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Prepare for a delightful journey into the world of flowers and savings with Eflorist. In this guide, we will unveil the secrets of Eflorist’s Annual Sale Calendar, share Expert Savings Tips for budget-friendly bouquets, and reveal Exclusive Coupon Codes to sprinkle extra joy on your floral experiences. Whether you’re a floral enthusiast or looking for the perfect bloom for a special moment, Eflorist is your floral companion. Let’s dive into a world where blooms meet savings, and every petal tells a story! 🌺

Before we begin, let’s pause for a moment for saving tips

Celebrate Every Occasion with Eflorist: Discover a World of Beautiful Bouquets with Exclusive Offers Unveiled! Elevate Your Gifting Game using Exclusive Eflorist Coupon Codes for Unbeatable Deals on Fresh and Fragrant Flowers. Seize the Opportunity – Immerse in Floral Elegance.

About Eflorist

Eflorist is a website that provides online flower delivery services, serving customers in the United Kingdom and internationally. It is part of the Euroflorist group, which operates in 12 European countries and collaborates with over 9,700 affiliated florists. Some key information about Eflorist includes:

  1. Euroflorist Group: Eflorist is a part of the Euroflorist group, which is active in 12 European countries and has a network of numerous florists.
  2. Trustpilot Rating: According to Trustpilot, a platform for customer reviews, Eflorist has a rating of 3.5 out of 5. This rating is based on over 200,00 reviews, indicating a generally positive customer satisfaction level.
  3. Market Ranking: A market report by Salience ranks Eflorist as 28th among the top 50 online florist industry leaders in the United Kingdom. This suggests that Eflorist holds a notable position in the online flower delivery market in the UK.
  4. Online Presence: Eflorist has an estimated monthly organic traffic of 17,000, indicating the number of visitors who find the website through search engines. Additionally, it has a domain authority of 51, which is a measure of the website’s credibility and influence on search engines.

Eflorist is an online flower delivery service with a strong presence in the UK and international markets, as part of the Euroflorist group. Its positive Trustpilot rating and market ranking underscore its standing in the online florist industry.

Sale Event Calendar of Eflorist

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
January SaleJanuary 1-31Start the year with beautiful blooms at a discountUp to 20% off selected arrangements. Explore offers
Valentine’s Day FlowersFebruary 1-14Express your love with stunning Valentine’s Day flowers15% off on all Valentine’s Day arrangements. Explore offers
Mother’s Day FlowersMay 1-10Celebrate and honor moms with elegant floral giftsFree delivery on Mother’s Day bouquets. Explore offers
Birthday FlowersOngoingFind the perfect blooms to celebrate birthdays10% off on birthday flower arrangements. Explore offers
Next Day FlowersOngoingLast-minute gifting made easy with next day flower deliverySame-day delivery at no extra cost. Explore offers
International Mother’s DaySecond Sunday in May (varies by country)Send love to moms worldwide with international flower delivery15% off on international Mother’s Day bouquets. Explore offers
Cyber Monday SaleNovember 29Shop online for exclusive deals and discountsCyber Monday special discounts on selected items. Explore offers
Black Friday FlowersNovember 26Enjoy Black Friday savings on floral arrangementsUp to 25% off on Black Friday flower deals. Explore offers
Christmas FlowersDecember 1-25Deck the halls with festive and joyful Christmas flowers10% off on Christmas flower arrangements. Explore offers

Month-Wise Eflorist Sale Dates

Welcome to the dynamic world of the Eflorist Sale Calendar, where savings and shopping prowess converge in a year-round spectacle. These events have become synonymous with significant savings, attracting millions of shoppers globally.

January Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
January SaleJanuary 1-31Start the New Year with a flourish! Our January Sale offers up to 30% off on a curated selection of floral arrangements, from vibrant bouquets to elegant centerpieces. Bring beauty into your home or surprise a loved one with this exclusive discount.Up to 30% off selected arrangements. Explore offers
Get WellOngoingSending get well wishes is made even more special with our curated Get Well collection. Brighten someone’s day with our thoughtfully crafted flower arrangements, now at a 15% discount. Show your care and support with the perfect floral gesture.15% off on get well flower arrangements. Explore offers
Lunar New Year SaleJanuary 20-31Celebrate the Lunar New Year in style! Our special sale features stunning flower arrangements inspired by the festivities. Enjoy 20% off on red-themed bouquets and usher in good luck and prosperity with these vibrant blooms.Red-themed arrangements at 20% off. Explore offers

February Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
Thank You SaleFebruary 1-7Express gratitude with the beauty of flowers! Our Thank You Sale offers a 10% discount on specially curated bouquets designed to convey appreciation and thanks. Make someone’s day brighter with a heartfelt floral gesture.10% off on thank you bouquets. Explore offers
Congratulation SaleFebruary 14-21Celebrate achievements and milestones with our Congratulation Sale. Enjoy 15% off on flower arrangements designed to convey joy and excitement. From graduations to job promotions, say ‘Congratulations’ with the gift of flowers.15% off on congratulation flower arrangements. Explore offers
Valentine SaleFebruary 1-14Love is in the air! Our Valentine Sale offers a special deal of Buy One, Get One 50% off on all Valentine’s Day bouquets. Surprise your special someone with the timeless gift of flowers and spread love this season.Buy one, get one 50% off on Valentine’s bouquets. Explore offers

March Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
St. Patrick’s Day SaleMarch 1-17Go green with savings! Our St. Patrick’s Day Sale features a 17% discount on green-themed flower arrangements. Bring the luck of the Irish into your home or send cheerful green blooms to loved ones.17% off on green-themed arrangements. Explore offers
Easter SaleMarch 15-31Hop into spring with our Easter Sale! Enjoy 20% off on Easter-themed flower arrangements that capture the joy and vibrancy of the season. Share the spirit of renewal and celebration with our delightful bouquets.Easter bouquets at 20% off. Explore offers
Birthday SaleOngoingCelebrate birthdays with our Birthday Sale! Take advantage of a 10% discount on a variety of birthday flower arrangements, each designed to bring joy and smiles to the birthday celebrant.10% off on birthday flower arrangements. Explore offers

April Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
Anniversary SaleApril 1-15Celebrate love and togetherness with our Anniversary Sale. Enjoy 15% off on carefully curated anniversary bouquets designed to express enduring love and commitment. Make the occasion memorable with our floral arrangements.15% off on anniversary bouquets. Explore offers
Valentine Sale 2April 10-14Extend the Valentine’s Day celebration with our Valentine Sale 2. For those who missed the earlier promotion, enjoy an additional 10% off on all Valentine’s Day bouquets. Spread love and joy with our romantic floral arrangements.Additional 10% off on Valentine’s bouquets. Explore offers
Spring GardenApril 20-30Embrace the beauty of spring with our Spring Garden event. Enjoy 20% off on a collection of blooming garden-themed arrangements that capture the essence of the season. Bring the freshness of spring into your home with our vibrant bouquets.20% off on spring garden-themed bouquets. Explore offers

May Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
Mother’s Day SaleMay 1-10Shower moms with love and savings during our Mother’s Day Sale. Enjoy free delivery on all Mother’s Day bouquets, each carefully crafted to convey gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful mothers in our lives.Free delivery on Mother’s Day bouquets. Explore offers
International Mother’s Day SaleMay 10-15Extend your love globally with our International Mother’s Day Sale. Enjoy 15% off on international Mother’s Day bouquets, specially designed to reach and celebrate moms around the world.15% off on international Mother’s Day bouquets. Explore offers
Spring MorningMay 15-25Wake up to the beauty of spring with our Spring Morning event. Enjoy 10% off on floral arrangements inspired by the freshness and vibrancy of the morning. Start the day with the beauty of blooming flowers.10% off on spring morning arrangements. Explore offers

June Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
Midnight SaleJune 5-10Shop late and save with our Midnight Sale! Enjoy a 20% discount on selected arrangements, available exclusively during the late hours. Make your nights more beautiful with our carefully curated bouquets.20% off on selected arrangements. Explore offers
Wild BloomsJune 15-25Embrace the untamed beauty of nature with our Wild Blooms event. Enjoy 15% off on bouquets inspired by the wild and free spirit of blooming flowers. Bring the outdoors inside with our vibrant and natural arrangements.15% off on wild bloom bouquets. Explore offers
Summer SolsticeJune 21Celebrate the longest day of the year with our Summer Solstice event. Enjoy a special offer of a free vase with the purchase of selected summer solstice-themed bouquets. Make the most of the season with our radiant floral arrangements.Free vase with summer solstice bouquets. Explore offers

July Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
Radiance OffersJuly 1-15Illuminate your surroundings with our Radiance Offers. Enjoy 25% off on arrangements designed to bring radiance and joy into any space. Brighten up your home or send a luminous gift to someone special.25% off on radiance-themed arrangements. Explore offers
Father’s Day SaleJuly 10-15Honor fathers with our Father’s Day Sale. Enjoy 15% off on specially curated Father’s Day bouquets designed to express love and appreciation for dads. Make the day memorable with the gift of flowers.15% off on Father’s Day bouquets. Explore offers
Summer FairytaleJuly 20-30Step into a fairytale with our Summer Fairytale event. Enjoy 20% off on enchanting floral arrangements that capture the magic of summer. Create your own storybook moment with our fairytale-themed bouquets.20% off on fairytale-themed bouquets. Explore offers

August Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
Sunrise OffersAugust 1-10Welcome the day with our Sunrise Offers. Enjoy a 15% discount on arrangements inspired by the beauty of sunrise. Start your mornings with the freshness and radiance of our specially curated bouquets.15% off on sunrise arrangements. Explore offers
Back-to-School SaleAugust 15-25Gear up for the new school year with our Back-to-School Sale. Enjoy 20% off on flower arrangements designed to inspire and motivate. Make the transition back to school special with our vibrant bouquets.20% off on back-to-school arrangements. Explore offers
Serenity OffersAugust 20-31Find peace and serenity in our Serenity Offers. Enjoy 10% off on arrangements designed to bring tranquility and calmness into your space. Elevate your surroundings with the beauty of serene floral bouquets.10% off on serenity-themed bouquets. Explore offers

September Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
Just for MumSeptember 1-7Express your love “Just for Mum” with our special offers. Enjoy a free personalized card with the purchase of Mum-themed bouquets, designed to convey love and appreciation to moms everywhere.Free personalized card with Mum-themed bouquets. Explore offers
Celebration DealsSeptember 10-20Celebrate special moments with our Celebration Offers. Enjoy up to 25% off on carefully curated flower arrangements designed for various occasions. Make every moment memorable with the perfect floral gesture.Up to 25% off on celebration-themed bouquets. Explore offers
Flowers for All SeasonsSeptember 15-30Explore a variety of blooms suitable for all seasons with our Flowers for All Seasons event. Enjoy 15% off on bouquets that capture the essence of each season. Bring the beauty of nature into your home year-round.15% off on Flowers for All Seasons bouquets. Explore offers

October Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
Winter WonderlandOctober 1-15Immerse yourself in the magic of winter with our Winter Wonderland event. Enjoy 20% off on bouquets that capture the enchantment and beauty of the winter season. Create a cozy and festive atmosphere with our winter-themed arrangements.20% off on winter wonderland bouquets. Explore offers
Moonlight OffersOctober 10-20Experience the beauty of the night with our Moonlight Offers. Enjoy 15% off on arrangements inspired by the moonlit sky. Create a serene and romantic ambiance with our carefully curated moonlight-themed bouquets.15% off on moonlight-themed arrangements. Explore offers
Happy Birthday FlowersOctober 25-31Celebrate October birthdays with our Happy Birthday Flowers event. Enjoy 10% off on a variety of birthday flower arrangements designed to bring joy and smiles to the birthday celebrant.10% off on birthday flower bouquets. Explore offers

November Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
Festive FloralsNovember 1-15Get into the festive spirit with our Festive Florals event. Enjoy 25% off on bouquets that capture the warmth and joy of the holiday season. Deck your halls and spread festive cheer with our carefully curated festive floral arrangements.25% off on festive floral bouquets. Explore offers
Luxury Flowers OffersNovember 10-20Indulge in luxury with our Luxury Flowers Offers. Enjoy 30% off on premium flower arrangements designed to add an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to any occasion. Elevate your gifting experience with our luxurious bouquets.30% off on luxury flower bouquets. Explore offers
Halloween SaleOctober 31-November 5Embrace the spooktacular season with our Halloween Sale. Enjoy 20% off on Halloween-themed flower arrangements that add a touch of bewitching charm to your celebrations. Make Halloween extra special with our spooktacular bouquets.20% off on Halloween bouquets. Explore offers

December Month Sales & Offers

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
Winter DazeDecember 1-15Get lost in the beauty of winter with our Winter Daze event. Enjoy 15% off on bouquets that capture the dreamy and enchanting aspects of the winter season. Create a cozy and whimsical atmosphere with our winter daze-themed arrangements.15% off on winter daze bouquets. Explore offers
Thank You MumDecember 10-20Express gratitude to moms with our Thank You Mum event. Enjoy free delivery on Thank You Mum bouquets, specially designed to convey appreciation and love to moms. Make their day brighter with our heartfelt floral arrangements.Free delivery on Thank You Mum bouquets. Explore offers
Black Friday SaleDecember 15-25Spread Black Friday cheer with our Black Friday Sale event. Enjoy 20% off on bouquets that capture the festive spirit of the holiday season. Deck your halls and send joyous wishes with our carefully curated Black Friday-themed arrangements.20% off on Black Friday bouquets. Explore offers
Christmas Spirit SaleDecember 25-31Wrap up the year with our Christmas Sale! Enjoy up to 30% off on a variety of Christmas-themed flowers, from festive bouquets to elegant centerpieces. Celebrate the season and share the gift of flowers with your loved ones.Up to 30% off on Christmas sale items. Explore offers

Expert Saving Tips Guide Eflorist

Here’s an expert saving tips guide for Eflorist:

  1. Use Coupon Codes or Voucher Codes:
    • Look for coupon codes or voucher codes to get extra savings on your orders. Websites like Askmeoffers often have valid codes.
    • Example: Use the code WELCOME1012 to get 10% off your first order.
  2. Explore the Offers Section:
    • Visit the offers section on Eflorist to find reduced prices and free delivery on selected bouquets.
    • Use filters, including price range, to discover the best deals that fit your budget.
  3. Join the Eflorist Rewards Club:
    • Become a member of the Eflorist rewards club to enjoy exclusive offers, earn loyalty points, and receive free gifts.
    • Accumulate points with every purchase and redeem them for discounts on future orders.
  4. Sign Up for the Eflorist Newsletter:
    • Subscribe to the Eflorist newsletter and receive a 10% discount on your next order.
    • Stay updated on new products, promotions, and competitions through regular newsletters.
  5. Follow Eflorist on Social Media:
    • Connect with Eflorist on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    • Keep an eye out for flash sales, giveaways, and exclusive discount codes shared on these platforms.

By incorporating these expert saving tips, you can maximize your savings and make the most of discounts, loyalty programs, and special offers provided by Eflorist. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to send flowers, these strategies can help you get the best value for your money.

