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(*1*) (*2*) T-Shirt: Buy 1 for Rs 399 & 2 for Rs 699 Copy Coupon Code JRTSHIRT
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🕙   Valid Till: 2022-05-31

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Men’s Tennis Shorts – Buy 2 for Rs 1199 Copy Coupon Code TSH500
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🕙   Valid Till: 2022-05-31

Exclusive Offer

D90 Frisbee: Buy 1 for Rs 119 & 2 for Rs 219 Copy Coupon Code D90FRISBEE
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🕙   Valid Till: 2022-05-31

Exclusive Offer

Cricket Trousers: Buy 1 for Rs 699 and Buy 2 for Rs 1249 Copy Coupon Code CRICTROUSE
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Health Leggings with Telephone Pocket: Purchase 1 for Rs 899 and a couple of for Rs 1599 Copy Coupon Code CARDIO120
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Males Boxers: Purchase 1 for Rs 299 | 3 for Rs 799 Copy Coupon Code MENBOXER
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Ladies’s Yoga Leggings: Purchase 1 for Rs 499 | Purchase 3 for Rs 1399 Copy Coupon Code LEGGINGS10
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Girls’s Polyester Spherical Neck Health T-Shirt: Purchase 1 for RS 399 or Purchase 3 for Rs 999 Copy Coupon Code FTS100
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Males’s NH500 off-road climbing T-shirt: Purchase 3 for Rs 1299 Copy Coupon Code NH500TSHIR
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Buy 2 Men’s Tennis T-Shirts at Rs 1099 Copy Coupon Code TTS100
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Girls’/Boys’ Basketball T-Shirt: Buy 4 for Rs 1399 Copy Coupon Code BASKETBALL
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Men’s Bermuda Shorts: Buy 1 for Rs 799, Buy 3 for Rs 2249 Copy Coupon Code BERMUDA500
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Large Size Enhanced Support Fitness Sports Bra: Buy 2 for Rs 1799 Copy Coupon Code FITNESS900
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Men’s Football Jersey: Buy 2 for Rs 999 Copy Coupon Code FOOTBALL50
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Males’s Soccer Shorts – Purchase 1 at Rs 599 & 2 at Rs 999 Copy Coupon Code F8RGR271
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Microfibre Pool Towel Dimension L 80 x 130 cm: Purchase 1 for Rs 399 & 2 for Rs 699 Copy Coupon Code XNKINEPG
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Biking Neck Hotter – Purchase 1 at Rs 199, Purchase 3 at Rs 499 Copy Coupon Code ZT6V6LUK
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Males’s Straight Match Cricket Monitor Pants: Purchase 1 for Rs 599 & 2 for Rs 999 Copy Coupon Code 9DDV9ZKL
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Males’s Sleeveless Basketball T-Shirt – Purchase 2 & Get Rs 100 OFF Copy Coupon Code W7PK9ALV
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Males’s Backpacking Shirt: Purchase 1 at Rs 199 & 2 at Rs 1699 Copy Coupon Code L2EZQN9Y
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Grownup Golf Cap – Purchase 1 for Rs 399 & 2 for Rs 749 Copy Coupon Code ST5U4XLR
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Purchase 2 Towels for Rs 699 Copy Coupon Code XNKINEPG
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Purchase 3 Neck Heaters at Rs 499 Copy Coupon Code ZT6V6LUK
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33% OFF

Girls’s Polyester Spherical Neck Health T-Blouse – Purchase 2 for Rs 999 Copy Coupon Code HKY94FY7
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Purchase 2 Arm Covers at Rs 499 Copy Coupon Code SLAL9535
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14% OFF

Males Cricket Observe Pants – Purchase 2 at simply Rs 999 Copy Coupon Code 9DDV9ZKL
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72% OFF

Purchase 2 Males’s Tennis T-Shirts at Rs 999 Copy Coupon Code AK2X4JYM
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Get ENERGY CARDIO FITNESS TANK TOP at just Rs. 299/- Get Deal
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Decathlon Coupons Store Summary for May 2022

Get Decathlon Coupons Codes, Decathlon Offers & Decathlon Deals for the Day to Save Flat 50% On your purchase at Decathlon.

Do you enjoy running, rock climbing, or playing tennis? Whether you’re a professional sportsperson or a fitness enthusiast, Decathlon offers sports products, garments, and accessories for over 70 different sports types. Choose from necessary fishing gear to yoga legging, jogging shoes, to training glasses. All products from Decathlon come with a minimum of two years warranty period and 90 days of the free return policy. Get the items shipped to your doorstep or avoid delivery costs by picking them up from the nearest store.  Decathlon is your one-stop shop for buying sports goods online in India. They are now open as a B2C company offering items for both ends of the spectrum - leisurely and professional engagers. Get exclusive products made and manufactured in India and special eco-products made from organic cotton from the Decathlon online store. Not just outdoor sports, but Decathlon also has accessories for indoor games like carrom, darts, billiards, and more. Use our Decathlon coupons and get up to 85% off on your sports needs purchases. 

