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Editorial Notes On Kroger

Best of Kroger sales events and discounts 

Sale/deal Offer date 
Bakery happy hour sale Get free bakery samples using kroger discount coupon January 
Kroger’s fanfest event Get most of Kroger’s products like groceries at great discounts with a 5% discount February 
Back to college sidewalk sale Get most of Kroger’s products like pens, pencils, and more at great discounts  July 
Teacher’s school supplies sale Get most of Kroger’s products like diaries, stencils, pens  at great discounts by using Kroger promo code September 
All for free sale Get most of Kroger’s products like Pepsi, Cheetos, Doritos at great discounts  March 
kroger’s egg sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 0.97$ on eggs using kroger discount coupon March 
Kroger’s multigrain bread deal  Avail of a flat discount of up to 0.75$ on bread using kroger discount coupon February 
kroger’s cereal deal  Avail of a flat discount of up to 1$ on cereals using kroger discount coupon March 
kroger’s potato chips deal Avail of a flat discount of up to 1$ on potato chips using kroger discount coupon March 
Kroger ice cream deal  Avail of a flat discount of up to 2.99$ on ice cream by using Kroger promo code January
The big 10$ deal  Get most of Kroger’s products at great discounts like chocolates, yogurts, juices, biscuits cereals, etc and price starting at 10$ March 
kroger’s week deal Get most of Kroger’s products like cereals, bread, etc  at great discounts  April 
Summer sizzling deals Get most of Kroger’s products like health equipment, juices, fruits   at great discounts of 20%  May
Kroger fresh food sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 5$ on fruits by using Kroger promo code May 
Save with ship sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 30% on shipping by using Kroger promo code June 
Vita cost sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 20% on vita cost products  June 
Home essential sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 40$ on home essentials like kitchen equipments, towels, tissues, etc.  July 
Everyday deals  Avail of a flat discount of up to 50$ on paper towels, dishwashers and more Everyday 
New chapter deal Avail of a flat discount of up to 15% on new chapter products  July 
Paradise deal Avail of a flat discount of up to 15% on paradise products  June 
Gelo deal Avail of a flat discount of up to 20% on gelo products  July 
Health and wellness deal Avail of a flat discount of up to 50% on health equipment  August 
Clearance sale Get most of Kroger’s products like eggs, juices, vegetables at great discounts  December 
Biocodex Florastor probiotics deal  Avail of a flat discount of up to 20% on probiotics  August 
Helo pet food deal Avail of a flat discount of up to 20% on pet food by using kroger coupon code August 
Baby food deal Avail of a flat discount of up to 10% on baby food using kroger discount coupon April 
Kroger’s Snack sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 15% on snacks using kroger discount coupon March 
kroger’s rainbow sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 12% on led lights by using Kroger promo code May 
Irwin naturals deal Avail of a flat discount of up to 15% on health, supplements  using kroger discount coupon May 
Bogo beauty sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 15$ on beauty products  June
Spring black Friday sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 50% on dresses by using Kroger promo code June 
Pack wine collection sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 40$ on a wine combo  July 
kroger’s furniture sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 20% on furniture by using Kroger promo code July 
Fathers’ day gifting sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 20% on gifts  August 
baby items sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 40$ on baby toys  September 
Fun in sun sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 30% on sun creams using kroger discount coupon May 
Cookware sale  Avail of a flat discount of up to 20% on cookware using kroger discount coupon September 
Nutrition sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 30$ on nutritional supplements  September 
Kitchen gadgets and barware sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 20% on crockery by using Kroger promo code October 
Save on fitness deal Get most of Kroger’s products at great discounts on health supplements and gym equipment  October 
Toy sale  Avail of a flat discount of up to 30% on toys  June 
Storage and preservation sale  Avail of a flat discount of up to 20% on storage sets  November 
Smart home sale  Avail of a flat discount of up to 20% on home gadgets  November 
Cyber Monday sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 50% on groceries, fruits, toilet paper, and more Every Monday 
Kroger’s cream cheese deal  Avail of a flat discount of up to 0.25$ on cream cheese by using Kroger promo code June 
Butter sale Avail of a flat discount of up to 1$ on butter  July 
Chock full o’ nuts sale Avail a flat discount of up to 2$ on chock full’o nuts  January 
Sicilian pizza deal Avail of a flat discount of up to 1$ on Sicilian pizza February 
Kroger mega event sale Get most of Kroger’s products like bath essentials at great discounts  January 
Buy 5 save 5 sale Avail a flat discount of up to 5$ on purchasing 5 products  December 
Kroger mid-week deal Get Kroger’s products like butter, nuts, snacks at great discounts  Every month
Kroger fresh deal Get most of Kroger’s fruits and vegetables at great discounts  Every month 
kroger the berry deal Get most of Kroger’s berries  at great discounts by using Kroger promo code November 

