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50% off

Uber Paytm Offer – Get 50% Off on Rides Copy Coupon Code UPAYJAN23
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Uber Paytm Offer – Get 50% Off on Rides Copy Coupon Code UPAYDEC
Show Details    🕙   Valid Till: 31 Jan 2023

Exclusive Offer

Uber Intercity Rides – Save 20% Copy Coupon Code TRYIC25
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Exclusive Offer

Save Up to Rs 200 with Intercity Travel Copy Coupon Code USEIC15
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Exclusive Offer

Save Up to Rs 500 with Intercity Trips Copy Coupon Code FESTOFF500
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Exclusive Offer

Uber Auto Rides – Get Up To Rs 150 OFF Copy Coupon Code AUTO150
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Exclusive Offer

Google Pay Offer – Get Rs 50 OFF Copy Coupon Code UBGPAY10
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25% off

Send Packages with Uber Connect: Get Flat 25% OFF Copy Coupon Code IDELHO25
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Get 50% OFF on Uber Rental Trip Copy Coupon Code RENTALS50
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Get 50% OFF on Uber Rental Trip Copy Coupon Code UBRENBR50
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Exclusive Offer

Get 20% Cashback Via Paytm Copy Coupon Code PAYTMIC20
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50% off

Get 50% OFF on Uber Rental Trip Copy Coupon Code URENTAL50
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50% off

Uber New User Offer – Get 50% OFF On First Ride Copy Coupon Code 1UBERIN
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50% off

Select Users – Get Flat 50% OFF On 2 Rides (Select Cities) Copy Coupon Code FIFTYIN
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25% off

Uber Premier Rides: Flat 25% Off Copy Coupon Code UPREMIER50
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25% off

Premier Rides – Get 25% OFF (All Customers) Copy Coupon Code UPREMIER50
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63% OFF

Uber Auto Rides – Get Up To Rs 150 OFF (Make a selection Customers) Copy Coupon Code AUTO150
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74% OFF

UBER Rides – Get Up To Rs 150 OFF (Choose Rides) Copy Coupon Code RIDEIND50
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42% OFF

Uber Intercity Rides – Flat Rs 300 OFF (Hyderabad) Copy Coupon Code HYD300
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26% OFF

Uber Moto Offer – Get Up To Rs 50 OFF On First Trip Copy Coupon Code MOTOSPECIA
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Editorial Notes On Uber for January 2023

Get Verified and Working Coupon Codes for Uber for January 2023

Get Uber Coupons, Get Offers & Car Booking Promo Codes

Uber Promo Code Category Uber Voucher Code Offer Details
Uber Coupon Code FLAT 50% Off First 2 Uber rides
Uber Moto Promo Code Get 75% OFF First 2 Moto rides
Uber Auto Offers AUTOGRAB First 2 Auto rides
Uber Coupons For New Users Rs 75 OFF First 2 Cab Bookings
Uber Paytm Offer Up to 50% Cashback On 5 Uber Rides

Uber Coupon Codes & Uber Offers on Scooter & Bikes 

Need a solo trip from your office to your home? Getting a prime ride might be too expensive. At the same time, Uber offers possibilities like SUVs for larger groups and shared rides for those looking to hitch rides. But with Uber scooter and bike rides, you can enjoy a safe and quick payment for almost half the price! Beat the traffic in two-wheelers driven by experienced and verified riders. All bike drivers carry an extra helmet for the user. Are you an environmentally conscious person? Use electric bikes and save up on environmental resources! If you prefer to cycle to the location, you can rent cycles or pedal-based bikes from Uber. Get in your cardio for the day as well.  Uber offers bike stands across significant locations, so you can book one on your phone, scan the barcode on the bike from the stand, and get started! However, bike service may not be available in all countries yet. Motorcycle based Moto rides are now available in all major cities across India. Invite your friends to sign up on Uber and save up to 15 USD on your next ride. Use our Uber coupons to get up to 75% off on Moto rides and enjoy a hassle-free service at all times of the day. Need a ride to the office every day? Use the daily ride feature to get rides simultaneously to the same location every day. Avoid last-minute bookings and payments by contacting the monthly payment plan or linking your Uber wallet with your account. 