Decathlon Coupon Codes for Active Wear for Women

Get women’s tops, jackets, leggings, shorts, track pants, and more. Decathlon offers women’s outer and inner garments at huge sales and discounts. Whether you’re planning on doing yoga or engaging in water sports or tennis - Decathlon has the right activewear for them all. Get the best running fits and comfortable knee pads to keep you on top of your game at all times. Save up to 70% on women’s shoes with our Decathlon offers and coupon codes. 

Decathlon Coupon Codes for Active Wear for Men

Start your training on the right foot with the Decathlon offers on training outfits. Get workout fits like shirts and leggings, track pants, eco-shirts, wrist and knee pads, and more. Prepare for treks with the right winter wear and fleece jacket. Water sports? Decathlon has a range of swimwear. Golf? Choose from their polo shirts and trousers! With activewear and sport outfits for all sports types, get the Decathlon offers and avail discounts on every purchase. 

Decathlon Coupon Codes for Women Jackets, Shoes, Leggings online

Women’s gears are designed differently from their male counterparts. Not only are they lighter in weight, but they are different in several aspects like color and grip. With Decathlon, you can get women’s gear for all types of activities. Get kayaks, stand up paddles, tennis wrist bands, yoga mats and foam boards, and even custom leotards and gloves. Use our Decathlon coupon codes and save up to 70% on women’s shoes for various sports. 

Decathlon Clearance Sale Offers & Coupon Codes 

Save up to 80% with the Decathlon Clearance Sale! While Decathlon offers all items at a lower price than their market price, during the clearance sale, you can get even better offers and discounts.  Get 40% off on men’s hiking shoes. Use our Decathlon coupons to get up to 80% off on men’s shoes. With these combined offers, save more and get more! Legging and yoga pants are available at 30% off. Get stylish sunglasses at 60% off and warm gloves at 33% off. The clearance sale includes t-shirts, shoes, polos, polo shirts, swimsuits, leotards, sports bras, track shoes, cycling shoes, snow boots, sports bags, and more. Get 37% off on women’s trekking outfits and enjoy the benefits of staying warm in winter retreats. Get the best camping experience with the Decathlon offers on camping tents. Get sleeping bags for flat 66% off. 

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Editorial Notes On Decathlon for May 2022

Working Decathlon Coupon Codes, Deals, and Offers

Decathlon Offers Category Applicable Discounts Valid for
Decathlon Coupons For New Users Save Up To 70% Off On Dresses. First Time Users
Decathlon Offer Code Up To 80% OFF On Bestselling Sports Shoes All Users
Decathlon Coupon Code Up To 50% Cashback On Bestselling Backpacks Amazon pay Users
Decathlon Promo Code Get 40% Mobi Cash On Men’s Flip Flop Slipper. MobiKwik Users
Decathlon Discount Code Get Up To 70% On Women’s Shoes. All Users

Decathlon Coupon Codes & Offers on Men’s Sports

Whether you’re interested in outdoor sports, indoor sports, water sports, fitness cardio, or even hobbies like flying kites, Decathlon has the right kind of gear and garments for you. Decathlon’s offers on men’s sports include combo packs of shirts where you can save more on buying three, offers on combo packs of socks and rackets.  Get rugby and football balls, helmets, cricket bats, volleyball head guards, and more. Save on men’s sports purchases by using our Decathlon coupons, made exclusively for sports items. Not only men, but even kids can get these Decathlon offers. Get mini-sized rackets, small cycles, scooters, kites, and other camping items for them, like smaller sleeping bags. Make the most of the Decathlon sale and save a minimum of 100 INR on every purchase. 

Decathlon Coupon Codes & Offers on Women Sports

The need for every game is different. This is why Decathlon has the most fantastic offers on all items for women’s sports. Fitness and cardio workouts require the most stretchable and comfortable fits like shirts, sports bras, and leggings. Sports like tennis, squash, and volleyball require wrist bands, high-grip shoes, and various joint guards.  Prefer yoga? Get high stretch leggings, wrist pads, yoga blocks, and a foam block. Exercise balls are also a great addition to home-based workouts. Those into bodybuilding can use the Decathlon offers on dumbbells and cross-trainers. Save up to 70% using our Decathlon coupons and get the best women’s shoes for tennis, football, running, jogging, or gymnastics. 

Decathlon Coupon Codes & Offers on Sports 

Offering over 5000 items for 70 distinct sports, use our Decathlon coupons for the following game equipment to get the best deals on your purchase. 

