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Amazon Coupons Store Summary for January 2022

The Amazon Arab Emirates presents to you exclusive offers that you will not find anywhere else. With discounts on almost everything around the year, you can celebrate significant festivals such as the world-famous Dubai Shopping Festival or Ramadan. You can make the Amazon Arab Emirates your companion while having fun yourself. These discounts and offers are specially curated according to the needs of you living in the Arab Emirates, so you do not have to worry about any of these offers not applying to you. Make the best out of these significant festivals no matter where you live in Hatta, Ruwais, or Abu Dhabi. You can fulfill all of your needs with the Amazon Arab Emirates, no matter how small or big they may be!


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Editorial Notes On Amazon for January 2022

Working Amazon Coupon Codes, Deals, and Offers

Amazon Coupon Code Category Amazon Offers & Discount Coupons Validity
Amazon New User Offer Get Flat 70% Off on Electronics and Accessories New Users
Amazon Voucher Codes Up To 60% Discount On Home Appliances All Users
Amazon Discount Coupons Up To 50% Off On Laptops and accessories All Users
Amazon Promo Codes Up To 70% Off On Amazon Men & Women Fashion All Users
Amazon Coupon Code Today Up To 50% Off On Watches All Users
Amazon Sign Up Offer Code Extra 10% Off Any Order With Email Sign Up New Users

Amazon Arab Emirates Sale Event Calendar for the Year

Sale Events Discounts Offered Month
Baby Week 40% off on Fine Baby Diapers + 15% off with coupon code EXTRA15 April
35% off on Pampers Diapers
65% off on Supplies Diapers
40% off on Huggies diapers
35% off on baby skincare
up to 30% off on feeding products from Philips
Amazon Prime Day Extra 15% off on jewelry with coupon code JWL15 June
40% off on home cleaning products
Up to 40% off on pet treats
Up to 20% off on Sandisk products
up to 40% off on Microsoft products
Up to 20% off on HP products
Up to 30% off on HP printers
Up to 15% off on Samsung watches
Up to 15% off on Logitech keyboards
Up to 25% off on HP laptops
Up to 25% off on Jabra earphones
Up to 15% off on Motorola products
Up to 20% off on Lenovo products
Up to 25% off on Microsoft laptops
Up to 25% off on Bose headphones
Up to 30% off on Samsung smartphones
Up to 20% off on JBL products
Up to 20% off on food items
Ramadan Special Sale 30% off on gaming products April
50% off on sports and fitness products
Everything for You Sale Up to 20% off on audio products from Bose March
Up to 20% off on Microsoft products
Up to 30% off on HP laptops
Up to 60% off on fashion
Up to 20% off on products from Bosch
Up to 40% off on products from BenQ
Up to 20% off on products from Post-it
Up to 30% off on products from Braun
Up to 15% off on Huawei phones
Up to 20% off on Sandisk products
Up to 45% off on Huggies products
Up to 30% off on Panasonic products
Up to 20% off on Nokia products
15% off up to 75AED with FAB card: coupon code FAB15
Up to 20% off on Samsung smartphones
World Oral Health Day 50% off on oral hygiene products with coupon SMILE50 March
Dubai Shopping Festival Up to 20% off on Amazon devices December – January
Up to 30% off on gaming devices
Up to 33% off on selected BenQ projectors and monitors
up to 70% off on watches
20% off on products from Motorola
Timeout Sale extra 10% off on watches with coupon code TIMEOUT January
Readers’ Week Extra 15% off with coupon BKS15OFF January – February
White Friday Sale Up to 70% off on fashion November
Up to 70% off on Coach watches
Up to 30% off on garden and outdoor supplies
Up to 65% off on Mattel products
Up to 45% off on Omo, Comfort, and others
Up to 40% off on Huggies products
Up to 15% off on Canon products
Up to 30% off on LG products
Up to 20% off on HP printers
Up to 35% off on Fujifilm products
Up to 40% off on faucet and shower products
Up to 60% off on Hasbro products
Up to 40% off on Kenwood products
Up to 75% off on Boss perfumes
Up to 20% off on GoPro products
Up to 20% off on Post-it products
Up to 30% off on Logitech products
up to 20% off on Microsoft products
Up to 30% off on Fitbit products
Leap Year Sale Up to 60% off on most products February
Mi Fan Festival Discounts on Xiaomi Products April
End of Year sale Up to 70% off on fashion December