Uber Coupon Codes & Uber Offers on Public Transport 

Uber has teamed up with the Transportation Authorities of various cities to allow users to book public transit like buses, trains, and more. They are also acquiring a RouteMatch service to see existing routes of the vehicles and adjust their journeys accordingly. Suppose you are interested in availing of public transit service. In that case, you can sign up for the experience and select the kind of services you are looking forward to (Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and digital transit tickets, On-demand/same-day accessible transit, First-mile/last-mile fixed-route supplement, etc.). A representative will get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities.  The public transit system is currently in the works and thus is not available as a feature in the app for wide usage. Now, a third-party offers the services, and Uber acts as a mediator who makes the process easier and hassle-free. You can use Uber to keep up-to-date with the transit timings and ticketing information. Use our Uber coupons for transit bookings and save up to 75% on your rides! 

Uber Coupon Codes & Uber Offers on Business Transport

Are you working in a field that requires you to travel frequently? Or do you own a company that often sends employees on-site visits across the world? Get Uber Business and coordinate all types of business transports across the globe taken by your employees! Business account users can avail themselves of airport transfer rides, rented rides in the city, last-minute bookings, and more. But what about food? Uber realizes the need to keep your employees healthy during services. So they have teamed up with over 400,00 restaurant franchises. You can add meal plans to the service plan and get meals on the go as well.  Need something delivered fast? Use Uber delivery services to transport anything from small packages to large automobiles. Travel to over 60 countries and receive support from Uber at all times. Reputed brands like Zoom, Coca-Cola, and Samsung use this feature for their employees. Manage all rides and payments from the standard Uber dashboard. Save up to 75% on each ride by using our Uber coupon codes! Today, sign up for a Business account on Uber for Business and talk to a service representative to get your customized service plan.  Uber for Business is excellent for marketing companies, construction companies, and delivery companies who frequently need to conduct state-wise surveys. The best part? With every employee who travels, you will get additional credits, which can be translated into a discount on higher orders. 

Uber Coupon Codes & Uber Offers on Food Delivery 

Foodies unite! Get outstanding deals and discounts on meal plans and individual meals with Uber Eats! Uber Eats is an initiative that allows restaurants and eateries to partner with Uber and allows door-delivery of their menu items. Visit the website or download the Uber Eats app. Enter your location and start seeing all the available places nearby which offer home deliveries. Uber promises quick delivery.  Are you ordering from McDonald’s? Spend up to 20 USD, and you could get your delivery for free! Get items from The Baked Bear with a buy 1, get one free offer. You can check the approximate delivery times for each restaurant. If you are in a hurry, use the filter to find restaurants based on distance, reviews, cuisine, and more. Like something? Leave a positive review and help the restaurant’s business grow!  Order from significant franchises like Jack in the Box, Belgian Waffles, Park Hotel, Domino’s Pizza, KFC, and more. Buy from smaller fast-food joints, Mexican outlets, Indian dhabas, Chinese restaurants, and more. Use our Uber coupons to save on every meal. Prefer traveling to the restaurant itself? Use our Uber coupon codes and get up to 150 INR off on Auto hire rides. Drive to the restaurant yourself and enjoy a meal with your friends. 

