As businesses increasingly rely on online platforms, the importance of a dependable web hosting provider cannot be overstated. Over the past three years, we’ve witnessed firsthand the excellence of InMotion’s hosting services, diving deep into its performance, reliability, and support. Let’s discover what sets them apart in the competitive world of web hosting.

About InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a trusted name in the world of web hosting, renowned for its commitment to providing reliable and high-performance services. Founded in 2001, the company has since grown to become a leading player in the industry, serving businesses and individuals alike. Whether you’re a small business looking to establish an online presence or a large corporation in need of robust hosting infrastructure, InMotion Hosting has the expertise and resources to support you every step of the way.

HeadquartersVirginia Beach, Virginia, United States
IndustryWeb Hosting
FounderTodd Robinson and Sunil Saxena
Hosting ServicesShared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting
Customer Support24/7/365 via phone and live chat. Extensive knowledge base and community support forums.
Security MeasuresFree SSL certificates, DDoS protection, automatic backups, malware protection, and advanced server security protocols.
Data CentersMultiple data centers with redundancy and high-speed connectivity.

Key Features of InMotion Hosting

Having a robust web hosting service is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. InMotion Hosting stands out as a trusted ally in this realm, offering a range of features designed to make your online journey smooth and successful. Here are the key features that set InMotion Hosting apart from the rest:

  1. Quick Onboarding: InMotion Hosting prioritizes ease of use, allowing users to get started with their web hosting, domain, email, and other services within minutes. This rapid onboarding process ensures minimal downtime and quick deployment of websites and applications.
  2. 24/7 U.S.-Based Support: Customers benefit from round-the-clock support provided by a team of experts based in the United States. This ensures timely assistance and resolution of any issues or queries that may arise, regardless of the time zone.
  3. Complete Server Solutions: InMotion Hosting offers comprehensive server solutions, enabling users to host their applications, build custom stacks, and select their preferred control panel and operating system. This flexibility allows for tailored hosting environments to suit specific requirements.
  4. Flexible Billing: With flexible billing options, users can choose terms and plans that align with their needs and budgetary constraints. Additionally, the ability to change plans at any time provides scalability as businesses grow or requirements evolve.
  5. Dedicated to Security: In an increasingly digitized world, security is paramount. InMotion Hosting is dedicated to monitoring and defending websites from online threats, ensuring the safety and integrity of hosted data and applications. Robust security measures help mitigate risks and safeguard against cyberattacks.

Pros and Cons of InMotion Hosting

✅ Fast page loading time❌ Servers are located in the US only
✅ Very stable and reliable host❌ A bit expensive
✅ Up to 90-day money-back guarantee❌ Automated backups are an extra charge
✅ Excellent customer support 24/7❌ Limited server locations can affect global reach
✅ Wide range of hosting optionsN/A
✅ Free SSL certificatesN/A

Looking to save some bucks on your web hosting?

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Plans and Features 4.5/5⭐

When it comes to hosting your website, choosing the right provider is crucial. InMotion Hosting stands out in the crowded field of web hosting companies, offering a range of plans tailored to suit various needs and budgets. Let’s take a closer look at the plans and features offered by InMotion Hosting.

Shared Hosting Plans

InMotion Hosting’s shared hosting plans cater to individuals and small businesses alike. With options like Core, Launch, Power, and Pro, there’s something for everyone. Starting at just $2.29 per month, the Core plan provides excellent value with features like free SSL, 2 websites, 100GB SSD storage, and more. As you scale up, you can enjoy benefits such as unlimited websites, increased performance, and advanced marketing tools.

Plan NameCoreLaunchPowerPro
Price$2.29/mo (was $8.99)$4.99/mo (was $11.99)$8.99/mo (was $15.99)$12.99/mo (was $22.99)
Free SSL
SSD Storage100GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SecuritySecurity SuiteSecurity SuiteSecurity SuiteSecurity Suite
MarketingMarketing ToolsMarketing ToolsAdvanced Caching, Marketing ToolsAdvanced Caching, Marketing Tools
SupportLive ChatLive ChatLive Phone, ChatPro Support SLA, Live Phone, Chat

VPS Hosting Plans

For those in need of more power and control, InMotion Hosting offers VPS hosting plans. With configurations ranging from 4GB to 32GB RAM, these plans provide dedicated resources for optimal performance. Starting at $14.99 per month, you can get features like dedicated IPs, DDoS protection, and a choice of control panel. Whether you’re running a small website or a complex application, InMotion Hosting’s VPS plans offer flexibility and scalability.

Price$14.99/mo (was $44.99)$24.99/mo (was $71.99)$34.99/mo (was $91.99)$44.99/mo (was $111.99)$54.99/mo (was $148.99)$64.99/mo (was $179.99)$74.99/mo (was $197.99)
CPU Cores481216202432
Dedicated IPs23510101010
DDoS Protection
SupportLive ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, Chat

Dedicated Server Plans

Businesses with high traffic websites or resource-intensive applications can benefit from dedicated server hosting. InMotion Hosting’s dedicated server plans, including Aspire, Essential, Advanced, and Elite, offer powerful hardware and customizable options to meet your specific requirements. With features like SSD storage, multiple IP addresses, and advanced security, you can trust your website to perform reliably under any circumstances.