Baby Week

Baby fever is now on at the Amazon Arab Emirates, and they’re hosting their ever-popular Baby Week sale once more! This recurring sale can have you stocking up on your baby needs and essentials exceptionally quickly – and even stuff from your wishlist that you never got around to ordering. Get your diaper needs in with Fine Baby Diapers that you can get at up to 40% off! Bring the maximum comfort to your baby with the help of this sale, in which you can get an additional 15% off with the use of coupon code EXTRA15! Not just this, you can take your pick of preferred brands such as Pampers, Supples, and Huggies for a happy and healthy baby! Get respective discounts of up to 35%, 65%, and 40% off on the aforementioned leading diaper brands! You can also get your refills of Bebelac and Aptamil if you’re running low on them. Get baby food from the latest brands currently prevalent in the United Arab Emirates at significantly reduced prices during Baby Week as well! Lastly, as a new parent, your baby’s skin is the last thing you want to neglect. Get that smooth and cushiony skincare for your baby’s soft skin at up to 35% off during Baby Week. The products you use to feed your baby must be incredibly sterilized as well. Get up to 30% off on baby feeding products from Philips to give your baby the safest feeding experience of all time!

Rent a Car

Did you know that you can rent a car through the Amazon Arab Emirates? Well, you heard right: you know how expensive locomotion through the Arab Emirates is. Stop having your taxis cost an arm and a leg when you’re traveling from one end of the city to another! If you do not own a car of your own, then there’s absolutely no reason to fret. With the Amazon Arab Emirates, you can rent a car for as low as 49 AED per day! Yes, for a minimal cost, you get to drive around in whatever city you want to and run your errands without emptying that bank account on taxi rides. Get your friends to join in and explore the city with this unique feature from the Amazon Arab Emirates!

Amazon Prime Day 

It’s the biggest sale for Amazon all around the world with Amazon Prime Day! You know what that means – it is finally time to order those items that you’ve got saved up in your cart. On discounts ranging from all categories imaginable, you can call for yourself your daily needs and everything beyond that too! Get your order delivered faster with Prime membership in whatever part of the United Arab Emirates you may be located – whether Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Ajman, and everywhere else. Convenience is right at your fingertips! Take your pick of jewelry that’s all the rage in the UAE currently. Whether you’re someone who prefers heavier or lighter pieces, you can get one for all your needs at the lowest prices and best brands! Get genuine gemstones or gold-plated jewelry and wow everyone at those family gatherings, now at an extra 15% off with the coupon code JWL15. Get your home cleaning needs to be fulfilled with the help of Amazon Arab Emirates: get all your surfaces squeaky clean with favorites such as Finish, Vanish, Harpic, Jif, and more at up to 40% off. On each product! Make this sale special for your pets as well! The furries, too, deserve treats that will make them leap around with joy. Get a cat and dog treats from brands such as Purina, Sheba, Pedigree, Whiskas, and more at up to 40% off! And everyone’s favorite part – food and drinks that are not only delicious but also healthy! Get Shawarma mix from Maggi and ook up a feast for the whole family – shawarma has never been so delicious before! Additionally, you can also get coffee from brands such as Nescafe and Starbucks to get that healthy caffeine content in. Of course, don’t miss out on the favorite water of the UAE – Evian that helps you feel refreshed and relaxed – all at up to 20% off!

Ramadan Special Offers

The special and holy time of the year where the air feels purer is one of the most important festivals for those residing in the UAE. The Amazon Arab Emirates recognizes this and strives to make the experience more personalized for you than ever before because, during the entire month of Ramadan, you can now get offers on almost all categories on the Amazon Arab Emirates website! From sports and fitness to food, and from electronics to home appliances, you can get it all and celebrate Ramadan the best way possible.  Get up to 30% off on the latest gaming products that are sure to capture your attention right away. From Nintendo to Xbox, get it all this Ramadan or gift it to someone, since this particular month is all about celebration and giving back! Also, get insane discounts of up to 50% off on sports and fitness products! Can’t go to the gym anymore and are worried about your workout routine being wasted? Bring the gym to your house with the help of the highest technology fitness machines.