Uber Coupon Codes & Uber Offers on Freight 

Are you looking to move a large amount of freight? Now get Uber for Freight and transport large amounts of cargo via road, air, and water channels. You can transfer your packages with the help of air carriers, or you can transfer larger shipments across oceans with Uber’s safe and assured freight service. You can sign up either as a service that allows others to move their freight or sign up to receive freight service. So what makes Uber’s freight service better than others? First, transparency in the billing format. Uber allows users to see the total billing amount at first and no additional taxes or charges or levied later on unless there is a change in the itinerary itself. Secondly, you can see where your shipment is at all times. Uber allows a streamlined service to track the shipment, contact representatives, and get updates regularly. Sign up for free and use Uber freight for your business today! Uber Freight is a licensed carrier and ships around 50,000 loads per month. Recently, the service merged with Sender and is currently Europe’s largest digital freight provider. Freight not insured? No worries! With an additional payment of 3.50 €, you can get your cargo insured by Uber. These charges will be dropped if you choose to update your insurance plan with a service of your own choice. Get the flexibility of Uber with the assuredness of Sender. You can send a person from your team to oversee the process as well. Use our Uber coupons for personnel travel and INR 50 off on PayTM usage. 

Earn with Uber 

Do you consider yourself a great driver and are looking to make some cash with this skill set? Sign up today to be an Uber driver! State your free hours and make money on your schedule. Whether you choose to work on weekdays, weekends, nighttime, or office hours – it is all up to you! Make sure you have valid IDs and a driver’s license. Choose to drive cars, motorcycles, or JUMP scooters as needed. Uber offers an avenue for all interested parties to get additional income. 

Share with UberX and save up to 20% 

Uber has given their users the ultimate and easiest way of getting cheaper rides by simply sharing their designated vehicle with other users who have to travel the same route, users stand a chance to save at least 20% of their usual fare when using UberX. Not only does paying less but using UberX won’t throw you off your schedule, it is designed in such a way that lets it pick up customers who aren’t going into different routes than you are and is only allowed to add up to 8 minutes to your estimated arrival time. It also helps in saving the climate as it helps you cover 2 rides for the emission rates of 2. People who use UberX Share will receive a minimum of 5% off the fare and might get more discounts based on the time and distance travelled, up to a maximum of 20% off the rider’s price.

Uber Bikes and scoots for affordable rides

The trendiest and most reliable commuting method for Indian Uber users. Uber Moto and normal Uber journeys have one difference and that is the use of a motorbike. Uber Moto trips are rapid and easy and you get picked up by the rider right from your doorstep.  Uber charges an unbelievably low fare for Uber Moto rides, this fare is applicable only for the user’s first two journeys. Using Moto helps you to make the journey in your own desired time, it is simple to do and can be done only with a few simple taps, motorbikes cut and move through the traffic, and also helps a lot with navigation making the trips faster and quicker. Riding on a moto lets you avoid crowds and ride along nature’s blissful winds. And of course, the primary objective and reason to use Uber Moto are to save more and more of your money.

Get exclusive offers and save $25/month with Uber one 

Become an Uber one member and get amazing deals and benefits on your rides as well as on Uber eats delivery. Your benefits include – 0 delivery charge on ordering from Uber eats, up to 5% off on rides, Top-rated drivers, and up to 10% off on eligible Uber eats products and deliveries. Being a One member also gets you exclusive promo codes and offers from Uber.

Use promo code UBRENBR50 and get 50% off up to INR 250 on your first Uber Rentals ride

Uber rentals hourly packages start at a very low price. You can choose a package based on your duration of travel, and additional charges will apply according to the distance traveled above your package. All toll taxes are included in your fare, you don’t have to pay anything extra. This is a great way to cover a long distance at a minimum cost.

Uber Gift Cards

Uber aims at providing their users with the power of freedom and movement and their gift cards give you the reason to purchase anything you want. Combine them together and create the best possible gift for yourself. Uber Gift Cards take away the hassle of always having to use your Debit or Credit Cards or any other UPI Payment, get one for yourself today and also for your loved ones and promote the freedom of movement. By way of Uber’s corporate portal, you can buy more than 10 gift cards at once. Gift cards can be bought online and at the stores of the participating retailer.

