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Step into a world where style meets savings as we unveil the secrets of, I Saw It First’s annual sale calendar, share expert tips for smart shopping, and reveal exclusive coupon codes that add a touch of magic to your fashion journey. Whether you’re a seasoned fashionista or a trend enthusiast, get ready for an adventure where every click brings you closer to stylish delights and pocket-friendly finds. Let’s embark on this fashionable ride with I Saw It First! 🛍️💃

Before we dive deeper, let’s pause for a moment and discuss saving tips

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What is I Saw It First?

Saw It First is an online retail store that operates in the United Kingdom, specializing in the sale of women’s and men’s fashion. This online platform allows customers to browse and purchase a variety of clothing items through the internet. The website’s performance is measured by several key statistics:

  1. Global Rank (#83,331): This indicates the website’s popularity on a global scale. A lower number suggests a higher level of popularity.
  2. Country Rank in the UK (#3,194): This reflects the website’s popularity specifically in the United Kingdom. Again, a lower number indicates a higher rank within the country.
  3. Category Rank in Fashion and Apparel in the UK (#202): This shows how the website ranks within the specific category of Fashion and Apparel in the UK. A lower number suggests a higher ranking in that category.
  4. Total Visits (578.9K): This represents the total number of visits to the website, indicating its overall traffic.
  5. Bounce Rate (44.03%): This percentage represents the proportion of visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. A lower bounce rate generally indicates better engagement.
  6. Pages Per Visit (4.80): This is the average number of pages a visitor views during a single session on the website. A higher number suggests more extensive exploration.
  7. Average Visit Duration (00:03:59): This indicates the average amount of time visitors spend on the website during each session.

These statistics collectively provide insights into the website’s popularity, its performance in comparison to other websites globally and in the UK, and user engagement metrics that reflect how visitors interact with the platform.

Sale Event Calendar of I Saw It First

Event NameDate RangeDescriptionDiscounts
New Year’s SaleJanuary 1 – January 15Kick off the year with style!Up to 50% off selected items
Valentine’s Day SaleFebruary 1 – February 14Find the perfect gift for your loved onesBuy One, Get One 50% off on select items
Men’s SaleMarch 1 – March 15Exclusive deals for men’s fashionExtra 30% off on men’s collection
Spring SaleMarch 20 – April 10Embrace the season with fresh stylesUp to 40% off on spring fashion
Summer SaleJune 1 – June 30Beat the heat with hot discountsSummer essentials starting at $10
The Big Winter SaleDecember 1 – December 31Stay cozy with big winter savingsClearance up to 60% off
Halloween SaleOctober 15 – October 31Spooktacular fashion at frighteningly good pricesScary-good deals on costumes and accessories
Black Friday SaleNovember 23 – November 30Shop till you drop with Black Friday madnessDoorbuster deals and up to 70% off
Christmas SaleDecember 15 – December 25Unwrap the joy of holiday discountsFestive offers on gifts and more

Ultimate Shopping Guide for I Saw It First

Here’s an ultimate shopping guide for I Saw It First:

  1. Explore the Website: Visit the official website of I Saw It First to browse through their latest collections. The site is likely organized by categories such as Women’s, Men’s, Accessories, etc.
  2. Sign Up for an Account: Consider creating an account on the platform. This allows you to track your orders, save favorite items, and receive updates on promotions and sales.
  3. Browse Collections: Check out the various collections available, including seasonal trends, new arrivals, and specific categories like dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories.
  4. Size Guides: Make sure to consult the size guides provided for each product. This helps ensure that you select the right size for a comfortable fit.
  5. Check Product Descriptions: Read product descriptions to understand materials, care instructions, and other details. This ensures you know what to expect when your order arrives.
  6. Filter and Sort: Use the website’s filtering and sorting options to narrow down your search based on size, color, price range, and other preferences.
  7. Sale and Promotions: Keep an eye on the sale section and promotions for potential discounts. I Saw It First may offer special deals or discounts during specific times of the year.
  8. Reviews and Ratings: If available, read customer reviews and ratings for products you’re interested in. This can provide insights into the quality and satisfaction of previous buyers.
  9. Shipping Information: Review the shipping information, including delivery times and costs. Check if there are any promotions or offers related to shipping.
  10. Return Policy: Familiarize yourself with the return policy. Understand the conditions for returns, exchanges, and refunds in case the purchased items are not satisfactory.
  11. Customer Service: Save the customer service contact information. Reach out if you have any questions or issues with your order.
  12. Follow on Social Media: Follow I Saw It First on social media platforms for updates on new arrivals, promotions, and fashion inspiration.
  13. Payment Options: Check the available payment options. Ensure that your preferred payment method is accepted.
  14. Track Your Order: After making a purchase, use the order tracking feature to monitor the status and estimated delivery date of your items.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your shopping experience on I Saw It First, staying informed about promotions, selecting the right sizes, and ensuring a smooth overall shopping process.