Outdoor Sports

Hiking and Trekking

Stay warm and waterproof during your entire hiking trip with the Decathlon offers on winter wear like fleece jackets, waterproof shirts, and accessories like gloves and padded socks. Visit Kedarnath with every essential amenity by getting the Decathlon hiking bags and trekking rucksacks. Get the proper footwear for hiking like waterproof shoes, trekking boots, or other accessories like heating pads. Get up to 80% on outdoor shoes by using our Decathlon promo codes. 

Wildlife Watching

Staying for long hours in the same positions means comfort is of the essence! Get the most comfortable and durable gumboots, padded winter jackets, camo clothing, and balaclava caps in colors suited for the forest. Starting from just INR 299, enjoy the Decathlon offers on organic cotton t-shirts. And don’t miss out on the lens – wildlife watching binoculars are available at 20% off. Decathlon offers exclusive binoculars at a price drop of INR 2000. 

Skiing and Snowboarding

Are you visiting a winter range for a vacation? Make sure you have the right skiing and snowboarding gear. Decathlon offers hand warmers, ski goggles, body warmers, and more in packs of three. You can buy 1 for INR 299, and 3 for just INR 799. Explore their range of breathable thermals and, most importantly – special kids’ wear for wintry retreats. Use our Decathlon coupon codes to save up on winter wear from Decathlon. 

Rock Climbing & Mountaineering

Get the bestselling Decathlon jackets from Simond designed to withstand up to -27 degrees of temperature. While keeping you warm and not bulky or restricting, these jackets allow free movement during climbing movements. Get trousers, waterproof gloves, climbing harnesses, ropes, cords, webbing, and more. Use our Decathlon coupons to get the best deals on climbing accessories. 


Get the complete fishing set from Decathlon, including sets, spinners, soft baits, braid fishing lines, reels, rods, and fishing gilets. Starting from just INR 69, you can save up to 2000 INR purchasing a fishing chair from Decathlon. Save 200 INR on fishing ponchos and even more on fishing gears! 

Horse Riding

Use Decathlon to find the most royal and regal riding gear! Decathlon offers items from FOUGANZA starting at just 299 INR. Get jodhpurs, riding helmets, gloves, riding boots, and crops. Save flat 40% on riding crops and use our Decathlon coupons for up to 70% off on garments. 


Kites are for people of all ages! Get kites for kids, larger festival kites of those for competitive sports. Starting from 299 INR, Decathlon offers easy to assemble, light-weight kites that provide two years warranty and long-running lines for full enjoyment. 

Fitness Cardio

Stay on top of your health game with intensive cardio workouts. Need the perfect outfit? Decathlon offers cardio workout shirts, leggings, shorts, and jackets. We are starting from shoes to training accessories like skipping ropes, duffle bags, and more. Get up to 50% cashback on the bestselling backpacks by using our Decathlon promo codes. This offer is valid for all Amazon Pay users. 


With the right equipment and gear, you can train anytime, anywhere. Use the Decathlon deals on bodybuilding accessories like weights, gloves, training racks, and inclined benches to get up to 3999 INR off on the market price! 


Train with the exclusive Hex dumbbells made with durable rubber padding. Save up to 2000 INR upon purchasing cross-training items from Decathlon. Save more with our Decathlon coupon codes for training gear. The cross-training equipment comes with perfect chrome plating on the gripping parts to allow no slippage and enough friction. 


A large section of people are shifting towards yoga – after all, it can quickly be done at home and requires little to no prerequisite training. Get yoga mats, flexible and robust sports bras, stretchable leggings, yoga foam, and knee pads from Decathlon.  You can also get clothes and equipment for other activities like Gymnastics, Soft Training and Pilates, and Boxing and Martial Arts. Use our Decathlon coupons while shopping to get up to 85% off on select items. 

Running and Walking

Get the bestselling running shoes for 200 INR less at Decathlon. With the Decathlon coupons we offer, get up to 80% off on bestselling sports shoes.  Prefer to buy environmentally friendly designs? Get running shirts made from organic cotton, free from chemicals, and pesticide farming. Get men’s and women’s running tights, training shoes, jogging shoes, trail shoes, and more. Find the necessary accessories as well! Carry your water bottles and cell phones in running pouches.  Training for a Triathlon? Don’t let feet worries be of any concern. With Decathlon, get the best shoes for long-distance running, with exclusive foam padding and soles. Their shoes’ breathable fabric ensures that your feet remain airy and well hydrated despite the long hours. 

Team Sports

There is no doubt that team sports require coordination and dependence. Be the most valuable player on the team with the best accessories and gear for games like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, and Baseball.  Since team sports require several members, Decathlon offers several deals for multiple buying packs. Buy two footballs for the price of one and save up to 20% with the combo pack of football socks. Make sure you stay in the best shape with knee compression pads and base layer jerseys. Volleyball players can check out the offers on needle tri-packs, marking cones, and sports bags. Cricket enthusiasts can find the best leather ball bats, batting gloves, and wickets with 100 INR off on each. Make sure of the Decathlon clearance sale to get cricket pants for 25% off. Use our Decathlon coupons to save more on every purchase. 

