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30% off

Flat 30% OFF On using Jupiter Debit Card Copy JUPITER30
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$23.31 saved

Subway Coupon Code – Last worked 8 hours ago Copy 399SUB
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 26 February 2023

$5.4 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $5.40 on Subway Copy 2FOR1299
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 27 February 2023

30% off

Flat 30% OFF via Dhani OneFreedom Card Copy DHANICARD1
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40% off

Flat 40% OFF On Using Uni Pay 1/3rd Card Copy UNICARD125
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$8.75 saved

Popular Discount Code – Last worked 2 hours ago on Subway Copy 599FOOTLON
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$12.64 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $12.64 on Subway Copy 3FOR1799
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 28 January 2023

Exclusive Offer

Freecharge Offer : Flat Rs 25 Cashback Copy FCH25
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$47.75 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last worked 8 hours ago on Subway Copy 6INCH349
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 28 January 2023

$13.52 saved

Promo Code for Subway – Last worked 29 minutes ago Copy 599MEAL
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 31 January 2023

20% off

Flat 20% OFF On transaction via RuPay Cards (Friday) Copy RUPAY100
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$6.81 saved

Subway Coupon Code – Last worked 2 hours ago Copy 649MEAL
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 27 February 2023

$4.27 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $4.27 on Subway Copy 6INCH379
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 28 January 2023

$3.6 saved

Subway Coupon Code – Last saved $3.60 Copy 699FOOTLON
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 31 January 2023

$1.49 saved

Promo Code for Subway – Last saved $1.49 Copy 799MEAL
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$8.8 saved

Popular Discount Code – Last saved $8.80 on Subway Copy 899MEAL
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50% OFF

Buy one, get one 50% off Copy BOGO50
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$2.5 saved

Promo Code for Subway – Last worked 8 hours ago Copy FREEFOOTLO
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$0.79 saved

Promo Code for Subway – Last worked 2 hours ago Copy COOKIE
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 26 February 2023

$4.4 saved

Promo Code for Subway – Last worked 34 minutes ago Copy BAGOFCHIPS
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 27 February 2023

$9.91 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $9.91 on Subway Copy BOGO
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 02 February 2023

$14.83 saved

Verified Discount Code – Last saved $14.83 on Subway Copy FREE6
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 26 February 2023

$8.69 saved

Promo Code for Subway – Last saved $8.69 Copy FREESUB
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 27 February 2023

50% off

Flat 50% OFF on First 5 Orders (Through Swiggy) Copy WELCOME50
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30% off

Flat 30% OFF On using Jupiter Debit Card Get Deal
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Editorial Notes On Subway for January 2023

Get Verified and Working Coupon Codes for Subway for January 2023

Working Subway Coupon Codes, Deals, and Offers

Subway Promo Code Category Subway Coupon Code & Offers India Valid for
Subway Coupons For New Users Up to 65% Off On Healthy Subs First Time Users
Subway Offer Code India Up To 50% Off Subway Meals of the Day All Users
Subway Coupon Code Up To 60% Off on Subway Sandwiches Hdfc Bank Users
Subway Promo Code For Paytm Get 50% Cashback on Mexican Patty Paytm Users
Subway Discount Code Get Up To 80% Turkey Sandwich Classy All Users

Great Deals for Lovers of The Subway

It’s raining food offerings, deals, and discounts in India. No one thought that would be the scenario a decade ago. This is where online shopping has taken place or is gradually taking place in the food industry. Foodies or an average customer can search for the best food deal online and make the most of it. Subway India has recently followed this trend. It has come up with some of the best offers and makes them available to you through coupons or online deals that everyone can take advantage of and enjoy a discounted plate.

How Do I Order Sandwiches Using the Verified Subway Vouchers?

Go to in the Subway search bar and press Enter. A list of offers will be shown. Click the ‘Show Coupon Code’ or ‘Activate Offer’ button next to the deal you want to use. Copy the Code and go to the Subway website. Select your choice of subway sandwich, salad, bread & topping, and apply the discount code on the checkout page while ordering.