Savings tips on Uber

  1. Referrals: If you know someone who has never used Uber you can refer that person and ask them to join using your own Promo Code, doing so you stand a chance to win discounts or cashback or free rides depending on the ongoing promotion at the time. This is a great way to save for Uber users all while introducing someone new to Uber’s awesome services.
  2. Avoiding Peak Hours: The only thing about Uber’s dynamic pricing model that people don’t like is the price hike during peak hours. Booking an Uber during the busiest times of the day, like office starting and ending hours, comes at a much higher cost than usual, that happens because of vehicle unavailability, if you manage to plan your journey by avoiding the peak hours then you will be able to get the rides at a much lower price and save money while doing so.
  3. Don’t directly use Uber to the Airport: Rides to the airport have forever been famously expensive, all because the vehicles have to queue up and go in the Airport parking area, which tends to take a lot of time, the dynamic pricing model takes the time taken into consideration and sets the price accordingly, which is generally much higher. If you wish not to pay that much and save some money, then try booking the Uber for some of the closest landmarks or hotels to the Airport and cover the rest of the distance by foot, you will find that you have saved a good amount of money.
  4. UberX share: The ultimate money saver by Uber – your rides on UberX share will be cheaper, and the only class is the trip will be shared with someone who is also going on the same route. By busing UberX share, riders stand a chance of saving almost 20% of their fare. 
  5. Uber blogs and stories – Keep an eye on Uber’s blogs to get insights into different saving tips and upcoming promotions on Uber rides, Uber eats, Uber bikes and more. This can always help you save some more.
  6. Same-day delivery – Uber also has a special same-day delivery option, this will help you get your product within a day, delivered safely to your doorstep, and you won’t have to spend much on instant delivery.
  7. Uber electric scooters – These two-wheelers are an affordable source of traveling within the city, and also a very fun ride. They’re extremely easy and provide value for money. You can save on your cab rides using these for short distances.

Advantages of using Uber

Instead of Ola or Lyft, People prefer Uber all around the world. The answer is simple, it’s because of the benefits it incurs.
  1. It has many benefits over the traditional transport methods, the dynamic pricing model attracts drivers to certain locations which gives the customer a higher chance of availing a vehicle during rush hour or emergency. They have a wider network of drivers available than the other platforms. 
  2. Using the map on the Uber app customers can take a look at the potential drivers and vehicles in their area, once the trip gets confirmed the passenger has the option of navigating the driver to the pick-up location in real-time, which gives the passenger ride coordination convenience like no other. Uber functionality and app is very user-friendly, providing hassle-free negotiation. 
  3. Uber pricing is very flexible and affordable.
  4. Uber provides a variety of products including Uber eats, Uber rentals, Uber bikes and scooters, Uber freight and much more. They’re like an all-in-one destination of all essentials.
  5. It is super safe and easy to use, with simple cancellation and highly skilled drivers.

Uber Reviews and Ratings

Uber being the global giant that it is, has only been able to reach that position due to its positive customer feedback and the love and loyalty of its users. Uber has successfully gained a huge customer base of nearly 118 million users worldwide and has a solid rider base. The safe and comfortable means of transport that Uber provides has won the hearts of their users and keeps them coming for more and availing their services, thanks to the wide range of services that Uber provides, which have been able to cater to all sorts of people belonging from different financial backgrounds.
  1. Trustpilot’s Uber ratings – 3.1 out of 5
  2. AmbitionBox’s Uber ratings – 4.1 out of 5

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. The trip cancellation fee charged by Uber at times is pretty tricky. You as a rider will be charged with a cancellation fee if your driver accepts your trip but you cancel it 5 minutes after getting accepted, also if the driver has waited for you but you failed to show up, the driver can cancel the ride and you get charged with a cancellation fee. For the drivers, wasting 5 minutes of their driving time in waiting is a pretty big hit on their revenue.
  2. If using UberX, you will be charged whenever you cancel the ride, or if you cancel whenever the driver arrives and when the driver cancels after waiting for you at the pickup location. UberX cancellation fee isn’t much lenient because it leads to wasting not only the driver’s time but also your fellow passengers.
  3. Although, there are possibilities where you can get a refund on the cancellation fee, if you feel you have been charged unfairly you can contact Uber’s customer support and convey your grievances to them, after inquiring if they find that the cancellation fee was unjustly charged, they will process a refund, for example, if the driver accepts the ride and then doesn’t show up or goes in any other direction, if the driver was at fault then Uber’s GPS tracking will find it out and will refund your money as soon as possible.