Cycling and Skating

Decathlon offers for cyclists include offers on all types of gears and garments for Cycling.  Whether you’re looking for Roller Skates, Scooters & Skateboards, Decathlon has skateboards for all ages. Keep your head and knees protected with their accessories and wrist pads. Not sure about skating? Get your child a scooter from Decathlon and save up to 2000 INR on its market price. Save on cycling gear with our Decathlon discount codes and promo offers. Their 2-year warranty will ensure that your cycle receives free care.  That is, you can get your cycle fixed anytime with their Cycle Servicing offer. Book easily and get maintenance offers in no time. You can either have your cycle picked up from home or drop it off at the nearest Decathlon approved store. It will be fixed and delivered back to your doorstep on the same day itself (subject to conditions)! 

Water Sports

Find the best swimming goggles, bath towels, pool shoes, and more. If you’re training competitively, Decathlon has a range of swimwear made for sports use. Are you learning to swim? Get pool noodles to help you with your effort. Enjoy the Decathlon microfibre towels that can soak large amounts of liquid right away. Let your toddler enjoy splashing around with the baby seat for pools.  Those who are on Bodyboarding duty can find surfing rashguards, surfboards, flip flops, and more. Get 40% Mobicash with our Decathlon offers on men’s flip flops. This offer is only valid for MobiKwik users. Enjoy visiting the deeper depths of the ocean with the Snorkelling and Diving gear ranging from easy breathing masks to webbed slippers and fins. Those interested in adventurous water sports might want to check out the items Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle. This section offers waterproof bags, buoyancy aids, kayaks, and boards. Engage in relaxing Sailing shoes, jackets, and accessories starting from 1299 INR. Seeing around the ocean with the sun glare can be challenging, which is why Decathlon offers a range of sailing glasses with coatings to prevent your eye from sun damage. 

Racket Sports

Don’t let your moves on the court be limited by lousy equipment! Get Badminton rackets, shuttles, and shoes starting from just 599 INR. Want more? With the Decathlon deals, you can buy shirts in combo packs and pay half the price.  Get men’s and women’s Tennis shoes, rackets, skirts, trousers, and knee pads. More of an indoor games person? Check out the Table Tennis section that offers paddles, nets, foldable tables, and more. Set up your course at home by purchasing at low prices from Decathlon. Get Squash rackets at 200 INR off. Need socks? Buy a combo of 3 socks and save up to 100 INR from Decathlon.  

Target Sports

Carrom, Golf, Archery, and Darts require high concentration and focus. Not only are these games strategy based but require extreme muscle and eye coordination. Buy large-sized carrom boards made with 5.5 mm ply and offering a resistance less surface. Golf players can enjoy shopping from a range of clubs, sets, bags, and trolleys. Save a minimum of 100 INR on any golf polo with the Decathlon sale. Use our Decathlon promo codes during checkout to get up to 85% off on select items. 

Decathlon Offers & Coupon Codes for Sports and accessories 

Aid your quest with the right accessories. Find fishing baits, trekking ropes, gloves for bodybuilding, training, and golf trolleys. Visit the gym with all your items in a Decathlon duffel bag and stay hydrated with their water bottles and shakers. Prevent any injury with the right kind of foam pads. Use our Decathlon promo codes to get up to 50% off on backpacks and duffels. 

Decathlon Offers & Coupon Codes for the gift voucher, Gift card, and Sport club

Want to show someone you care? With Decathlon, you can now send e-vouchers to anyone. Use the voucher feature to add a fixed amount, a personal message, and mail it to the person of your choice. These Decathlon vouchers are valid for one year. A maximum value of 10,000 INR can be added to these gift cards.  The receiver can redeem these gift cards on any purchase from Decathlon. If you’re interested in joining a community of like-minded individuals interested in sports, check out the Decathlon catalog for sports clubs. Register online and be a member of tournaments, events, and more. 

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Trending Decathlon Coupons & Discount Offers

JRTSHIRT Exclusive Offer (*1*) (*2*) T-Shirt: Buy 1 for Rs 399 & 2 for Rs 699 2022-05-31
TSH500 Exclusive Offer Men’s Tennis Shorts – Buy 2 for Rs 1199 2022-05-31
D90FRISBEES Exclusive Offer D90 Frisbee: Buy 1 for Rs 119 & 2 for Rs 219 2022-05-31
CRICTROUSER Exclusive Offer Cricket Trousers: Buy 1 for Rs 699 and Buy 2 for Rs 1249 NO EXPIRY
CARDIO120 Exclusive Offer Health Leggings with Telephone Pocket: Purchase 1 for Rs 899 and a couple of for Rs 1599 NO EXPIRY