Get the Best Offers For You Today

Would you like to have access to the best subway offers today? If yes, search online, and you’ll get it. The brand has come with a unique subway purchase 1 get 1 Indian offer that’s a lot, especially for young people who stay as roommates. Or on the other hand, if you are starving and want two Subway dishes of the same kind or are on a food-experimenting spree, this offer will help you get two delicious delicacies at one price. All you need to do is get the Subway India coupons and use them within the timeline. Subway is pleasant for a person who wants to be healthy at the same time. If you’re a food lover, here comes Domino offering a wide range of varieties of pizza. Gar. Lic bread is something everyone needs to try, and it comes to all the favorite McDonald’s, where no one can say no. Subway is Offering

The best Subway India offers today are available online! And if you want a website to have it all listed under one roof, go to, as this is the best place to be. Besides buying one and getting one free offer on, you will also find the best deals in cashback offers or flat 10 percent to 15 percent and more. So, get or tag a foodie friend along and make the most of Subway’s online food deals.

Where’s My Nearest Restaurant On The Subway?

Have you got a hangover from a delicious Subway sandwich? Well, with more than 43,000 restaurants around the globe, you’re never too far from your local Subway. You can use their convenient Store Locator to find your nearest one.

Where can I Find Out About the Nutritional Value of the Subway Menu?

Subway has long been dedicated to providing a healthier alternative to traditional fast food menus. It has made a name for itself worldwide as a company offering a more nutritious option when you’re in a hurry. If you want to learn more about the nutritional value of Subway’s food, click here.

How am I Supposed to Use My Subway Coupons?

Save the Code to your smartphone or print your voucher when finding your deal. When you arrive at the Subway Restaurant, let the staff know before you order that you will use your discount code when you pay. Easy as it is!

Can Subway Meet My Specific Dietary Requirements?

As well as offering several vegetarian, vegan and halal options, Subway can also cater to customers with specific allergies and dietary requirements. To be safe, when you arrive, please let Subway staff know about your diet or allergies before you order. You can read more about the use of allergens in the Subway menu here.

Does Subway Have Any Options for Breakfast?

You better believe that they do! More than just a delicious lunch or dinner, Subway now offers a tasty range of breakfast sandwiches to fuel your day. Choose from various delicious sandwiches made with bacon, egg, sausage, and cheese (or vegetable and vegetable substitutes). Everything you need to get around in the morning!

A guide to saving more with Subway 

Raw Pressery tender coconut offer

If you are a sandwich lover, there is no chance that you might not have heard about Subway. The biggest name in the sandwich-making business, Subway makes the best and the freshest Sub sandwiches with ingredients that will take your palate to new taste heights. Whether you are more into veggies or an avid meat lover, there is always something for everyone. With the options of various fresh vegetables and the most lip-smacking tender meat cuts and types, the sauces and other condiments change the meaning of a classic sub and give it a delicious new turn. And now, with this offer, you can enjoy your favorite sub with an addition of coconut water from Raw Pressery. Raw Pressesry uses only the best-handpicked coconuts for making their coconut water, and it is a refreshing addition to any of your meals. And with this offer, you can get any 6-inch sub with Raw Pressery tender coconut water at a Subway discount of Rs.30.

Rawpressesry Choco Mint offer

Subway makes sure to make the best subs using only fresh-baked bread. You can choose from bread like Italian, Multigrain, Roasted Garlic, and others where you can get the taste of all the other ingredients used to make the sandwich. With ingredients like the best American or Mozerella cheese, Fresh veggies like Tomatoes, cucumbers, Onions, and many others, and not to forget the meat additions like Chicken Kofta, Teriyaki chicken, Tuna, Turkey, and other fresh ones baked with love and precision to give the best taste. Every sub can be enjoyed with a side of a delicious beverage, and with this offer, you can get a Raw Pressery Choco Mint milkshake. A milkshake is the most classic beverage addition that gives you the hit of chocolate with its velvety smooth texture to allow you to eat your subs easily. And with this offer, you can shop for any 6-inch sub and get a Raw Pressery Choco Mint milkshake at a Subway discount of Rs.30.

Rawpressery Orange offer 

To be able to enjoy a great snacking time, all you need is nothing but a 6-inch sub from none other than Subway. A classic sandwich is good, but nothing beats a sub from Subway. Get a fresh submarine sandwich, also known as a sub, from the brand that makes the best of it, in fresh Italian bread or other like multigrain or flatbread, and top it with ingredients like fresh veggies or meat and add a nice side like the Lays Classic Salted chips or a freshly baked choco chip cookie. If that’s not enough, use this offer to get an Orange juice from Raw Pressey and get your order discounted. Packed with dietary fibers and Vitamin C a good Orange juice can be the best addition to your sub. Order a 6-inch sub from Subway and get a Raw Pressery Valencia Orage juice at a Subway discount of Rs.30.