Business Model

Uber follows a business model which can be called a multisided platform business model because it connects 2 parties, the driver and the passenger both independent parties and mediate a justifiable rate for the ride and at the same time provides a source of income for the driver. They are a technological platform and have modernised smart urban transport which has given the taxi and can companies stiff competition who used to charge the passengers unfairly. Uber has been operating for nearly a decade now and has built a customer base in over 900 cities worldwide and presently has a market valuation of over $70 million.

Uber Demographics

In 2021 Uber generated a huge $17.4 billion in revenue which was a 56% increase compared to their previous, Uber’s main revenue generator was their mobility service but during the COVID-19 pandemic their mobility revenue fell by 21%,  their delivery business generated more revenue for them, on an average 118 million users avail Uber services every month. In 2021 alone, Uber completed 6.3 billion trips with a total of 5 million drivers worldwide.


Uber has been funded by a total of 116 investors which includes 20 lead investors such as PayPal, Asas Capital, Toyota Motor and SoftBank Vision Fund. Uber has raised a total amount of $25.2 billion in over 32 rounds of funding. The last of which was raised from a post-IPO Debt round on 14th September 2020.

Web Traffic of Uber

Uber has a global website rank of 770 and holds the number 1 position in the Ground Transportation category website. With a total of 59.6 million visits, a bounce rate of 53.35%, 3.68 pages looked at per visit and an average visit duration of 2 minutes and 31 seconds, uber.com shows us why they are ranked number 1.

Contact and Customer Support Details

  1. Uber encourages their customers to contact them via their app or by visiting their webpage help desk if the passenger needs any help.
  2. The main helpline number of Uber is 866-576-1039
  3. And the customer service number is 800-593-7069
  4. Uber also has a Critical Safety Helpline number which is to be used only during most extreme emergencies like accidents (800) 285-6172.


For all your queries, you can check out their official website and know more.


Uber with its services has really made everyday human life much easier. We live in a fast and hectic world where time is of the essence, Uber does its best as they save your time, all while making sure your trip is safe and comfortable. They have made sure that people of all classes can access and afford their services by providing various riding services such as Uber rentals and Uber Bikes. Uber takes all necessary steps in making life better and easier for people and following their aim, they continue to do so.

Trending Uber Coupons & Discount Offers

UPAYJAN23 50% off Uber Paytm Offer – Get 50% Off on Rides 31 Jan 2023
UPAYDEC 50% off Uber Paytm Offer – Get 50% Off on Rides 31 Jan 2023
TRYIC25 Exclusive Offer Uber Intercity Rides – Save 20% 31 Jan 2023
USEIC15 Exclusive Offer Save Up to Rs 200 with Intercity Travel 31 Jan 2023
FESTOFF500 Exclusive Offer Save Up to Rs 500 with Intercity Trips 31 Jan 2023

Uber Coupons Store FAQ's for January 2023

Most Freqently Asked Questions for Uber for January 2023

How to Redeem Uber Coupons Online?

There is no minimum order value required to redeem a Coupon Code Online. AskmeOffers has 20 Verified & Working Coupon Codes for Uber which can be used directly on the checkout page.

How much can I save at Uber?

In the last 90 days, AskmeOffers users have saved an average of 20% to 70% on their purchase made at Uber using exclusive Coupon Codes provided by Askmeoffers. All the Coupons published at AskmeOffers are Verified Manually daily.

How to find the best deal on Uber?

You can manually copy and try all available coupons to find the one with the best discount, or you can also look at the discount percentage mentioned on Coupon Codes listed at Askmeoffers, which will help you to choose the best Coupon Code.

Does AskmeOffers have any working coupons right now for Uber Store?

