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As the school year approaches, the shopping list for school supplies seems never-ending. But fret not! With online shopping, parents can find great deals on everything from notebooks to backpacks. Here’s a simple guide to help you save while prepping for the school year.

Before we dive deeper, let’s pause for a moment and discuss saving tips

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Back-to-School Shopping Explained!

Back-to-school shopping is when students and parents buy the stuff they need for the upcoming school year. This includes things like school supplies (pens, notebooks, and backpacks), clothes, and sometimes new electronic gadgets like laptops or tablets. It’s a time when stores often have special sales and discounts to help families get ready for the school season. Back-to-school shopping stands as a significant expenditure event for American families, particularly during the summer and early autumn. Here are some statistical insights into back-to-school shopping in 2023:

  1. The total combined planned expenditure for back-to-school and back-to-college in the United States reached a record-high of $135.5 billion.
  2. The average household allocated $890.07 for back-to-school shopping, reflecting a 2.98% increase from the previous year (2022).
  3. The average spending per K-12 student amounted to $597, marking a 10% decrease from 2022.
  4. Leading categories for back-to-school spending included school supplies, apparel, and technology, with school supplies witnessing a notable 20% increase from the previous year (2021).
  5. Online retailers, mass merchants, and department stores emerged as the preferred shopping destinations for back-to-school shoppers, combining the advantages of both online and in-store experiences while leveraging social media.

Back-to-School Shopping Over the Years: How It All Started and Changed

Long ago, people didn’t always have special shopping trips for school. But as time passed, things changed. People began to set aside time to get ready for the new school year. This became known as “back-to-school shopping.” At first, it was simple. Families bought basic things like notebooks, pencils, and maybe a new outfit. As the years went by, back-to-school shopping evolved. More stores started offering deals, and people began to buy not just the basics but also trendy items. Now, back-to-school shopping is a big deal. There are sales everywhere, and you can find everything from backpacks to electronics. It’s a time when students and parents get excited to pick out cool stuff for the upcoming school year.

The Psychology behind Back-to-School Shopping

When it’s time to get ready for the new school year, there are a lot of emotions and thoughts that come into play. For example, buying new stuff like backpacks, notebooks, and clothes can make us feel excited and ready for a fresh start. It’s not just about getting things; it’s about preparing ourselves mentally for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Sometimes, seeing new school supplies or a cool outfit can give us a boost of confidence. It’s like having the right tools and clothes helps us feel more capable and ready to take on whatever comes our way in school. Also, there’s a sense of planning and organization that comes with back-to-school shopping. Choosing the right items is like putting together a puzzle – we want everything to fit just right for the new school adventure. In simpler terms, the psychology behind back-to-school shopping is about how our minds work when we get the things we need for school. It’s not just about buying stuff; it’s about feeling prepared, confident, and ready for the exciting challenges that a new school year brings.

How back-to-school Shopping sales are different from other sales?

Back-to-school sales are a bit special compared to other sales. They happen when the new school year is about to start. During this time, stores offer discounts on things like school supplies, clothes, and sometimes even electronics. The idea is to help students and parents get everything they need for the school year without spending too much money. So, back-to-school sales are a great time to shop for backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and other school stuff at lower prices. It’s like a special sale to make getting ready for school a little easier on your pocket!

The Cultural and Regional Differences of Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping can be different depending on where you live and the culture of that place. Different regions and cultures have their own way of getting ready for the new school year. This means that people might buy different types of school supplies, clothes, or gadgets. For example, in one place, students might need uniforms, while in another, they can wear regular clothes. Understanding these cultural and regional differences helps us see how diverse and unique each back-to-school experience can be. Let’s take a look at how different countries handle their back-to-school expenses:

United States: American families went all out on back-to-school shopping in 2023, spending a whopping $41.5 billion on K-12 education. Looking ahead, statistics predict that combined spending on back-to-school and back-to-college will reach an impressive $189.7 billion by 2028. Interestingly, from 2019 to 2023, spending per child increased by 15%, although adjusting for inflation showed a slight decrease of 3.43%.

