were quickly put to rest upon receiving my new glasses from Zenni. The fit was not just adequate it was perfect. Moreover the delivery time was remarkably fast exceeding my expectations and promptly resolving any apprehensions about online ordering. CostEffective BrillianceWhat truly convinced me to try Zenni Optical was the staggering price difference. While traditional optometrists demanded a hefty sum for a single pair of glasses I found that I could purchase at least five pairs from Zenni for the same price. The affordability was unparalleled and it felt liberating to have the option to own multiple pairs without breaking the bank. A Resounding RecommendationMy experience with Zenni has left an indelible impression and I am delighted to wholeheartedly endorse their services to anyone in search of quality glasses at a fair and reasonable price. My once daunting search for the perfect pair of glasses has now evolved into an exciting exploration of diverse styles thanks to the affordability and excellence that Zenni Optical offers. Give Zenni a try and prepare to be dazzled by the exceptional value and superb quality that await you.

Alicia Mike Pedroza 12 days ago

I loved I was able to virtually try on

When I discovered Zenni Optical I was initially drawn to the idea of being able to virtually try on glasses from the comfort of my home. The experience of virtually trying on frames was not only fun but immensely helpful in choosing the perfect pair. I spent hours trying on different styles and it was almost like being in the store without the hassle of leaving my house. After making my decision I eagerly awaited the arrival of my new glasses. When they finally arrived I was impressed by how perfectly they fit. I had opted for the adult small size and had compared the measurements to a previous pair I owned which turned out to be a great decision. The compliments I received once I started wearing them only reinforced my satisfaction with my choice. The most important aspect of course was the prescription and I was pleased to find that it was spoton. As someone who relies on their glasses every day finding a pair that not only looks great but also provides clear vision is a top priority and Zenni Optical delivered on all fronts. Overall my experience with Zenni Optical has been fantastic. From the userfriendly virtual tryon feature to the excellent fit and quality of the glasses I couldnt be happier with my purchase. If youre considering buying glasses from Zenni Optical I highly recommend taking the time to compare the measurements and utilizing the virtual tryon feature for a smooth and satisfying experience.

Cheryl Keenan 12 days ago

Great place to buy quality glasses for a reasonable price.

As someone who values both quality and affordability I cannot recommend Zenni Optical enough. Their online store is a treasure trove of stylish and affordable eyewear that has exceeded my expectations time and time again. The variety of options available on Zenni Optical is truly impressive. From trendy frames to classic styles there is something for everyone. Whether youre looking for prescription glasses or fashionable sunglasses their collection caters to all tastes and preferences. The ease of browsing through their extensive range made the selection process an enjoyable experience. One of the most remarkable aspects of Zenni Optical is their commitment to affordability without compromising on quality. The competitive pricing of their eyewear is unparalleled especially considering the exceptional quality they offer. As a frequent buyer I have always been pleasantly surprised by the durability and craftsmanship of each pair of glasses Ive purchased. Not only have I been impressed by the products but the overall shopping experience with Zenni Optical has always been seamless. The website is userfriendly and the ordering process is straightforward. Their attention to detail from the packaging to the delivery further reflects their dedication to customer satisfaction. Having had such positive experiences I have enthusiastically recommended Zenni Optical to friends and family. Its a place where you can confidently invest in reliable and stylish eyewear without breaking the bank. In conclusion Zenni Optical has consistently provided me with quality glasses at a fraction of the cost I would expect to pay elsewhere. If youre in the market for a new pair of glasses I highly recommend exploring their extensive collection. Youll not only find a great fit for your style but youll also be amazed by the outstanding value for your money.