Lipton Ice Tea Offer 

There is something so heavenly about freshly baked bread. The soft texture and the chewy goodness make up the best base to eat any well-cooked ingredient. Add to a freshly baked sub bread from Subway, a cylindrical shaped bread that is cut along its length to make halves, a fresh vegetable topping of crispy lettuce or zingy onion rings, fresh and succulent cucumbers or tangy pickles, and then add the addition of the chicken of your choice like spicy teriyaki chicken or hearty slices of chicken and turkey or just simple bhuna chana added with the sauces of your choice from the six different ones they offer. Or go a healthier way and order a salad, where you get many options and the ingredients of your favorite sandwiches minus the bread. And now, if you want to sip on something while having a snack, get a Lipton Ice Tea on any takeaway or dine-in order and get a subway discount of Rs.50.

Buy 2, Get one free

Getting something free when you purchase is good as you enjoy double the amount of your favorite thing. But Subway takes that deal a notch higher by offering you to shop for 2 of your favorite sandwiches and get a third one free. That’s double the cherry on your cake. We love to snack on things while doing the most basic entertaining, like watching a movie or a highly intense sports match. This only means that having more snacks at our disposal makes the final climax better, and we dont have to scour around for more. So take advantage of this Subway offer and order two of your favorite sub now. Whether you need a double dose of your favorite chicken sub or want to mix it up with chicken and veg, you will be able to add a third one if you like to go full mix and match. Enjoy this Subway offer and get a thor sub free on two subs on ordering, takeaway, or dine-in.

Anniversary offer 

Everyone like to celebrate their birthdays with an addition of something sweet. And so does Subway. So on their birth anniversary, Subway has a special offer for you. All you need to do is head to a Subway restaurant and start your order. Choose the bread you would like to repeat on or try for the first time from the ones they offer, then top it up with the freshest and crisp lettuces, onions rings, ripe tomato slices, and others or if you want, load your sub up to the brim with the chicken of your choice, whether you like the Koftas or roasted chicken strips, Peri-Peri chicken or turkey you will get the most flavorful ones no doubt. Then dont forget to mix in some of their great success, from mayonnaise to mustard, for a tangy touch and much more. And with this special Subway offer, you can enjoy a free choco chip cookie freshly baked and loaded with delicious choco chips.

World Sandwich day offer 

This World sandwich day, celebrate with delicious and hearty subs from Subway and get the chance to take home another one for free. A sandwich with normal bread has become overrated, and sometimes they dont even taste as good, but a submarine sandwich made with cylindrical freshly baked bread filled with the best ingredients tastes better and takes your palate on a taste ride. From sweet to salty, tangy, crispy, moist, and crunchy, you will find something to ignite every sense in your mouth with fresh vegetables and even perfectly cooked chicken combined with high-quality cheese and other condiments and any of the six different sauces that makes a normal sandwich, the legendary Subway sub sandwich. And with this Subway offer, when you get one of your favorite subs from Subway, you can get another one for free. Grab this chance to enjoy more at less.

Get in touch with Subway

You can find everything answered with great detail on the Subway FAQ page, from general information to nutritional information. And you can get in touch with them directly through their Contact Us page.

Subway Brand Ambassador

In 2013, Subway announced International soccer icon Pele as their brand ambassador.

Subway Reviews and Ratings

  1. Trustpilot: A rating of 1.9 stars out of 5 based on 713 reviews has been given.
  2. Sitejabber: Based on only 85 reviews, a rating of 1.88 stars out of 5 has been given.
Good food with fresh ingredients tastes the best, and Subway offers you that taste without compromising their portions or services. So when you have the option of getting a hearty serving of veg, non-veg, or even great sides and snacks from Subway, why choose any other seller to get your dose of sub sandwiches? With the quality and taste they serve, rate them the best when you shop using the discount coupons available at Askmeoffers to get discounts on your orders.