Bakery happy hour sale

This one is the best of Kroger’s Cincinnati events, where you can enjoy the smell of its freshly baked exotic bakery products and can also take home a free sample home. The offer is valid only for the stipulated day and date that is probably on weekends.

Kroger fanfest event

Get Kroger coupons and shop with unlimited discounts at their offline and online stores.

Back to the college sidewalk sale 

Stock yourself up with pencils, hand sanitizers, and much more helpful and day to day stuff at Kroger’s back-to-college sidewalk sale. The offer is available at Kroger’s Nashville store. Students who want to avail of this back-to-school offer should carry their school ID card with them. Main attractions:
  1. Deli grilling ribs are available to pump you up. 
  2. Special samples of Simple Truth products, your favorite energy drinks, easy prep foods, and more!
  3. If you are the first 100 students to arrive, and you could receive a goody bag full of some of our favorite Kroger products.
  4. Opportunities to save – including a 5% discount on select products, various coupons, and chances to win gifts!
  5. Are you interested in becoming a Kroger associate? They’ll have info about in-store job opportunities!

Teachers school supplies giveaway

Participate in this one of Kroger’s giveaways and get all the teacher’s supplies essentials at the bare minimum or even absolutely free. Get a discount of 15% by using the Kroger coupon code. 

All for free sale

This all-for-free sale is the one where you can get most of the daily eateries and snacks free. The offer is available in the nearest Kroger offline store. You can avail offers and discounts on Pepsi, Cheetos, Doritos, flavored tortillas chips, and many more such products using the Kroger coupon code.

Kroger eggs sale

Get o.97 $ discount on purchasing a large Kroger egg tray by using the Kroger coupon code. The coupon is available, one per household, and can be redeemed until the supplies last. Specially marked items, such as Clearance or Manager’s Specials, may not be eligible for Digital Coupons.

Kroger’s multigrain bread deal

Save 0.75 $ on your purchase of the Arnold sewer multigrain gourmet buns. Enjoy this latest offer before everything goes out of stock. Digital Coupons and paper coupons cannot be combined on the purchase of a single item. The offer is not valid on specially marked items. Use the Kroger coupon code to avail this kroger deal. 

Cereal deal

Save a complete 1 $ on the purchase of your favorite and crunchiest big G cereals from the kroger store.

Kroger potato chips deal

Save $ I on the purchase of 2 big packets of kroger potato chips. 

Kroger ice cream deal

Creamy ice creams are what you always crave after a heavy meal. Well, the crunchiest chocolate chips and sundaes are here to make your day. Shop or ONE (1) Kroger Deluxe Churned Ice Cream (128 fl oz), Sundae Cones (8-10 ct), or Private Selection Ice Cream and saved 2.99$ on your transaction.

The big 10$ sale

Stock your kitchen up with the best kitchen essentials like yogurts, juices, biscuits, and much more, all at 10$ from Krogers.