Plan NameAspireEssentialAdvancedEliteCC-1000CC-2000CC-3000
CPUIntel Xeon E3-1246 v3Intel Xeon E-2134Intel Xeon E-2176GIntel Xeon E-2388GIntel Xeon Silver 4214Dual Xeon Silver 4214Dual Xeon Silver 4314
Cores4 Core / 8 Thread4 Core / 8 Thread6 Core / 12 Thread8 Core / 16 Thread12 Core / 24 Thread24 Core / 48 Thread32 Core / 64 Thread
Bandwidth1 Gbps Unmetered1 Gbps Unmetered1 Gbps Unmetered1 Gbps Unmetered1 Gbps Unmetered1 Gbps UnmeteredUp to 10 Gbps Unmetered
Backup10GB Free50GB Free100GB Free250GB Free1TB Free1TB Free1TB Free
SupportLive ChatLive ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, Chat

WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress users will appreciate InMotion Hosting’s specialized WordPress hosting plans. With options like WP Core, WP Launch, WP Power, and WP Pro, you can enjoy features tailored specifically for WordPress websites. From enhanced performance to dedicated support, these plans are designed to streamline your WordPress experience and help your website succeed.

Plan NameWP CoreWP LaunchWP PowerWP Pro
Price$3.99/mo (was $12.99)$7.99/mo (was $17.99)$7.99/mo (was $22.99)$15.99/mo (was $37.99)
Free SSL
Storage100GB NVMe SSDUnlimited NVMe SSDUnlimited NVMe SSDUnlimited NVMe SSD
Performance10x WP Performance20x WP Performance30x WP Performance40x WP Performance
SecuritySecurity SuiteSecurity SuiteSecurity SuiteSecurity Suite
MarketingMarketing ToolsAdvanced Caching, Marketing ToolsAdvanced Caching, Dedicated Opcode Cache Pool, Marketing ToolsAdvanced Caching, Dedicated Opcode Cache Pool, Pro Level Support, Marketing Tools
SupportLive ChatLive ChatLive Phone, ChatPro Level Support, Live Phone, Chat

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

For those who want to take their WordPress hosting to the next level, InMotion Hosting offers managed WordPress hosting plans. With features like UltraStack technology, advanced security, and expert support, these plans are ideal for users who want peace of mind knowing their WordPress site is in good hands.

Plan NameUltraStack 1GB RAMUltraStack 2GB RAMUltraStack 3GB RAMUltraStack 4GB RAMUltraStack 6GB RAMUltraStack 8GB RAMUltraStack 12GB RAMUltraStack 16GB RAM
CPU Cores1224681216
PHP Workers58101525354560
Redis Cache16MB+32MB+48MB+64MB+96MB+128MB+192MB+256MB+
SupportLive ChatLive ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, ChatLive Phone, Chat

When considering the plans offered by InMotion Hosting, there are several aspects that stand out positively. Firstly, I appreciated the wide range of options available, catering to various needs and budgets. Whether you’re a small business owner or a seasoned developer, there’s a plan that suits your requirements. However, there were a few aspects that could be improved. One notable downside is the limited availability of server locations, which may impact website performance for users outside of the US. Furthermore, while the introductory discounts are attractive, some users may find the regular pricing to be slightly higher than average.

Overall while there are some areas for improvement, the positives of InMotion Hosting’s plans outweigh the negatives. Whether you’re a beginner looking to launch your first website or a seasoned professional in need of enterprise-level hosting, InMotion Hosting has you covered.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

InMotion Hosting also offer a massive 90-day money-back guarantee on their hosting plans. This generous policy gives you ample time to fully experience their services and ensure they meet your expectations. Whether you’re launching a new website or transferring an existing one, you can sign up with confidence knowing that if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied within the first 90 days, you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

My Personal Experience with InMotion Hosting

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to host your website with InMotion Hosting? From setting up my first website to navigating the ins and outs of web hosting, it’s been a learning adventure every step of the way. Let me take you through my personal journey with InMotion Hosting, with the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Choosing a Hosting Plan

Selecting the right hosting plan is a crucial step in establishing your online presence. With a myriad of options available, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and budget before making a decision. After careful consideration and research, I ultimately chose the Core Plan for Shared Hosting offered by InMotion Hosting.

Understanding the Core Plan

The Core plan is one of the entry-level options offered by InMotion Hosting, catering to individuals and small businesses looking to establish their online presence. Let’s take a closer look at the key features included in this plan:

Starting at$2.29/mo (was $8.99/mo)
Free SSLIncluded
Storage100GB SSD
Speed and Performance2x
Email Addresses10
Security SuiteIncluded
Marketing ToolsHosting Plus, Python, Node.JS, Ruby, GIT
Data Center LocationUS and EU
Live Chat SupportAvailable

In choosing InMotion Hosting’s Core plan for my website, I found a reliable and affordable hosting solution that perfectly aligned with my needs and goals. With its combination of affordability, essential features, and scalability, it provided the ideal foundation for my online endeavors.