Trending Subway Coupons & Discount Offers

JUPITER30 30% off Flat 30% OFF On using Jupiter Debit Card NO EXPIRY
399SUB $23.31 saved Subway Coupon Code – Last worked 8 hours ago 26 February 2023
2FOR1299 $5.4 saved Verified Discount Code – Last saved $5.40 on Subway 27 February 2023
DHANICARD150 30% off Flat 30% OFF via Dhani OneFreedom Card NO EXPIRY
UNICARD125 40% off Flat 40% OFF On Using Uni Pay 1/3rd Card NO EXPIRY

Subway Coupons Store FAQ's for January 2023

Most Freqently Asked Questions for Subway for January 2023

How to Redeem Subway Coupons Online?

There is no minimum order value required to redeem a Coupon Code Online. AskmeOffers has 25 Verified & Working Coupon Codes for Subway which can be used directly on the checkout page.

How much can I save at Subway?

In the last 90 days, AskmeOffers users have saved an average of 20% to 70% on their purchase made at Subway using exclusive Coupon Codes provided by Askmeoffers. All the Coupons published at AskmeOffers are Verified Manually daily.

How to find the best deal on Subway?

You can manually copy and try all available coupons to find the one with the best discount, or you can also look at the discount percentage mentioned on Coupon Codes listed at Askmeoffers, which will help you to choose the best Coupon Code.

Does AskmeOffers have any working coupons right now for Subway Store?

Currently, we have 25 Coupons & Offers for Subway, Editorial team at AskmeOffers manually verify every coupons for Subway on daily basis to make to make sure you save maximum on every purchase made at Subway. On Average user of AskmeOffers has successfully found savings 198,965 times by using these active coupons.

How Can I Get Subway Coupons Codes for Free?

25 Coupons listed here at AskmeOffers for Subway are totally Free to use and can be redeemed online directly during shopping at Subway.

What is the difference between and its competitors? focuses on more affordable items and more locations around the world. focus on the subway sandwiches products and have a lot of variety for the customer to choose from.

What does the data shown on the suggest about the customer's location?

On the left side of the screen, you will see your location highlighted in a small orange box. The subway icon always spans across this view, and the map on the right displays all subway stations in your vicinity.

What is the difference between and subway stores? is a website, whereas the subway stores are open for business.

How does make money?

We make money through traffic, advertising and by a few other means. do not sell ads so ads are not the reason make money. That is not to say they don't grow though.

Why is free?

Subway is free for customer to use because goal is to give customers with the best possible experience. One of core values is that believe every customer should get their money's worth in a visit.

How do I locate my nearest subway, and how much does it cost?

To find your nearest subway location, you can use the search bar at homepage. It'll show the closest stops to where you are, which is helpful when planning a trip. prices vary depending on how far away you are from two locations: Manhattan and Brooklyn.

How do I unlock my subway card when I am out of time?

When you are out of time, please visit the nearest subway store and ask for your card to be unlocked.

What hours does the subway run in Australia?

Subway runs at 6am from Monday to Sunday.

Where can I take the subway in New York?

People in New York City can look up information on subway maps, service recommendations and ads to find the best way to get around town. The site also includes hundreds of shop listings and articles, transit schedules, and an online help desk--all available in English, Spanish and other languages.

Can people find a subway station near me?

Yes, you can find any subway station near your current location. Simply click the Search Subway Stations button on the menu bar.

What is the difference between a subway and a bus?

A subway is a rapid mass transit system that operates at street level but primarily uses underground tunnels. The first subway was created by making shallow trenches in the tracks and filling them with water and clay, constructing deep-bore tunnels, and laying down wooden sleepers on top. Buses are typically pay-by-the-ride systems that operate typically at grade-level weather permitting and in roads; unlike rails, they rarely use underground tunnels.

What is the difference between this website and the subway restaurant?

This website is a virtual search engine, not a brick and mortar one. You can find information about subway restaurants and hours of operation across different cities on the 'Menu' tab.

I'm going to visit New York. Where is the nearest subway station from my hotel?

The subway is one of the best methods for travelling in New York. The official website of the MTA, the New York City Transit Authority, is For more directions and services on transit, advise you to enter this into your internet browser address bar and press enter or click on the following link.

Why can't I buy a subway card in New York City?

The Subway uses a smart chip-and-PIN system as well as MetroCard vending machines. You will not be able to purchase a card at the station.

Where is the nearest subway station?

You can find the nearest subway station near you on the homepage of website. You'll also want to use the filters and sort by distance to give you an idea of which routes to take.

does the subway have large pizza?

Yes, the subway does have large pizza. Please visit store locator to view more information about the restaurants closest to you!