Krogers week deal

Shop on a day-to-day basis from Krogers and get the most fantastic deals of all times and unlimited freshly baked offers with which you can easily save on products like cereals, bread, ice creams, and much more. Stay tuned to Krogers to get more such benefits.

Summer sizzling deals

Summer is here, and so are all the refreshing summer cravings. Shop at Krogers and stop these cravings from occurring ever again. Shop at the Krogers’ summer sizzling deals at the minimum prices.

Frozen foods sale

The quick go-to solution for your very tea time and midnight snack need are the frozen foods. The best that you can get is Kroger’s frozen foods deals. Get a discount of 5$ on all such food items on shopping from the online Kroger’s store.

Save with ship sale

Save nearly 20% on all your sun essentials, 30% on gears, and 20%n on the patio while shopping from Kroger’s online store by using the Kroger coupon code.

Vita cost sale

Get a flat discount of 20% on your first order of organic foods, vitamins, and environment-friendly products. Shop from the vita cost section of the Krogers store.

Household essential sale

Save 40$ and 10$ on the purchase of household essentials from krogers by using the Kroger coupon code. Get heavy discounts on daily products like dishwashing liquids, toilet paper, paper towels, and much more.

Everyday deals

Avail the best of every day and make each of your days simply the best one that you have had. Scroll, shop, repeat at the krogers store, and get the best deals out of the daily listed ones. Save and get a discount of a flat 50$ on using Kroger’s coupon code on some of the special listed items. To avail, the full benefit of this everyday deal, stay tuned to Krogers.

New chapter deal

Open up a new chapter with the latest chapter supplements available to you at a discount of a flat 15% by kroger coupon code on new chapter products. Offer is available only on kroger’s online store.

Paradise deal

Use Kroger coupon code ALLPARAHERBS and get a sure discount of 15% on the herbal supplements from the house of paradise herbals, one of the most trusted brands for selling online herbal and effective products. 

Gelo deal

Hand soaps and handwashing habits that everyone should incorporate anyhow if you are also part of this healthy habit with gelo hand soap deal and get a flat discount of 20% by kroger coupon code .

Health and wellness deal

Health and wellness should always be looked after with great care, and in such cases any such brand cannot be trusted just like that. To bring the best to you here, kroger is with the health and wellness deal. Get a flat kroger discount of 50% on all its health and wellness supplies using the Kroger coupon code.

Clearance sale

Shop at Kroger’s clearance sale and grab the best deal out of everything present. Clearance sale is a chance to get your hands on the best of Krogers products like groceries, fruits, kitchen essentials, and more. 

Biocodex Florastor probiotics deal

Bring you the goodness of probiotics from a well-known brand called florastor. Complete your daily dose of probiotics and avail a discount of a flat 20%.

Halo pet food deal

Feed your lovely pets the best of food that is not only filling but is also good in all the nutrients and has the correct quantity of all the supplements required—bringing you the best of pet food from the brand of halo with a discount of 20% by kroger coupon code.

Baby food deal

Finding the right quality of baby food is becoming difficult daily, but we have the solution for you at kroger to purchase the Peter organics bay food at a flat discount of 10%. Also, get the discount by using the coupon code given. Avail the discount of 10% on pumpkin tree organic baby food as well only on krogers.

Kroger’s Snack sale

Buy the tastiest snacks and fill yourself up with these yummiest treats that are coming your way with a flat discount of 15% on Kroger’s snacks sale.  Use the Kroger promo code to avail of the offer. 

Kroger’s rainbow sale

Light up your houses like a rainbow after the rain with Kroger’s rainbow sale, where you can shop for different lights, LEDs and much more from the brand called rainbow lights. Save 12% on all your lighted purchases only from krogers.

Irwin naturals sale

Supplement your shopping bag with the Irwin naturals supplements that would surely supplement your health in the best way possible only at Kroger’s. Use the given Kroger promo code to avail of the discount of flat 15%.