Top 5 Features of I Saw It First

  1. Trendy Fashion Variety: I Saw It First offers a wide range of trending clothing and fashion items, from laid-back basics to party dresses.
  2. Flexible Payment Options: Experience the convenience of shopping with the “Buy Now, Pay Later” option, providing flexible payment choices.
  3. Rewarding Shopping Program: Earn rewards with every purchase through I Saw It First’s shopping program, adding value to your fashion endeavors.
  4. Diverse Fashion Categories: Explore a vast collection across categories including dresses, denim, bottoms, tops, outerwear, and footwear, ensuring a comprehensive shopping experience.
  5. Affordable Deals and New Arrivals: Discover budget-friendly options in the sale section, with items priced at £3, £5, or under £10. Stay in vogue with their latest arrivals, featuring shoes, boots, bags, and beauty products.

Safety Tips While Shopping on I Saw It First

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while shopping on I Saw It First:

  1. Secure Connection: Make sure you are using a secure and private internet connection, especially when entering personal and payment information. Avoid using public Wi-Fi for sensitive transactions.
  2. Official Website: Always access I Saw It First through its official website. Be cautious of phishing attempts and avoid clicking on suspicious links or responding to unsolicited emails.
  3. Check Website Security: Look for “https://” in the website URL and a padlock symbol in the address bar. This indicates that the website uses secure encryption to protect your data.
  4. Create Strong Passwords: Use a unique and strong password for your I Saw It First account. A strong password typically includes a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  5. Keep Software Updated: Ensure that your device’s operating system, browser, and antivirus software are up to date. Regular updates often include security patches.
  6. Read Reviews: Before making a purchase, read customer reviews about the product and the overall shopping experience. This can provide valuable insights into the quality of items and the reliability of the online store.
  7. Beware of Scams: Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. Scammers often use attractive offers to lure unsuspecting shoppers. Verify the legitimacy of promotions and discounts.
  8. Use Trusted Payment Methods: Preferably, use secure and reputable payment methods. Credit cards and trusted payment gateways often provide additional layers of security and fraud protection.
  9. Review Return and Refund Policies: Familiarize yourself with I Saw It First’s return and refund policies. Understand the terms and conditions, especially regarding product returns and exchanges.
  10. Monitor Your Accounts: Regularly check your bank and credit card statements for any unauthorized transactions. Report any discrepancies to your financial institution immediately.
  11. Keep Confirmation Emails: Save order confirmation emails and receipts. They serve as proof of purchase and can be helpful for tracking orders and resolving issues.

By following these safety tips, you can enhance your security and reduce the risk of encountering problems while shopping on I Saw It First.

Saving Strategies on I Saw It First

Here are some tips that can help you save money when shopping on I Saw It First:

  1. Sign Up for Newsletters: Subscribe to I Saw It First’s newsletters to receive updates on promotions, discounts, and special offers. Many online retailers provide exclusive deals to subscribers.
  2. Join the student discount program. If you are a student, you can join the student discount program and get 50% off everything on I Saw It First. You just need to verify your student status with Student Beans or UNiDAYS and get your unique code to use at checkout. You can also enjoy free next day delivery on orders over £10.
  3. Seasonal Sales and Clearance Events: Keep an eye out for seasonal sales, holiday promotions, or clearance events. These are times when retailers often offer significant discounts on various items.
  4. Follow on Social Media: Follow I Saw It First on social media platforms. Retailers often announce flash sales or exclusive discounts on their social media channels.
  5. Refer a friend and get rewarded. I Saw It First has a refer-a-friend program that allows you to earn rewards for inviting your friends to shop on the website. You can get £10 off your next order when you refer a friend who spends over £20 on their first order. Your friend will also get 50% off their first order. You can refer as many friends as you want and earn more rewards.
  6. Wait for Sales Events: If there’s a particular item you want but it’s not urgent, consider waiting for major sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, where retailers often offer substantial discounts.
  7. Compare Prices: Before making a purchase, compare prices on I Saw It First with other online retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Keep in mind shipping costs and delivery times as well.
  8. Use Cashback Services: Consider using cashback services or credit cards that offer cashback rewards. This way, you can get a percentage of your purchase amount back as cashback.

Remember to always check the terms and conditions of any promotions or discounts to ensure you meet the requirements for eligibility. Additionally, be mindful of return policies and shipping costs to make informed decisions that align with your budget.