What is the difference between subway restaurants?

The biggest difference between subway restaurants is the service. While some locations offer only counter service, other locations offer a full-service experience. Subway restaurant locations are also not all the same size or menu options.

How many calories are in a subway sandwich?

Subway online menu shows calorie content for their sandwiches.

What is the difference between the two Subway locations on 34th and 5th avenue?

The first one is on 34th, and the second one is on 5th avenue.

Is there a subway in my town?

The website is the official website of the food-delivery company in more than 160 countries, which means that there are 307 SUBWAY restaurants in the US alone.

How many times do you offer subway sandwiches in your entire menu?

With more than 27,000 subway restaurants in more than 100 countries, there are a lot of options to choose from. And what's even better is that you can customize your sandwich exactly how you want it.

How many subway locations are there in the US?

There are over 43,000 subway locations in the United States alone.
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Subway Coupons Store Summary for January 2023


More About Subway for January 2023

A restaurant that doesn't require an introduction. If it comes to tasty yet healthy sandwiches and salads, the most preferred food center is Subway. Available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties, from a variety of mouth-watering subs to pamper your taste buds. Subway does not discriminate! You can request and make the sub according to which ingredients are right for you. The best sub is just a step away. Find an awesome brand: the underground There's no better cure than a big, delicious Subway sandwich when hunger calls. Since Subway established its first store more than 50 years ago, it has earned itself a reputation as one of the world's favorite fast-food restaurants. Subway has something for everyone, whether you've preferred a meatball marinara or an Italian B.M.T.

About Subway

Founded in 1965, 17-year-old high-school graduate Fred DeLuca and his family friend Dr. Peter Buck are the owners of the world-famous submarine sandwich brand, Subway. However, the first restaurant was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, and was named Pete's Super Submarine. Later, the first franchised Subway was opened in Wallingford, Connecticut, in 1974. With its headquarters in Milford, Connecticut, the Subway franchisees have provided over 300,000 jobs in the community. And as of June 2021, Subway had over 41,600 locations in 104 countries and territories. They offer the famous Sub Sandwiches, Wraps, Salads, Snacks, and other side dishes. They also sell breakfast sandwiches, Flatbreads, and muffins.

How Askmeoffers helps save more with Subway 

Everyone likes to spend a moderate amount of money on snacks, so when they have saved some bucks, those extra saved bucks can be used to add something more to the order. And at Askmeoffers, we help you do that. A free coupon and deals platform Askmeoffers, provide you with discount coupon and deals for Subway, which you can use to save more on your next order so that you can add another item to your order without worrying about overspending. With discount coupons and deals for thousands of different brands that offer the best ranges, you will save every time you use a code we provide to shop from any of them.

Shop Sandwiches at discounts of upto 40% using coupon codes:

Healthy or not, a good sandwich is something you should not compromise on. So order your favorite sandwich from Subway at discounts of upto 40% using the coupon codes available at Askmeoffers. And get a fresh serving of an Aloo Patty Sandwich, Corn & Peas Sandwich, Tandoori Tofu or Veg Seekh Sandwich if you are a veg lover or the Mexican Patty Sandwich, Turkey and Chicken slice, Subway Club sandwich, Roasted Chicken Strip Sandwich if you are a meat lover and many others.

Shop Salads at discounts of upto 45% using promo codes:

Sometimes, a healthy touch in your snacks is all you need to feel accomplished. So feel proud of healthy eating and get salads from Subway at discounts of upto 45% using the promo codes available at Askmeoffers. The best part about these salads is you get all the ingredients from your favorite subs, minus the bread. It's a cheat code to health. Get salad like Chatpata chana, Chicken slice, Corn and Peas, Hara Bhara, Tuna, Turkey, Paneer Tikka, Veg Shammi, Veg Seekh, and many others made with fresh and crisp ingredients.

Shop Sides and Drinks at discounts of upto 30% using vouchers:

Any sandwich, wrap, or burger is incomplete without adding a hearty side or a cold or warm beverage. So if you want a great side dish with some beverages from Subway, get them at discounts of upto 30% using the vouchers available at Askmeoffers. Shop for sides like a packet of the Lays Classic Salted chips for a salty side, get choco chip cookies for a sweet side or get extra cheese if you are a cheese addict. Or if you want a beverage, add a Fountain drink or a warm coffee to your sub order.


Subway Customer Support & Social Handles

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