Bogo beauty sale

Save your beauty with these attractive discounts coming your way from Bogo sun and beauty with discounts of up to 15$ by using the Kroger promo code.

Spring black Friday sale

The kroger’s spring black Friday sale is here with the best spring Friday deal from most of the listed brands on kroger. You can avail of a flat discount of 50% by using the Kroger promo code on most of your purchases during this special sale. 

Pack wine collection sale

Wine and dine are the perfect combinations that go hand in hand. Invite such a combination to your dinner table and make your meal the perfect one. Shop for the pack wine collection, which is a collection of 12 wine bottles. Get a discount of 40$ on this assorted combo.

Kroger’s furniture sale

Decorate your house and office with the most premium and comfortable furniture from Kroger’s online furniture sale. Also, get a lasting discount of 20% by using the Kroger promo code on your furniture purchases.

Fathers’ day gifting sale

Father’s day is around the corner, but your preparations shouldn’t be just around the corner when they need to be right in front of you. Kroger again to help you out with its father’s dau gifting sale where you can shop from a wide range of gifts at the best prices with a discount of 20% by using Kroger coupon code .

Baby items sale

Gift your baby only the best with Kroger’s best of baby items sales and get a discount of 10$ on purchasing 40$ and above. Shop more from kroger’s to get more of such discounts by using Kroger promo code.

Fun in the sun sale

 Shop for almost all the summer essentials when they are being made available to you at such incredible discounts just in time. Hurry and shop with fun in this sun in the sun sale that is going on, at kroger’s. Receive a flat discount of 30% on all your purchases.

Cookware sale

 A beautiful set of cookware is also one of the prime reasons that attract people to cook more often, and if you are someone that likes all their kitchen utensils to look simply the best, then this Kroger’s cookware sale is the one in which you should surely participate in. Shop and get a flat discount of 20% kroger coupon code on the Berghoff cookware only on Kroger.

Nutrition sale

Kroger understands the need for nutrition for you than anyone else does. Kroger is here with its nutrition sale to prove its concern where you can get a flat discount of 10$ on purchasing nutritional supplements of 30$ and above.

Kitchen gadgets and barware sale

Update your kitchen more often and your barware with shining glasses with the complete kitchen gadgets and barware sale at Kroger. Get the best deals and save at least 20% by using Kroger promo code on all your purchases.

Save on fitness deal

Maintain your fitness with far lesser spending at the save on fitness deal by krogers. Shop and save on most of the fitness trackers and devices by using kroger’s coupon code.

Toy sale

Lighten up and brighten up your little ones’ days with unlimited toys that they would love to sleep and wake up with. Shop and get the maximum discounts that would surely brighten up your faces as well. Get a flat discount of 30% by using kroger’s coupon code on your toy purchase. 

Storage and preservation sale

Store and preserve food along with discounts that are waiting for you at kroger. Shop for their storage deals and get a discount of 20% by using kroger’s coupon code.

Smart home sale

Make your home a reflection of yourself and smart like you with Kroger’s smart home sale, where you can shop for products that are not only useful but smart enough to help you in maximum ways possible. Shop for such smart items at the kroger’s smart home sale and discount 20%.

Cyber Monday sale

The list of offers and discounts is waiting for you only at kroger’s cyber Monday sale, where you can get almost half the discount that is of 50% by using kroger’s coupon code. Also, get a discount of 20$ on orders of 100$ and more. Avail free shipping on all your orders on cyber Monday only at Kroger.

Kroger’s cream cheese deal

Create the most creamy toppings with Kroger’s cream cheese that you can get at a discount of 0.25$.

Butter sale

Kroger’s buttery sale is here with a buttery discount of 1$ on the purchase of Kroger’s spreadable butter with olive oil.

Chock full o’ nuts

Give yourself a chocolate delight with the chock full o’ nuts pack in the flavored coffee. Save 2 $ on your purchase.

Sicilian pizza deal

Get a flat discount of 1$ on your purchase of two Sicilian pizzas, which are super yummy and delicious to have on your plate.