United Kingdom: Across the pond, UK families spent £1.48 billion during the back-to-school season in 2017. On average, each child had about £186.49 spent on them, with more than half of this amount going towards clothing and footwear (55%). Supermarkets proved to be the most popular shopping destinations, followed closely by department stores and online retailers.

Canada: In Canada, families shelled out an average of $727 on back-to-school shopping in 2023, seeing an increase from $686 in the previous year. The lion’s share of this spending went to clothing and accessories ($325), followed by school supplies ($122) and electronics ($116). Interestingly, a majority of shoppers (59%) preferred the ease of online shopping, while 41% still opted for the in-store experience.

Australia: Down under, Australian families spent an average of $538 on back-to-school shopping in 2020, slightly down from $584 in 2019. Key purchases included stationery ($108), school shoes ($98), and school bags ($68). Discount department stores proved to be the most popular places to shop, closely followed by specialty stores and online retailers.

India: In India, families allocated an average of Rs 7,000 for back-to-school shopping in 2019, a significant increase from Rs 5,000 in 2018. Main purchases included uniforms ($2,000), books ($1,500), and shoes ($1,000). Local shops were the preferred shopping destinations, followed by online platforms and branded stores.

Brazil: Meanwhile, in Brazil, families spent an average of R$ 494 on back-to-school shopping in 2020, up from R$ 480 in 2019. Core purchases consisted of textbooks ($200), notebooks ($80), and backpacks ($70). Stationery stores proved to be the go-to shopping places, followed by supermarkets and online stores.

Tips to Save on Supplies Online

Top Platforms for Seamless Back-to-School Online Shopping

Engaging in online shopping for back-to-school purposes proves to be a convenient and cost-effective approach to prepare for the upcoming academic year. Whether in need of textbooks, stationery, gadgets, or clothing, a plethora of options and deals are available on the internet. Here are some notable platforms for back-to-school online shopping, based on web search results:

  1. Target: Explore a diverse range of school supplies starting at just 25 cents, and discover incredible deals on apparel, backpacks, and shoes. Additionally, seize the opportunity to stock up on college dorm essentials, including bedding and select home goods at up to 30% off.
  2. Walmart: Renowned for its affordability, Walmart serves as an excellent source for budget-friendly school supplies and dorm accessories. The platform also offers competitive prices on laptops, tablets, printers, and other tech products. Enjoy fast and free delivery for orders exceeding $35, along with various discounts and coupons.
  3. Amazon: Amazon stands as a comprehensive destination for all school essentials, ranging from books and study guides to art supplies and backpacks. Competitive prices are available on laptops, tablets, printers, and other tech products. Prime members benefit from fast and free delivery, along with discounts and coupons.
  4. Muji: Muji, a trusted Japanese label for home and lifestyle products, offers simplicity and value in its aesthetic. Find a variety of stationery, notebooks, pens, organizers, and more at Muji.
  5. Nike:, stemming from the renowned sports goods and sportswear brand, provides a platform to purchase nearly every type of sports requirement online. The site boasts an excellent Returns & Refund Policy and operates in most countries.
  6. Teen Vogue: Beyond being a magazine, Teen Vogue doubles as an online store curating a selection of the best back-to-school shopping stores in 2023. Discover fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and tech products from various brands and categories on Teen Vogue.
  7. Ubuy: Ubuy, an international online shopping store, offers premium and luxury brands and products from the overseas market in India. Shop for clothing, footwear, accessories, electronics, home goods, and more, with worldwide shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Plan Your Back-to-School Shopping List

Before diving into the shopping spree, make a list of required school supplies. From pencils and erasers to calculators and backpacks, jot down everything needed. This list will help you focus on necessary items, preventing impulsive purchases. 📝

School SuppliesEssential Items
NotebooksPens, pencils, erasers
BackpacksCalculators, rulers, geometry sets
LunchboxesArt supplies: crayons, markers, and glue

Hunt for Best School Supply Discounts

Explore online retailers and check for back-to-school discounts and promotions. Many websites offer special deals during this period, including discounts on bulk purchases or free shipping. Keep an eye out for flash sales or promo codes that can slash prices. 💻