Denise Alva 12 days ago

I love my glasses as they are uniquely me And I love the rose gold

Experiencing Unmatched Confidence and Style with Zenni OpticalLet me begin by expressing my sheer delight with the uniquely stunning pair of glasses I purchased from Zenni Optical they are truly an extension of my personal style and have become an essential part of my everyday wardrobe. The rose gold frames that I chose exude a sense of elegance and individuality that never fails to attract attention and admiration. The first thing that struck me about my glasses was their distinctiveness. I was searching for a pair that would stand out without being too ostentatious and Zenni Optical offered an incredibly diverse range of frames that allowed me to find the perfect balance. From trendy and fashionforward designs to timeless classics Zenni Opticals collection catered to my desire for something truly unique. Given the multitude of looks and compliments I have received while wearing my glasses its safe to say that they have become a signature accessory for me. The confidence boost that comes with knowing I have a standout piece that reflects my personality has been truly invaluable. Whats more my journey with Zenni Optical was made even more memorable by a serendipitous encounter with another satisfied customer. While out shopping I couldnt help but admire a womans glasses and upon complimenting her she revealed that they were from Zenni Optical. This chance exchange solidified my trust in the brand and reinforced the notion that Zenni Opticals reputation for exceptional eyewear is widely recognized and celebrated. Though I encountered a slight hiccup during my initial order the customer service team at Zenni Optical was quick to address my concerns with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. I had forgotten to include the need for bivocals and mistakenly assumed that the glasses came with a magnetic sun clip. However this minor setback was swiftly resolved and the support I received further proved the brands dedication to ensuring a seamless and satisfying shopping experience. Having now familiarized myself with the intricacies of ordering eyewear to meet my specific requirements I am eager to explore Zenni Opticals selection once more. With newfound confidence and clarity in my preferences I am embarking on the exciting prospect of adding more glasses to my collection. Armed with a clear understanding of my personal needs and preferences I am enthusiastic about the prospect of selecting additional frames that not only cater to my visual requirements but also align with my individual style. In essence my experience with Zenni Optical has been transformative. It has not only elevated my fashion choices but has also instilled in me a sense of assurance as I continue to embrace the diverse and everevolving world of eyewear. Zenni Optical has undoubtedly become my goto destination for eyewear that seamlessly blends style quality and individuality and I eagerly anticipate the next chapter of my journey with this exceptional brand.

Michael Bullock 13 days ago

Discovering Zenni A Family8217s Trusted Eyewear Companion

My journey with Zenni Optical has been nothing short of exceptional. As a longstanding patron I can confidently say that my family and I have relied on Zenni for our eyewear needs for years. The exceptional quality and service we have experienced have made us loyal customers and we have a story that underscores why we keep coming back for more. Recently I encountered an issue with a pair of glasses from Zenni. Despite this rare occurrence I was thoroughly impressed by the swift and effective response from their customer service team. Upon reaching out to them Zenni promptly acknowledged the issue and went above and beyond to rectify it. Their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction was evident as they promptly initiated the process of remaking the glasses. What particularly stood out was their unwavering dedication to maintaining open and clear communication throughout the entire resolution process. This seamless and clientcentric approach not only reaffirmed our trust in Zenni Optical but also highlighted their commitment to upholding the highest standards of customer service. Their proactive stance in swiftly recognizing and addressing the problem demonstrated a level of integrity and professionalism that truly set them apart. As a customer feeling valued and prioritized in this manner is undeniably invaluable. Our continued patronage of Zenni Optical comes as no surprise considering the consistently exceptional experiences we have had. From their diverse range of stylish and durable eyewear to their impeccable customer service Zenni has undoubtedly set the benchmark for what a reliable eyewear provider should be. Ultimately our encounters with Zenni Optical have transcended mere transactions they have been testament to the enduring trust and satisfaction that come with choosing a brand that prioritizes its customers above all else. For anyone seeking not just eyewear but a seamlessly gratifying experience I wholeheartedly recommend Zenni Optical as the unparalleled choice.

Camille Budd-Hare 13 days ago

Exceptional Customer Care Experience at Zenni Optical

My experience with Zenni Opticals customer care team has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I reached out for assistance I found their agents to be incredibly helpful knowledgeable and empathetic. Over a period of 23 weeks through email exchanges and live chats their patience and commitment to addressing my concerns were truly remarkable. It was evident that they genuinely cared about providing me with the best possible support. One aspect that particularly stood out was the promptness of their responses. Despite the differences in time zones I consistently received replies within 24 hours and at times even within 2 hours. This level of attentiveness and efficiency greatly impressed me showcasing their dedication to ensuring a swift resolution to any issues or inquiries. Id like to extend a special acknowledgment to specific team members including Mizfalyn C Glory Jill P and Mary whose exemplary assistance significantly contributed to my positive encounter with Zennis customer service. Their guidance and understanding not only exemplified their expertise but also made me feel genuinely supported throughout the process. Overall I am immensely grateful for the outstanding customer care provided by Zenni Optical. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has undoubtedly earned my trust and loyalty. Thank you to the entire customer service team at Zenni Optical for your invaluable support and unwavering dedication.

Tracy Dennison 14 days ago

Discovering the Convenience and Quality of Zenni Optical

As someone who values convenience and quality I am delighted to share my exceptional experience with Zenni Optical. The ability to shop for eyewear from the comfort of my own home has truly transformed the way I approach this essential aspect of selfcare. One of the standout features of Zenni Opticals online platform is the virtual tryon technology which has revolutionized the eyewear selection process for me. The convenience of being able to virtually try on countless styles and designs without the confines of a physical store has been absolutely amazing. I appreciate being able to take the time I need to carefully evaluate each pair of glasses ensuring that I find the perfect fit for both my style and my vision needs. Moreover the actual quality of the glasses from Zenni Optical has exceeded my expectations. Its evident that their commitment to excellence extends to the materials and craftsmanship of their eyewear. The durability and comfort of the glasses I have purchased represent a level of quality that has truly impressed me. In conclusion I am truly grateful for the convenience and superior quality that Zenni Optical offers. The ability to explore a wide range of eyewear options from home coupled with the assurance of receiving highquality products has made my experience with Zenni Optical nothing short of exceptional. Thank you Zenni Optical for providing such an outstanding service and product.