Kroger mega event sale

Kroger loves to organize some day-to-day events to offer lots of stuff to its customers at a price that is simply unreliable and irresistible to them. These offers include the buy one get one deal and other such offers that are high on savings.

Buy 5 save 5 sale

This one of the kroger buy 5 and get 5 is a deal that you should not be missing at any cost. Participate in this sale event, and on purchase of 5 items, get a discount of 5$ by using the Kroger promo code.

Kroger mid-week deal

Purchase most of Kroger’s listed products at their best prices in the middle of the week at Kroger’s mid-week deal and get a chance to win most of the discounts.

Krogers fresh deals

It’s challenging to arrange for fresh vegetable and fruits daily for its customers but not impossible. Shop for the newest range of groceries at the cropper’s fresh deal at maximum discount. Save up to 15% by using the Kroger promo code.

The berries deal

Get the most fabulous discount on blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries and take them all home with the kroger’s berry discount, which is very, very exciting, to be honest. With a splash of these berries, make your drinks, cakes, and pastries even more lovely and tastier than before. Avail of a discount of 20% by using Kroger coupon code.  Tips to save:
  1. Use the Kroger coupon code to avail of all the discounts just before you check out.
  2. Buy from the Kroger’s clearance sale for items of daily use.
  3. Do not miss kroger’s flash sale for the best deals.
  4. Purchase the freshest groceries and fruits from Kroger’s sales
  5. Kroger’s mid-week sales are the best to grab offers in the middle. 
  6. Get the best of offers and discounts by shopping from Kroger’s cyber Monday sale.
  7. Get an assured 10% discount on first purchase
  8. avail for free shipping on bulk buying. 

Buy five or more, save $1 each.

This time at Kroger, we’re aiming for maximum savings at your favorite online grocery shopping store. We plan to give you the best experience at the lowest prices – and we mean it when we say that! You can take your pick of 5 items at the Kroger online store and mix and match them up, and that’s it! That’s all you have to do to enjoy a bonanza of savings coming your way. Help yourself get your monthly groceries at the lowest price yet – shop at Kroger to get $1 off each item in your cart by putting any five of these items on your checklist. 

GET 20% OFF your First Order: Subscribe to receive a 20% off coupon plus exclusive offers!

It’s time to go organic and healthy by shopping with Vitacost! Have you been thinking about more nutritious, more sustainable choices that are accessible? Look no further than Vitacost – and what’s more, they’re so cheap that it’s almost a no-brainer to elect their products. At Vitacost, you can get 20% OFF your first order! Not only this, if you subscribe to the website by simply entering your email, you’re opening yourself up to a world of exclusive offers that you won’t regret. Be it your vitamin needs, sports nutrition, or simply personal care – get the solution to your worries at Vitacost for a significantly reduced price! With us, the more you buy, the more you will save – and for international customers, we offer the cheapest shipping fee of $10. You won’t find a deal like this anytime soon!

$60 OFF for Home Chef subscription

Ever wanted to make that five-star restaurant meal but don’t consider yourself a professional chef? Well, with Home Chef, we have the solution. We help you set up excellent meals that are easy-to-follow and aren’t riddled with complicated instructions like those you find online. We portion the ingredients for you beforehand to avoid scratching your head away about what product goes where. Not only will the food taste better when you make it yourself, but it also offers you a sense of satisfaction that takeout can rarely give you. What’s more, we’re delivering all this to you at a discount of flat $60 OFF your home chef subscription, which means $15 off your first four orders! We look forward to seeing you blossom as a chef!

