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Fluidstance Coupons Store FAQ's

How does Fluidstance help with active standing?

Fluidstance balance boards engage your body and mind while standing, promoting movement and increasing energy levels.

Are Fluidstance boards suitable for use in the office?

Yes, Fluidstance boards are designed to be used in various settings, including offices, to promote active standing and reduce sedentary behavior.

What are the benefits of using a Fluidstance balance board?

Using a Fluidstance board can improve posture, increase focus, and enhance overall well-being by encouraging movement while standing.

How do I maintain and clean my Fluidstance board?

To maintain your Fluidstance board, wipe it with a damp cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals. Regular cleaning will help preserve its appearance and functionality.

Can I use a Fluidstance balance board with a standing desk?

Yes, Fluidstance boards can be used with standing desks to create a dynamic and active workspace that supports better health and productivity.

Are there any safety considerations when using a Fluidstance board?

It is essential to use a Fluidstance board on a stable surface and wear appropriate footwear to ensure safety while enjoying the benefits of active standing.

How can I purchase a Fluidstance board?

You can buy Fluidstance balance boards directly from their official website or authorized retailers. Don't forget to check AskmeOffers for any available deals or promo codes.

Does Fluidstance offer any warranty on their products?

Fluidstance provides a warranty on their balance boards to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality. Visit their website for more information on warranties.

Can I return or exchange a Fluidstance board if I am not satisfied with it?

Fluidstance has a return policy that allows customers to return or exchange products within a specified period if they are not satisfied. Check their website for the return process.

Are there any special discounts or promotions available for Fluidstance products?

Keep an eye on AskmeOffers for exclusive deals, offers, and promo codes related to Fluidstance products that can help you save money on your purchase.

How can I contact Fluidstance's customer support for assistance?

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach Fluidstance's customer support through their website or contact them via email or phone. They are dedicated to helping customers.

Can I use a Fluidstance board for fitness purposes?

While Fluidstance boards are mainly designed for active standing and movement, they can also be used to enhance balance, core strength, and overall fitness levels.

What makes Fluidstance balance boards different from traditional standing mats?

Fluidstance boards provide a dynamic surface that challenges your balance and engages your muscles, offering a more active standing experience compared to conventional mats.

Is assembly required for Fluidstance balance boards?

Fluidstance boards come fully assembled and ready to use, allowing you to start enjoying the benefits of active standing immediately after receiving your board.

Are Fluidstance boards suitable for all ages?

Fluidstance balance boards are designed for individuals of various ages and activity levels, offering a fun and engaging way to incorporate movement into daily routines.

Can I use a Fluidstance board with shoes on?

Yes, you can use a Fluidstance board with shoes on, but it is recommended to wear comfortable and supportive footwear for the best experience and safety.

How long does it take to adjust to using a Fluidstance board?

The time it takes to adjust to using a Fluidstance board varies for each individual, but most users experience improved comfort and stability within a short period of regular use.

Are there different models of Fluidstance balance boards available?

Fluidstance offers a range of balance board models with varying features and designs to cater to different preferences and needs. Explore their website for more product options.

Can I use a Fluidstance board for physical therapy or rehabilitation?

Fluidstance boards can be used for physical therapy or rehabilitation purposes to improve balance, strength, and mobility under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

Are there any studies or research supporting the benefits of using Fluidstance boards?

Fluidstance boards are backed by research that highlights the positive impacts of active standing on health, well-being, and productivity. Visit their website for more information.

Can I incorporate exercise routines with a Fluidstance balance board?

Yes, you can combine your exercise routines with a Fluidstance board to add a dynamic element to your workouts and enhance the benefits of movement and balance training.

Are there specific exercises recommended for use with Fluidstance boards?

Fluidstance provides guidance on exercises and movement patterns that can be performed on their balance boards to maximize the benefits of active standing and improve stability and strength.

Can I use a Fluidstance board for standing meditation or mindfulness practices?

Fluidstance boards offer a unique platform for standing meditation and mindfulness practices, allowing you to focus on your breath and balance while engaging your body in movement.

How durable are Fluidstance balance boards?

Fluidstance balance boards are built to withstand regular use and are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. They are designed to last for years.

What are the environmental impacts of Fluidstance products?

Fluidstance is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, using eco-friendly materials and processes to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Can Fluidstance balance boards help alleviate discomfort from prolonged standing?

Using Fluidstance boards can help reduce discomfort and fatigue associated with prolonged standing by promoting movement, circulation, and muscle engagement while standing.

Are there any training or instructional resources available for using Fluidstance balance boards?

Fluidstance offers videos, guides, and resources on proper balance board usage techniques and tips to help users make the most of their boards and enhance their active standing experience.

Can I customize or personalize my Fluidstance board?

Fluidstance provides customization options for some of their balance boards, allowing you to add personal touches or branding to create a unique and personalized standing solution.

How can I care for the wood finish of my Fluidstance board?

To care for the wood finish of your Fluidstance board, use a soft cloth to wipe it gently and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or excessive moisture. Regular maintenance will preserve its appearance.

What are the payment options available for purchasing Fluidstance products?

You can purchase Fluidstance products using various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and other secure online payment options. Check their website for more details on payment processing.