JEFF DAWSON 14 days ago

The website was easy to order

Discovering Zenni Optical was a gamechanger for me. Ive never been one to purchase glasses online but the process was incredibly smooth. Navigating their website was a breeze and ordering prescription glasses was surprisingly simple. Its important to be wellversed in the requirements for ordering prescription eyewear but as long as youre informed navigating the process is seamless. What impressed me the most was their guidance throughout the entire journey. Zenni Optical does an exceptional job of explaining each step ensuring that youre equipped with all the information you need to make informed decisions. This level of support quickly alleviated any apprehensions I initially had about ordering glasses online. As for the prices I was pleasantly surprised. The affordability of their glasses especially considering the quality was astonishing. Zenni Optical offers exceptional value for money making it easier to invest in multiple pairs to suit different styles and occasions. The combination of affordability and great quality leaves no room for compromise. The convenience clarity and fantastic pricing make Zenni Optical a top choice for anyone in need of prescription eyewear. Its safe to say that Ill be a returning customer and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Zenni Optical to friends family or anyone in search of a seamless affordable and enjoyable shopping experience for prescription glasses.

David 14 days ago

Happy customer for years

Discovering My Perfect Frames with Zenni OpticalHaving relied on Zenni Optical for my prescription glasses for several years I can confidently say that I am a loyal and happy customer. The expansive array of styles and colors available is what initially drew me to the website. Its refreshing to explore such a wide selection and have the freedom to choose frames that truly match my personal style all from the comfort of my own home. One feature that has consistently impressed me is the virtual tryon experience. Being able to upload a picture of myself and virtually try on different frames has been immensely helpful in making my selections. Its like having a personalized fitting session without leaving home. This feature has made the online shopping experience not only convenient but also enjoyable. The quality of the glasses has always been exceptional and the prescription has been consistently accurate ensuring that I can see clearly and comfortably. Zenni Optical has certainly become my goto destination for stylish highquality prescription eyewear. In addition to their impressive product offerings I have also experienced outstanding customer service. Whether I had a question about a specific frame or needed assistance with an order the support team has always been attentive knowledgeable and courteous. Its reassuring to know that I can rely on prompt and helpful service whenever I need it. I wholeheartedly recommend Zenni Optical to anyone in search of reliable trendy and affordable prescription eyewear. My experience as a longterm customer has been consistently positive and I have no doubt that others will find the same level of satisfaction with their purchases. Zenni Optical has truly exceeded my expectations and I look forward to continuing to explore their diverse range of eyewear options in the future. Thank you Zenni for consistently providing an exceptional eyewear shopping experience

Linda Donovan 17 days ago

I cannot ever go to a box store again

Discovering Zenni Optical has transformed my eyewear shopping completely. I can confidently say that I will never set foot in a box store again thanks to the incredible experience Ive had with Zenni Optical. The first thing that blew me away was their pricing its unbeatable. I was amazed to find that the styles they offer are on par with those from top brands but at a fraction of the price. Browsing through their website is a breeze and I found it incredibly convenient to explore their wide range of eyewear options and make my purchase without any hassle. The pair I recently ordered not only complements my personality perfectly but is also of impeccable quality. The speed of their shipping left me in awe and I couldnt be happier with my decision to choose Zenni for all my eyewear needs. Overall I highly recommend Zenni Optical for anyone in search of topnotch eyewear that doesnt break the bank. With their impressive pricing diverse styles userfriendly website and swift shipping they have undoubtedly won me over as a loyal customer. Zenni Optical has undoubtedly set a new standard for eyewear shopping and I am excited to continue exploring their fantastic range of products for all my future purchases.

KIID 17 days ago

Try Zenniyoull be glad you did

When it comes to ordering glasses Zenni Optical has completely revolutionized the experience. As a satisfied customer with a need for bifocals I can confidently say that Zenni has impressed me with the exceptional quality of their lenses. Unlike other vendors Zennis lenses have significantly expanded my field of vision with my prescription allowing me to fully enjoy the benefits of my peripheral vision. This has made a world of difference compared to my previous experiences where the limited width of other lenses negatively affected my peripheral vision. Additionally I was thoroughly impressed by the customer service and return process. When I found that a pair of frames was too large for my liking the return process was hasslefree and the staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating. This level of customer care truly sets Zenni apart from other vendors making the entire experience not only convenient but also enjoyable. Thanks to Zenni Optical I now have a pair of frames that I absolutely love. The combination of their topnotch lenses and stylish frames has significantly enhanced both my visual clarity and overall look. I couldnt be happier with my decision to try Zenni and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in search of highquality customizable eyewear. In conclusion I can confidently say that Zenni Optical has surpassed my expectations and has become my goto for all things eyewear. If youre looking for a seamless customerfocused experience and toptier glasses that truly enhance your vision look no further than Zenni Optical. Try them out youll be glad you did