Currently, we have 20 Coupons & Offers for Uber, Editorial team at AskmeOffers manually verify every coupons for Uber on daily basis to make to make sure you save maximum on every purchase made at Uber. On Average user of AskmeOffers has successfully found savings 198,965 times by using these active coupons.

How Can I Get Uber Coupons Codes for Free?

20 Coupons listed here at AskmeOffers for Uber are totally Free to use and can be redeemed online directly during shopping at Uber.

What are the differences between uber.com and uber eats?

Uber eats is the food delivery service that Uber provides. If a customer has a rider, their driver will ask them which option they want to order food with. If they say uber eats, then the orders will be delivered to them by Uber eats. If they don't have a driver, then it is up to them whether they will use uber eats or uber restaurants.

What is the contact number for uber uk customer service?

The phone number for uber.com customer service department is 02070139550. If you have general questions or need immediate assistance, you can also contact one of uber.com specialists via the chat icon in the top-right.

Does uber eat's delivery cost more than uber eats?

Uber eats has two pricing options for delivery or pickup. You can also choose to upgrade your fare and ship your food via Uber freight. Prices vary depending on the location of where you live, so check out uber.com rate sheet to find out the best option for maximum savings.

How do I sign up for Uber Eats?

We've made it easy for you to sign up and get started with Uber Eats. Just sign up with your credentials, which usually includes your email address and a phone number. You can then create an account by entering your card details on the website and following the prompts.

How do I sign up for UberEats?

You can sign up for UberEats from the app under the Earn uber eats section. You must first create an account by following the prompts on the app.

What's a ride log in?

A ride log in is a rider's account information. You enter the email and password uber.com use to sign into your account or you can have uber.com create an account for you while on the go.

How can I sign up for Uber Eats?

You can sign up for Uber Eats by downloading the free app. Join the waiting list, follow the directions to get your wait-list number and make sure you have a phone number of everyone on your list. There are also several ways to contact Uber to find out more information about how to get started with Uber Eats.

Does uber provide services other than food delivery?

Yes. The Uber Eats service was launched in 2012 and is a food delivery service for any meal occasions. Orders placed through uber.com website or app can be delivered to your door like pizza, dessert, lunch, dinner or even just a snack.

Does Uber offer food delivery?

Uber does offer food delivery across all of the main cities. It is ideal for people who want their food to be waiting at home or in their office when they arrive.

Does the Uber eats application cost money?

No, the Uber eats application is free.

Does Uber eat's mean Uber eats?

Yes - Uber eat's is the shortened name for Uber eats.

What is the phone number for uber eats?

The phone number for uber eats is the number that you see on your email at the top of the screen and then in your phone app.

How do I sign up for a UberEats rider account?

You can sign up for an UberEats account online. Just open up the app, select the Merchant tab, and sign in using your email address.

What is the contact number for uber eats?

The contact number for uber eats is 1-888-889-1505.

What does the Uber eat logo look like?

The Uber eats logo has a person riding a bike and is green, red and black.

What is the Uber eats number?

The number at the Uber eats contact page can be used for food ordering, customer service chat or general information. The number is also on the Uber app and can typically be found in Help and then Contact Us.

How do I order food on uber eats?

You don't need to order your food on uber eats, uber eats interacts with all the delivery partners and places orders for you. Just call in your order as usual and have it delivered.

What is Uber Eat's phone number?

uber.com help and customer service team can provide uber.com customers with the support they need. For general queries, contact uber.com on uber.com help chat, reach one of uber.com Uber Eat's contact numbers or order a uber online.

How do I contact Uber Eats if I am a business?

If you need business support or if you're a business owner, we've got your back. Initiate contact through uber.com Uber Eats Help line or give uber.com a call on +44 844 288 8282.

I am a new customer, can I use an uber eats promo code?

Yes, uber.com have a number of uber eats promo codes that can be used. Just go to this link to see uber.com latest ones.

What's the difference between uber eats and uber for business?

uber.com service, uber eats, is for one-time use only. While the service has a low monthly fee, uber.com tiered package pricing for uber for business is more cost-effective and customizable to suit any business' needs.