Top Categories Available on I Saw It First

On I Saw It First, you can explore a diverse range of fashion categories to suit various styles and occasions:

  1. Dresses: I Saw It First offers a wide variety of dresses suitable for different occasions and seasons. This includes mini, midi, and maxi dresses, as well as shirt, wrap, and smock dresses. You can also browse by color, print, or style, such as floral, animal, or polka dot.
  2. Tops: The store provides an extensive collection of tops for every outfit and mood. This encompasses bodysuits, crop tops, t-shirts, blouses, and sweaters. You can refine your search by fit, such as oversized, slim, or fitted, and by occasion, such as casual, party, or work.
  3. Bottoms: I Saw It First offers a selection of bottoms to complement different looks. This includes jeans, joggers, leggings, shorts, and skirts. You can further narrow down your choices by style, such as denim, leather, or knit, and by trend, such as ripped, frayed, or distressed.
  4. Outerwear: The platform features a range of outerwear suitable for various weather conditions and seasons. This includes jackets, coats, blazers, and cardigans. You can refine your search based on material, such as faux fur, wool, or cotton, and by type, such as puffer, bomber, or trench.
  5. Footwear: I Saw It First presents a diverse selection of footwear for different occasions and outfits. This includes boots, heels, flats, trainers, and sandals. You can customize your search by color, size, or style, such as chunky, strappy, or lace-up.

I Saw It First provides a comprehensive shopping experience with a wide range of options in dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, and footwear, allowing customers to find trendy and affordable pieces that suit their preferences and styles.

Journey of I Saw It First

The journey of I Saw It First began in 2017 when it was founded by Jalal Kamani, a key figure in the success of Boohoo and the brother of Boohoo co-founder Mahmud Kamani. Jalal Kamani, who had previously served as the trading director at Boohoo, played a pivotal role in the early stages of I Saw It First. The company, officially registered as I SAW IT FIRST Ltd in England and Wales under company number 10781311, quickly gained traction in the digital landscape, boasting a user base of over 5 million consumers. With a focus on fast-fashion, I Saw It First targeted shoppers under the age of 30, offering affordable and trendy clothing pieces.

In a significant development, the company was acquired by Frasers Group in July 2023, although the exact amount of the acquisition was not disclosed. Frasers Group, a prominent British retail group, owns several well-known brands, including Sports Direct, House of Fraser, Flannels, and Jack Wills. Following the acquisition, there were notable changes in the leadership of I Saw It First, with Jalal Kamani and other executives stepping down from their roles in the company. The acquisition by Frasers Group marked a new chapter in I Saw It First’s journey, bringing it under the umbrella of a larger retail conglomerate with diverse brand holdings.

Merits and Demerits of Buying from I Saw It First

Merits (Advantages)Demerits (Disadvantages)
1. Trendy Fashion: I Saw It First offers a wide range of trendy and fashionable clothing items.1. Quality Concerns: Some customers may experience issues with the quality of the products received.
2. Online Convenience: Shopping can be done conveniently from the comfort of your home through their online platform.2. Sizing Issues: Occasionally, customers may face challenges with sizing discrepancies.
3. Variety of Choices: The store provides a diverse selection of clothing options for both men and women.3. Delivery Delays: Some customers may encounter delays in the delivery of their orders.
4. Competitive Prices: Prices may be competitive compared to other fashion retailers.4. Customer Service: Customer service experiences may vary, and some customers may encounter challenges in resolving issues.
5. Promotions and Discounts: Periodic promotions and discounts may be available, providing cost-saving opportunities.5. Limited Physical Presence: As an online store, there is no physical store presence for in-person shopping.

Our Verdict on I Saw It First

As we wrap up our journey through I Saw It First’s world of annual delights, it’s clear that this isn’t just a fashion store; it’s a playground of style where savings meet chic choices. The annual sale calendar, expert tips, and exclusive coupon codes make I Saw It First more than a shopping destination; it’s a partner in curating your wardrobe with flair. Whether you’re eyeing winter-ready styles, denim delights, or glamorous dresses, I Saw It First has crafted an annual extravaganza tailored to your style cravings. So, as you dive into this fashion adventure, remember – I Saw It First isn’t just about clothes; it’s about expressing your unique style while enjoying savvy savings. Happy styling and saving with I Saw It First!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does I Saw It First host its annual sales, and what can I expect during these events?
I Saw It First hosts annual sales throughout the year, each featuring unique themes and discounts on trendy clothing, from winter-ready styles to summer fashion, providing a variety of savings for fashion enthusiasts.

How can I make the most of I Saw It First’s annual sales for maximum savings?
To maximise savings during I Saw It First’s annual sales, consider subscribing to newsletters for exclusive alerts, exploring bundled deals, and utilising earned rewards for additional discounts.

How can I use exclusive coupon codes for extra discounts at I Saw It First?
Exclusive coupon codes for extra discounts can be used during checkout in the apply coupon code section on I Saw It First’s website.

What sets I Saw It First’s fashion collection apart, and can I find a variety of styles?
I Saw It First’s fashion collection stands out with a diverse range of styles, from laid-back basics to show-stopping party dresses. Whether you’re seeking wardrobe staples or statement pieces, I Saw It First has a curated selection for every style preference.

Is the ‘Pay Later’ option convenient, and how does it work for shoppers?
Yes, the ‘Pay Later’ option at I Saw It First adds convenience to your shopping experience. It allows you to enjoy the latest trends without immediate payments, providing flexibility and ease in managing your fashion budget.

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