Zenni Optical is a popular online eyewear retailer that offers a vast range of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses at competitive prices. Founded in 2003, the company prides itself on providing high-quality eyewear that meets individual needs, styles, and budgets. With a simple, user-friendly, and reliable website, Zenni Optical has emerged as an industry leader in the online eyewear space, delivering high-quality glasses straight to consumers' doors. In this review, we'll dive deep into Zenni Optical and explore various aspects of its products and services.

Pros and Cons:

  • Wide range of products - Zenni Optical has a vast range of eyewear products, including prescription glasses, sunglasses, and sports glasses.
  • Affordable prices - One of the most significant advantages of Zenni Optical is its affordable pricing. The company's products are significantly cheaper than those of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.
  • High-quality products - Despite its low prices, Zenni Optical doesn't compromise on quality. The company uses top-of-the-line materials and modern manufacturing techniques to produce its eyewear.
  • User-friendly website - The Zenni Optical website is super easy to navigate and use. You can easily search for products and filter them based on size, shape, color, and other parameters.
  • Limited selection of designer frames - While Zenni Optical has a broad range of eyewear products, it doesn't offer many designer frames.
  • No home try-on option - Unlike some other online retailers, Zenni Optical doesn't offer a home try-on option, which means you can't test out glasses before buying them.
  • Limited customization options - Some customers have complained that Zenni Optical has limited customizability options compared to other eyewear retailers.

User Experience:

Zenni Optical has a straightforward and intuitive website that makes it easy for users to search for, view, and purchase eyeglasses. With a design that showcases a wide range of products and makes them easy to browse, Zenni Optical offers a positive user experience that results in satisfied customers.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Zenni Optical offers a vast range of eyewear products at incredibly affordable prices. You can purchase prescription glasses starting at just $6.95, which is significantly lower than traditional brick-and-mortar retailers' prices. The company also offers a range of different lens types and coatings at an additional cost, providing its customers with excellent value for money.


If you're looking for alternatives to Zenni Optical that offer similar products and services, some options include Warby Parker, EyeBuyDirect, and LensCrafters. Each of these companies offers a range of eyewear products and services at varying prices.

Customer Service:

Zenni Optical has a customer service team that is available seven days a week to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach the company's customer service team via phone, email, or live chat.

Product Quality and Selection:

Zenni Optical offers a vast range of eyewear products that are of excellent quality. The company uses top-of-the-line materials and modern manufacturing techniques to produce its eyewear, ensuring that each product is of the highest quality. However, while Zenni Optical offers an extensive selection of products, it doesn't offer many designer frames.

Website Usability:

Zenni Optical's website is super easy to use and navigate. You can easily search for eyeglasses based on shape, size, color, and other parameters. The website also offers detailed product descriptions that make it easy to find the right eyewear for your needs.

Returns and Exchanges:

Zenni Optical offers a thirty-day return policy on all its products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and receive a refund or exchange it for another product. However, the company's return policy can be restrictive for some customers as it does not accept returns for all products.

Promotions and Discounts:

Zenni Optical offers various promotions and discounts throughout the year. You can sign up for the company's email newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest deals and promotions.


Zenni Optical has a solid reputation in the eyewear industry, with positive reviews from customers and critics alike. The company has been featured in several publications, including GQ, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal, which speaks to the company's success in the eyewear space.

Payment Options:

Zenni Optical accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Customers can also pay for their products using PayPal.

Loyalty Programs:

Zenni Optical does not offer a formal loyalty program, but the company regularly provides discounts and promotions to its customers.

Customer Reviews:

Zenni Optical has mostly positive customer reviews, with customers praising the company's high-quality products, affordable prices, and excellent customer service. Some customers have complained about the limited selection of designer frames and customization options.

Community Involvement:

Zenni Optical is involved in several community initiatives, including donating glasses to those in need and working with various non-profit organizations.

Shipping and Costs:

Zenni Optical offers international shipping at an additional cost. Within the United States, standard shipping begins at $4.95, while expedited shipping begins at $18.95. The company also offers free shipping on orders over $75, making it a cost-effective option for those who want to purchase multiple pairs of glasses. In conclusion, Zenni Optical is a great option for anyone looking for affordable and high-quality eyewear products. While the company has some limitations, it provides excellent value for money and excellent customer service. With an easy-to-use website and a vast range of products, Zenni Optical is a leading player in the online eyewear industry.

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