Online RetailersDeals and Offers
AmazonBulk discounts, school supplies bundles
WalmartBack-to-school sales, free shipping on certain items
TargetPromo codes, discounts on backpacks and stationery

Utilize Cashback and Rewards Programs

Consider using credit cards or apps with cashback or reward programs when making online purchases. These programs can earn you points or cashback on school supply purchases, allowing savings on future buys or providing additional discounts. 💳

Cashback ProgramsBenefits
Credit Card RewardsCashback or points for future purchases
Retailer Loyalty AppsPoints for discounts or free items on subsequent buys
Cashback WebsitesEarn cashback on purchases through affiliated retailers

Shop Early for Better Deals

Start shopping for school supplies early to take advantage of pre-season sales and avoid last-minute rushes. Many retailers offer better deals and discounts on school supplies in the weeks leading up to the start of the school year. 🕒

Consider Used or Refurbished Items

Explore options for used or refurbished items, especially for expensive electronics like tablets or laptops. Websites or marketplaces often sell these items at significantly lower prices with the assurance of quality. This can be a budget-friendly alternative for tech-savvy students. ♻️

Used/Refurbished ItemsAdvantages
ElectronicsLower prices, quality assurance
TextbooksReduced costs for textbooks or study guides
InstrumentsAffordable musical instruments

Compare Prices and Bundle Offers

Before making a purchase, compare prices across different websites. Some retailers offer bundle deals where buying multiple items together results in extra discounts. Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs when comparing prices. 👜

Comparison and BundlesBenefits
Savings on bundlesExtra discounts when buying multiple items
Price comparisonEnsure the best price for individual items
Shipping costsConsider total cost including shipping fees

Budget Wisely, Shop Smart

Lastly, stick to a budget while shopping for school supplies. Plan your spending and prioritize essential items. Don’t get carried away by tempting deals on non-essential items. Remember, smart shopping ensures savings! 💰

Smart BudgetingTips
Prioritize essentialsAllocate budget to critical supplies
Avoid unnecessary buysStay focused on the required items
Stick to the budgetResist impulse purchases


This back-to-school shopping guide is designed to make the process smoother and more affordable for parents. By following these simple tips, you can find great deals on school supplies online and ensure your child is ready for a successful school year without breaking the bank. Happy shopping!

Back-to-School Shopping TipsBrief Overview
Plan Your Shopping ListMake a list of needed supplies to avoid unnecessary purchases 📝
Hunt for Online DiscountsFind deals on school supplies from various online retailers 💻
Utilize Cashback and RewardsEarn points or cashback for future purchases using loyalty programs 💳
Shop Early for Better DealsTake advantage of pre-season sales to save time and money 🕒
Consider Used or RefurbishedSave on electronics and textbooks by considering used or refurbished options ♻️
Compare Prices and Bundle OffersCompare prices and look for bundle deals to maximize savings 👜
Budget Wisely, Shop SmartStick to a budget and prioritize essential purchases for smarter shopping 💰

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do before starting back-to-school shopping?
Before you begin, make a list of all the things you need, like pencils, notebooks, or a new backpack. This helps you focus on what’s necessary and avoid buying things you don’t need.

Q: Where can I find good deals on school supplies?
You can find great deals online! Websites like Amazon, Walmart, or Target often have discounts and special offers during back-to-school season. Keep an eye out for those.

Q: Are there any ways to save money while shopping online?
Yes, you can use cashback or reward programs from certain credit cards or apps. They give you points or money back for your purchases, so you can save on future buys.

Q: When is the best time to shop for school supplies?
Shopping early, a few weeks before school starts, can get you better deals. Many stores have sales during this time, so you can snag discounts before the rush.

Q: Can I buy used items for school?
Absolutely! You can find used or refurbished electronics, textbooks, or even musical instruments online. They often work well and cost much less.

Q: How can I make sure I’m getting the best price online?
Check different websites to compare prices before you buy. Some stores offer discounts if you buy multiple items together, so keep an eye out for those bundle deals. Also, remember to consider shipping costs when comparing prices.

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