Can't I just use uber eats?

uber.com platform is the ultimate choice for the best possible deals. It's the easy way to save time and money, whether you're looking for uber eats or something else.

What is the best way to contact customer support for uber eats?

You can contact customer service for uber eats in the following ways:

How do I contact Uber eats?

You can contact Uber eats by using uber.com contact form. uber.com support team is available 24/7.

How do I order food from Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is the easiest way to find and order food from your favorite restaurants. You can check for offers, place an order, and track your delivery right in the app. If you're not in an uber-enabled city, use Uber Eats to order food from your favorite local restaurants without leaving your couch.

How do I get a free uber eats?

A free lunch is on its way! The uber eats voucher code is used to get a free food. If you are too busy and don't have time to order it, then select free Uber Eat. After the ride has been completed you can receive your free food in Uber Eats restaurants.

What is the best way to get a discount on uber eats?

uber eats is an app that offers an on-demand service for food. The best way to get a discount on uber eats is to use the promo code.

How do Uber drivers make more money?

Just like any company, Uber drivers use different incentives to pitch business. If a driver makes more than their expected fare for a particular event, they are encouraged to take on additional and higher paying trips in the future. Drivers can also get bonuses and incentives from promotions or events sponsored by Uber.

How do I use uber eats for business?

If you have not yet created a business account, you won't be able to make any changes on the app. However- you can sign up for a business account which is an account with uber eats for business in it. You will also receive five free rides to start with and a permanent discount of 20% off every uber eats order going forward.

How do I use uber eats?

You can order uber eats by calling uber.com customer services line on 0132889897. Alternatively, you can order an uber eats from the app.

Can I cancel my uber eats order?

Yes, uber.com have an official support line in case you ever need to cancel your order. uber.com Uber eats customer service number is 801.217.7700, you can also contact uber.com at uber.com email address which is support@uber.com

How do I contact Uber Eats support?

For the fastest response to your problems, please visit

What is the difference between uber eats and uber for business?

uber eats is uber.com food delivery platform. It will deliver from shopping destinations that uber.com provide at uber.com website, to your door. uber for business is a product that'll help you grow your business in social media by connecting with potential customers, get orders fulfilled and more.

How does the uber eat app work?

uber.com app is another easy step to restaurant delivery. You can order as you normally would by talking with uber.com helpful customer service team or by placing an order on the app. uber.com pick-up desk will be able to take your payment in cash, card or e-transfer at the time of your ride. Please make sure that UberEATS is active in your area: https://www.uber.com/eats

What does uber eat stand for?

Uber eats stands for Uber Eats, a food delivery application from Uber that provides on-demand food delivery to your location.

What does food on uber eats cost?

uber.com pricing is competitively priced and is dependent on the product and location. uber.com understand not everyone wants to order food on Uber Eat so that's why you can always change the delivery option or add a note if you're not sure what you'll be eating. You can also earn discounts once you've used uber.com pricing for a few orders!

How do I get contact information for an Uber driver?

Locate the 'driver' entry in your Uber app. Click on it and you'll see a menu where you can enter the car's contact information, view driver profiles and order a ride.

Can I get a refund on uber eats?

Depends on the situation. The policies for cancellations, refunds, and exchanges vary by country. uber.com recommend checking out these pages for a breakdown of the process:

What is the cost of a express delivery with uber eats?

The cost of the express delivery varies depending on the distance, weight, volume and destination of the order. You will be charged according to the time it takes to deliver an order compared with a standard delivery.