$7 S’mores bundle

It’s time for the quintessential American snack with s’mores! Everyone has that one special ingredient while they make s’mores to make it the best. Or if you’re old-school, all you have to do is shove some marshmallows and chocolate in those graham crackers and call it a day. Luckily, no matter what kind of s’more connoisseur you are, we offer you the liberty to get the best prices for your s’mores this season. Now, you can enjoy your favorite family-campfire treat at prices as cheap as below $7 for all those s’mores! We guarantee that this makes the s’mores taste better. Trust us, and we’ve tried. Get those Honey Maid Graham Crackers, some Hershey’s chocolate bars, or Reese’s Peanut butter cups (or both of them, we won’t judge), and those good marshmallows to bring the whole thing together. All this at under $7 because we understand how essential s’mores can be. 


Discounted Price

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups x 6/Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar x 1 $7 (when purchased in the bundle)
Craft Jet-puffed Marshmallows $7 (when purchased in the bundle)
Nabisco Honeymaid Graham Crackers $7 (when purchased in the bundle)

Summer Fuel Event – 2x Fuel Points

What if we told you that you could save money on your fuel costs simply by shopping with us? Sounds too good to be true. Well, it’s entirely true – this summer, you can earn fuel points with every dollar you spend at this store. Not only this, with the 2x Fuel Points System, you can get twice the amount of fuel points that you would typically get by shopping on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Now that’s a deal if you ask us! On all products on the website, you will get twice the amount of fuel points as usual. You can use these points to redeem at any one of our Fuel Centres across the country. The more you shop, the more miles you can get on any of your vehicles. Shop now to avail of these offers!

Buy One Get One on Vitamins

We’re here with some exciting deals on Kroger once again. Would you consider someone who frequently consumes supplements in their daily life? Then this offer is the best one for you yet. Whether it be those caplets, capsules, tablets, soft-gels – or any other form of vitamin supplements that you can think of, we’ve got it all. Not only are they the best quality of vitamin supplements and would go a long way in the betterment of your physical health, but they are at some never-before-seen prices that will excite you for sure! That’s right, with this offer, you can avail a complimentary bottle of supplements with every purchase. This buy one get one offer is sure to make you want to invest in your vitamin supply right away!

Up to 85% on Prescriptions

Have you ever felt like prescriptions and payments and bills are a hassle? Well, we here at Kroger take healthcare seriously – which is why we want to give you the best medical experience possible. Do you find yourself on regular prescription drugs and feel like the price is too steep? Subscribe to Kroger Rx Savings Club, wherein you will find the best deals on your regular meds. The most exciting value is entirely free prescriptions for some of your regular meds and significantly reduced costs for other meds. All this is for your membership at $36 ONLY annually. Or you could purchase a subscription for the whole family at the price of $72 per year. Either way, you would be saving immense amounts of money on your regular medicines. Healthcare shouldn’t be a hassle, and it is especially not so with Kroger Subscription Plan. Trust us, and you’ll probably save more with us than your insurance – which is a pretty big deal. 

Fitness – Spend $30 save $10

This time at Kroger, we’re bringing some fantastic deals to you right at your doorstep. Can’t go to the gym, and you’re stuck inside? Well, don’t worry – we promise it won’t last forever. But until then, what you can do is stock up on those fitness essentials we know you’ve been missing. Be it those nut bars, protein shakes, or protein meals, we’ve got them all for you at Kroger. Trust us, working out at home can be way more rewarding than you previously thought. Not only this, we’ve got all those solutions for digestive health that you have been missing. You get all your favorite fitness and health products at a significantly discounted price – at your purchase of products over $30, prepare yourself for discounts of up to $10. Now we present to you your most-needed products at one of the best discounts you’ve ever seen!

Skincare Spend $12 save $3

It’s time to jazz up that skincare routine with some wholly natural and organic products that will leave your skin glowing. Invest in sheet masks, shampoos, micellar waters, and moisturizers – ultimately herbal products and are made only from the best natural ingredients. But these are made only from the most expensive of components, you might say. Nope, these products come to you at a super-saving discount! On purchases over $12, you can save $3 now, with this fantastic discount we’ve decided to offer. Trust us, and you won’t be able to stop filling up your cart with these great skincare essentials at such a reduced price. Get your skincare needs at Kroger, and watch the difference that natural ingredients can make!

Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day Weekend, we’ve got a special surprise for you in the form of discounts. It’s positively raining deals at Kroger right now. We have all your favorite Memorial Day staples at significantly reduced prices so that we bring the feast to you. Don’t believe us? Check out our Memorial Day discounts flyer for all the fantastic prices that we’re offering to you. Just sit back, relax, and get your best grill game on – we love to see it!
Products Discounted Price
Oscar Myer Meat Hot Dogs BOGO
Fresh Homemade Ground Beef Patties 10 for $10
Home Chef Hardwood Smoked Baby Back Ribs $9.99
Kroger Baby Bella Mushrooms $3.99
Dole Coleslaw  4 for $5
Kroger Potato/Macaroni/Coleslaw Salad $3.99
Heinz Ketchup $2.99
Kroger Brand Back Snacks Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Ball Park Buns BOGO
Bush’s Best Baked or Grillin’ Beans 2 for $4
Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.88
Gatorade  ¢77
Hd Designs Outdoors Novah 5pcs Dining Set $119.99
Chargriller Deluxe Charcoal Grill $129.99

Kroger Rewards World Mastercard

With our rewards program, your shopping experience is made even more accessible. By applying for the Kroger Rewards World Mastercard, you can quickly pay for your products online. With our fuel-saving program, you can get twice the benefits you would usually get – putting the cherry on top of the fuel-saving cake! You can also use your card at any ATM worldwide and enjoy all the benefits that Mastercard users typically have. This one is a definite steal!

4x Fuel Points on Gift Cards

On the purchase of a qualifying Visa or Mastercard gift card, get fuel points like never before. You will be able to redeem these fuel points at any of our fuel centers – and with four times the typical amount of fuel points, you’re going to be saving up on a large amount of fuel this year. Avail of this offer, gift a Kroger gift card to your loved ones and reap the benefits yourself. Now that’s what we refer to as a win-win situation. Happy shopping, and make the best out of your fuel estimates!

15% OFF first Shipped Order with Code SHIP15

Want to get your groceries but are unable to take the time out to get them yourself? Well, we have the solution at Kroger. You can get your grocery favorites with us at a minimal cost – and what’s more, we even offer a discount on your first shipped order! Now, isn’t that exciting? You can enjoy the value of flat 15% OFF on your entire cart value with code SHIP15. Perhaps the biggest win of all – you can enjoy completely free shipping on purchases of $35 or above. You don’t want to miss out on free shipping benefits since we know how pricey it can be. Hurry up and get convenience delivered to your doorstep by shopping with Kroger!

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How much can I save at Kroger?

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Groceries don’t always have to be so mundane. With Kroger, grocery shopping can be as exciting as a day off. We believe that your grocery, healthcare, and food essentials should all be fun - which is why we have some of the best deals available for you. Sit tight and wait for the onslaught of discounts that you won’t be able to get enough of. For your healthcare, fitness, skincare, and grocery essentials, Kroger is the way to go. Bring home your favorite household staples at some fantastic deals and save while you shop! Do you want to prepare an exotic lunch? Or the perfectly seasoned dinner to make your date or get-together nearly perfect! But there is just one thing stopping you from having the perfectly cooked and fabulously arranged meal, and that is the lack of proper ingredients which your nearest supermarket is simply unable to provide. Don’t let any place rob you of this self-cooking joy and instead switch to Kroger, where you can find the best fruits, vegetables, and all the daily home basic stuff with a discount offer. At Kroger's, they have a stock of all the best finds that are direct and fresh farm supplies. Shop from the comfort of your home and create a restaurant-like brunch exclusively for yourself. Be the part of Kroger's events, sales, and discounts to get the maximum benefit of all such things: price, which is almost the bare minimum.

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Article published on: 21 Jan 2019

Last Updated by on: 07 Mar 2023

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