Everything for You Sale

Yet another sale that’s perfect for you if you’ve been planning to order your household essentials and electronics in bulk – this sale has the Amazon Arab Emirates giving back to you, their lovely customers. All categories have significantly reduced prices on the Amazon Arab Emirates website, so have fun with the possibilities of choosing from the many discounts you can get! Get up to 70% off on categories ranging from household goods to personal care products, from stationery to home appliances – and the best news is, customers from Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait can avail of this offer as well! Get up to 20% off on audio products from Bose, which will have you listening to the latest tunes from Kamal Musallam and more with the best audio quality you can imagine. With the significant improvement in the bass sound, you can listen to your favorites with noise cancellation as well! Get up to 20% off on laptops and other electronics from Microsoft that you can use with great ease – no matter what age group you are or what purpose you may need the device for.  Get up to 30% off on products from HP – which, as you might know, is one of the leading producers of PCs worldwide. So get your new products from HP and flaunt them with style! You can also get up to 60% off on the best fashion brands: whether you’re a fan of Under Armour, Puma, or Adidas – get athleisure at the lowest prices yet with the best possible quality from original sellers.  But of course, this is only a little highlight of all the offers that will be available to you at the Everything for You Sale! All you need to do is head over to the Amazon Arab Emirates websites and start shopping without worries!

World Oral Health Day 24 Hour Sale

Dental hygiene is underrated with how important it is. Make sure your smile is the brightest it can be on this World Oral Health Day when the Amazon Arab Emirates is offering you a flat 50% off on oral hygiene products – toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, you name it! Next time you visit the dentist, wear your smile proudly! All you need to do to avail of this offer is type in the coupon code SMILE50 when you’re checking out!

Dubai Shopping Festival

If you’re located anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, then you will know the importance of this massive shopping holiday that Dubai has. With malls and shopping centers filled to the brim with eager customers getting the fill of their favorite products, you can skip the rush and order straight to your doorstep with the help of Amazon Arab Emirates!  Get up to 20% off on Amazon devices that will make your life more accessible than ever before. And while we’re on the subject of electronics, you should know that you can also get up to 30% off on gaming electronics! Not only this: get up to 33% off on selected BenQ projectors and monitors that can make your movie-watching experience better than ever before. Get watches up to 70% off with leading brands such as Boss and Tommy Hilfiger. And as for smartphones, invest in the newest models by Motorola at discounts of up to 20% off – these steaming hot deals only last till the end of the Dubai Shopping Festival, so if you’ve wanted to be a part of the same, then go over to Amazon Arab Emirates’s website and start shopping!

End of Year Sale

They say good things are always saved for last – which is why one of the most significant sales on the Amazon Arab Emirates is held around the end of the year. Bring in the prosperity this new year by shopping for fashion from the Amazon Arab Emirates that will make you feel like a whole new person – something to go with that new year’s resolution of yours! Check out discounts of up to 70% off on the fashion section for men, women, and children of all ages – and all at name brands that you’d expect to be expensive but isn’t so with the Amazon Arab Emirates! So grab these discounts now and flaunt the new look in front of your friends and family!

White Friday Sale

The Amazon Arab Emirates can’t resist but celebrate the most prominent shopping festival of the entirety of the Middle East in style! With countless discounts, every single day, expect to see your favorites pop up in the highly discounted section. Everything from electronics to fashion to toys and games is now on sale this White Friday at the Amazon Arab Emirates! Get up to 35% off on Fujifilm products or up to 40% off on products from Kenwood – you’ll have to see to believe the myriad of discounts that take place on White Friday at the Amazon Arab Emirates. Of course, this isn’t all – so check out items from your wishlist right away and surprise yourself with the discounts you can receive!

11.11 Sale 

November is truly the best time of the year when it comes to bagging those discounts on your favorite products that have been in your cart for a while now. Get discounts on essential items such as home essentials, home cleaning products, baby products, snacks – and many more. So if you’ve been hesitant so far to make a big purchase, it’s time to strike the iron when it’s hot! Get products that are loved by the entirety of the UAE, and don’t miss out on this sale! Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Motorola, and Microsoft can all team up to make November your favorite time of the year so far!

Editorial Savings Tips

  1. Make sure that you make a mental note of the biggest shopping festivals in UAE: this way, and you can catch the latest deals on the Amazon Arab Emirates.
  2. During Eid, you can expect to get a bonanza of sales and discounts that can make your Eid more prosperous and happier.
  3. The Dubai Shopping Festival is a great time to shop in the Amazon Arab Emirates since you can see essentials and some unexpected items on sale as well!
  4. Wait for White Friday if you’re planning to make a big electronics purchase since you can get the product of your choice at far lower rates than usual. 
  5. Get Amazon Prime membership and enjoy faster delivery than ever, wherever you’re located in the Middle East – Bahrain and Kuwait included!
  6. Remember to take full advantage of the exclusive Amazon services that are provided for the UAE only. Don’t overspend on a handyperson when you could get one for much cheaper from the Amazon Arab Emirates!

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