Top Categories Available on Eflorist

Eflorist offers a variety of categories to cater to different preferences and occasions. Here are the top categories available on Eflorist:

  1. Occasions: Eflorist provides a range of flowers for various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, thank you messages, expressions of sympathy, get well wishes, and celebrations for new babies.
  2. Flowers: Under the Flowers category, you can explore a diverse selection of flowers categorized by type. This includes popular choices such as roses, lilies, orchids, sunflowers, carnations, and more. You also have the option to filter your search based on color, price range, and seasonal availability.
  3. Plants: Eflorist offers a variety of plants for those who prefer greenery. Options include orchids, peace lilies, succulents, bonsai, and more. Plants can be selected based on occasion, price range, and the type of pot they come in.
  4. Hampers: For those looking for more than just flowers or plants, Eflorist provides hampers filled with goodies. These hampers may include chocolates, wine, cheese, fruits, and other treats. You can choose hampers based on the occasion, recipient, and price range.

These categories allow customers to easily find and select the perfect floral arrangements or gifts based on their specific needs, whether it’s for a special occasion or a personal preference for flowers, plants, or hampers.

Most Popular Flowers on Eflorist

Eflorist offers a variety of popular flower arrangements for different occasions. Here are some most popular flowers offered by Eflorist:

  • Description: This classic bouquet combines roses and lilies in shades of pink, white, and red. Roses are often associated with love and passion, while lilies symbolize purity and renewal. The combination creates a timeless and elegant arrangement.
  • Meaning: The bouquet conveys emotions of love, admiration, and purity. It’s suitable for a wide range of occasions, including romantic gestures, anniversaries, or expressions of appreciation.
  • Description: Serenity features a mix of pink and cream roses, chrysanthemums, and spray carnations, adorned with delicate foliage. The color palette and flower selection create a calming and beautiful composition.
  • Meaning: The name suggests a tranquil and peaceful vibe. This arrangement is ideal for occasions where a sense of calm and beauty is desired, such as sympathy gestures, birthdays, or moments of reflection.
  • Description: A lively and colorful bouquet featuring purple alstroemeria and carnations, orange germini and roses, and cerise roses. The combination of vibrant hues evokes a sense of warmth and joy.
  • Meaning: “Winter Daze” brings a burst of energy and happiness. It’s perfect for winter celebrations, birthdays, or any event where cheerful and vibrant flowers are appreciated.
  • Description: A classic white arrangement with fragrant white oriental lilies, white roses, and alstroemeria, complemented by fresh seasonal foliage. The overall design exudes elegance and sophistication.
  • Meaning: White flowers often symbolize purity and innocence, while oriental lilies carry a fragrance associated with refined beauty. This arrangement is suitable for formal events, weddings, or to convey a sense of purity and grace.
  • Description: A crisp and bright bouquet featuring yellow roses and white freesia. The combination of yellow and white creates a refreshing and sunny appearance.
  • Meaning: Yellow roses are often associated with joy, friendship, and positive energy. This bouquet is perfect for bringing warmth to various occasions, including celebrations, get-well wishes, or expressions of happiness.

Each flower arrangement from Eflorist is carefully crafted to convey specific emotions and suit different occasions. The choice of flowers, colors, and styles adds a thoughtful touch to the messages they carry, making them appropriate for a variety of events and sentiments.

Journey of Eflorist

The journey of Eflorist traces back to its establishment in 1947 in Hampshire, England, under the name British Teleflower Service. It started as a family-owned company with a vision to facilitate the delivery of flowers across the UK and internationally by partnering with local florists. In 1978, the company underwent a significant change by rebranding itself as Teleflorist and adopting a dove symbol as its emblem. This period marked a transformation in the brand’s identity. The founders of Eflorist, Peter Jungbeck and Lars Hedberg, who played pivotal roles in its evolution, also established the Euroflorist group in Sweden in 1982.