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Gone are the days that people wasted time hailing taxis on the road. Uber has revolutionized the travel industry by offering people the luxury of booking cabs from the comfort of their home, office, or vacation rent-out spot. Get swift cabs anywhere, anytime, and track your ride throughout. You can also follow the passage of your loved ones to make sure they reach their destination safely. Over the years, Uber has also branched out to provide other avenues like providing food deliveries, freight deliveries, and business transit.  Pay with a range of payment options, including cash, Uber Pay, UPI ID, or by linking your credit and debit cards with your account. Available across 10,000+ cities in India and with rated and verified drivers, rest assured of Uber’s services. They also offer an SOS button that customers can use in case of emergencies.  Want to save on rides? Uber now offers motorcycle rides in moto rides that cost way less than other options that can carry up to one person. Get up to 50% off on Moto rides by using our Uber coupon codes. Uber has implemented a wide range of hygienic measures, including mandatory mask-wearing and regular disinfection to prevent COVID transmittance. Sign up for your Uber ride today and get outstanding deals and discounts for new users. Here are some deals you may consider: Uber Select Users - Get Flat 50% OFF On 2 Rides Are you a long-term user of Uber? You could be the one who gets up to 50% off on your next two rides! Uber understands the value of loyal customers who support their venture. Select users in specific cities across India can now get this coupon on their Uber app. Download the app for both iOS and Android and stay up to date with flash deals and coupons. 

Get a 25% discount, up to Rs 50 off on 3 Uber Rides. Get a 100% discount up to Rs 25 when you pay using Paytm for your first 2 Uber Auto rides.

PayTM users can now get up to 100% off on their first 2 Uber rides, valid up to 25 INR. Or they could get a flat 25% off on their next 3 Uber rides. If you are a Paytm user, then use this feature ASAP for your next rides. Use our Uber coupon UBPAYTM8 to avail of the offer. 

 Get up to a 50% discount on Uber Moto rides. Also, Get a Rs 25 discount on the first ride.

New Uber user? Uber welcomes you with a 50% discount on all Moto rides. Save a maximum of 25 INR on your next motorcycle ride and effectively combat traffic on a two-wheeler. Feel unsafe while traveling with no motorcycle? No worries, there a variety of other options you can choose from, including Prime sedans, SUVs, and more. 

Get 25% cashback up to Rs 350 on rides also Uber Coupon for new and old customers. 

The best and biggest Uber cashback is here! Get flat 25% off on your next ride up to a total of 350 INR! Use our Uber coupons during checkout and receive instant discounts. This is only valid for users who choose online payment methods. The vouchers do not have an expiry date, so use them as and when needed. 

Save extra using bank and payment wallets.

New wallet and online payment methods are released every year, and Uber has stayed up with the trend by offering all types of options. You can pay via GPay, Amazon Pay, MobiKwik, and more. Uber has different offers and promo codes for them all. Use PayTM and get up to 30% off on your ride. Other recommendations include a flat 75 INR decrease in the price. Use our Uber coupons and save up to 75% on your trips. 

What is Uber?

In the simplest possible language, Uber is an organisation that runs various transport operations, its primary source of operation is its app which allows people to hire cabs or taxis in exchange for a particular amount of money. The people driving the cabs or taxis are independent contractors who have allowed themselves to be tied up under the banner of Uber.

Who is the founder of Uber?

Uber has its headquarters in San Francisco and was founded in the year 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. Uber presently has an estimated 110 million users worldwide.

How does Uber work?

Passengers are connected to the uber drivers via the uber app, the drivers usually own the cars and are independent contractors. Uber uses a dynamic pricing model which calculates the distance of the journey, the destination and the present demand at the time to set a reasonable price for the journey

Origin and vision 

Uber believes in helping people to get anywhere, get anything and earn on their own freeway. Movement or Moving is a major vital part of our lives, it helps us fulfil our needs and improve our life altogether. They aim to use one simple button tap to connect together the digital and real world, they believe in safe, accessible and free movement all over, all of it in a sustainable way for the environment, they do not differentiate between any racial, gender, religious orientation and promote the rights to move around and earn freely. They might have had hiccups but that has only made them better, stronger and more efficient and way more committed to doing good and right for those who stand by them. Uber holds safety as their top priority and never compromises in that aspect, and is always welcoming of new ideas to grow and develop to provide much better and improved services than ever.

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