The Euroflorist group, which later became a key player in the global flower delivery industry, boasts partnerships with over 54,000 local flower shops. In 2009, Eflorist underwent another rebranding, adopting the name Eflorist and introducing a digital ordering system to keep up with the evolving trends in technology and consumer preferences. A significant milestone occurred in 2010 when Eflorist joined the Euroflorist group. This strategic move not only strengthened its position in the market but also facilitated the expansion of its global reach, allowing it to connect with a broader audience.

Merits and Demerits of Buying from Eflorist

Merits (Advantages) of Buying from EfloristDemerits (Disadvantages) of Buying from Eflorist
1. Wide Selection: Eflorist offers a diverse range of flowers and floral arrangements, providing customers with various options.1. Delivery Charges: Some customers may find the delivery charges associated with Eflorist to be relatively high, impacting the overall cost of the purchase.
2. Convenient Ordering: The platform allows users to conveniently order flowers online, making it accessible and easy for customers.2. Quality Concerns: There have been occasional reports of customers receiving flowers that did not meet their expectations in terms of freshness or quality.
3. International Delivery: Eflorist facilitates international flower delivery, allowing customers to send flowers to loved ones across borders.3. Delivery Issues: Some customers have reported issues related to late deliveries or flowers not arriving on the specified date.
4. Occasion-Specific Arrangements: Eflorist provides floral arrangements tailored to different occasions, making it easy for customers to find suitable gifts.4. Limited Add-Ons: Compared to some competitors, Eflorist may have a more limited selection of add-ons such as chocolates or balloons.
5. Customer Reviews and Ratings: Potential buyers can benefit from reading customer reviews and ratings to gauge the satisfaction levels of previous customers.5. Customer Service: A few customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service, citing issues with responsiveness and problem resolution.
6. Discounts and Promotions: Eflorist often offers discounts and promotions, providing cost savings for customers during certain periods.6. Substitution Policy: Some customers have experienced instances where the delivered flowers were substituted for different ones without prior notice.

Our Verdict on Eflorist

As we wrap up this blooming guide, remember that Eflorist is not just about flowers; it’s about crafting moments, expressing love, and making memories. With the Annual Sale Calendar, Expert Savings Tips, and Exclusive Coupon Codes, your floral experiences are destined to be not only beautiful but budget-friendly too. Whether it’s surprising a loved one or simply brightening your day, Eflorist stands as your floral companion. The fragrance of savings, the joy of free chocolates, and the legacy of 76 years—each bloom is a testament to Eflorist’s commitment to making every moment special. So, let your savings blossom, your moments flourish, and may your journey with Eflorist be forever in full bloom! 🌺

Frequently Asked Questions 

When does Eflorist usually have its Annual Sales?
Eflorist hosts Annual Sales at various times throughout the year, aligning with special occasions and floral festivities. Keep an eye on the Annual Sale Calendar for exciting dates.

How can I make my floral experiences more budget-friendly?
To make your floral experiences budget-friendly, consider opting for blooms in season, exploring subscription services for continuous savings, and keeping an eye on Exclusive Coupon Codes for extra discounts.

Are there specific bouquets for different occasions at Eflorist?
Absolutely! Eflorist offers a diverse collection of bouquets crafted for various occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries. Explore their collection to find the perfect bloom for your special moments.

How does Eflorist ensure the freshness of their bouquets during delivery?
Eflorist ensures freshness through tracked courier delivery. Your bouquets are carefully crafted and sent via a tracked courier service, guaranteeing that they reach your doorstep as vibrant as when they were picked.

Is there an extra treat with Eflorist’s courier bouquets?
Yes, indeed! Every courier bouquet from Eflorist comes with a sweet bonus—free chocolates! It’s a delightful add-on to make your floral gift even more special.

What makes Eflorist a trusted name in the floral industry?
Eflorist boasts 76 years of floral excellence, establishing itself as a trusted global provider of beautiful blooms. The legacy of trust and expertise has made Eflorist a go-to destination for floral joy worldwide.

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