When choosing a hosting plan, it’s crucial to strike a balance between features, performance, and cost. The Core plan offered by InMotion Hosting can be the perfect option for individuals like me and small businesses seeking reliable and affordable hosting solutions.

Ease of Use 4/5⭐

When it comes to managing your website, ease of use is paramount. InMotion Hosting understands this need and provides users with intuitive control panels to simplify the hosting experience.

AMP and cPanel: A Seamless Integration

Upon logging into my account, I appreciated the seamless integration between AMP and cPanel. The custom skin applied to cPanel blended seamlessly with the overall interface, creating a cohesive user experience. It was reassuring to see familiar features and functionalities within cPanel, ensuring that I could navigate with confidence.

The User Experience: Structured and User-Friendly

Both AMP and cPanel are structured in a user-friendly manner, making it easy for users to locate and access the features they need. From managing billing and account details in AMP to handling hosting-related tasks in cPanel, the navigation is straightforward and intuitive. However, despite their similarities in appearance, it’s essential to note that AMP and cPanel are not identical in functionality. Users should familiarize themselves with the specific features and capabilities of each panel to make the most out of their hosting experience.

Some UX Challenges

While InMotion Hosting’s control panels are generally easy to use, there are some UX challenges that users may encounter. One notable issue arises from the integration of hosting management features into AMP. While this may seem convenient at first glance, it can lead to confusion, especially when certain tasks are only available through AMP instead of cPanel. For example, activating SSL certificates, which are typically managed through cPanel, may require users to navigate through AMP instead. This deviation from the expected workflow can be disorienting for users and may lead to frustration.

Here is what I liked and didn’t like about InMotion’s ease of use.

LikedDidn’t Like
Seamless integration of AMP and cPanelConfusion caused by hosting management features in AMP
User-friendly interface with clear navigationLimited availability of certain hosting features from AMP
Custom skin on cPanel for a cohesive interfaceDifficulty in finding specific hosting-related settings
AMP’s convenience for account managementN/A
Intuitive layout and labeling for ease of navigationN/A

Overall, despite encountering some challenges and areas for improvement, I found the ease of use provided by InMotion Hosting to be great. While there were instances of confusion and inconsistencies, particularly regarding hosting management features in AMP, these were outweighed by the platform’s convenience and accessibility.

Reliability and Performance 5/5⭐

When it comes to web hosting, reliability and performance are non-negotiable factors. Reliability and performance stand as the cornerstones of a successful web hosting service, dictating the seamless functioning and user experience of websites. As a website owner, you need a hosting provider that can guarantee uptime, deliver fast loading speeds, and withstand the demands of heavy traffic. Let’s explore how InMotion Hosting fares in terms of reliability and performance.


Uptime refers to the duration for which a website is operational and accessible to users without experiencing downtime. It is a crucial metric for assessing the reliability of a hosting provider, as higher uptime percentages indicate better reliability and availability of the website.

Hrank, a reputable web hosting monitoring platform, has provided a comprehensive uptime report for InMotion Hosting, and the results are nothing short of impressive. With an average uptime of 99.964%, InMotion Hosting has demonstrated remarkable reliability in ensuring continuous accessibility to websites hosted on their platform. Additionally, Hrank’s assessment of InMotion Hosting’s response time, averaging at 1025 milliseconds, further highlights the hosting provider’s dedication to delivering fast and responsive websites to users.

These stellar performance metrics reflect InMotion Hosting’s reliability and efficiency in providing dependable web hosting solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

Testing Uptime

In our evaluation process, we rigorously tested the uptime of InMotion Hosting’s servers to assess their reliability and availability. Through continuous monitoring over an extended period, we observed the hosting provider’s performance in maintaining uninterrupted access to websites, ensuring users could reliably access content without encountering downtime. Here are the uptime testing results.

MonthUptime (%)

With uptime percentages consistently averaging above 99.95% each month, InMotion Hosting has proven its commitment to providing stable and dependable hosting services.


Speed refers to how quickly a website loads its content and responds to user requests. It encompasses various factors, including server response time, page load times, and overall website performance. Faster loading times contribute to a better user experience and can positively impact search engine rankings.

Testing Speed

To evaluate the speed of InMotion Hosting’s servers, we conducted comprehensive speed tests to measure how quickly websites hosted on their platform loaded. By analyzing factors such as server response times and page load speeds across various geographical locations, we gained insights into the hosting provider’s ability to deliver fast and responsive websites to users.

Our speed testing results for InMotion Hosting reveal impressive performance metrics across various key indicators. Whether it’s ensuring seamless accessibility or optimizing website speed, InMotion Hosting has proven to be a dependable choice for businesses and individuals seeking a robust hosting provider.

Stress and Load

Stress testing involves assessing how a website performs under extreme conditions, such as high traffic volumes or sudden spikes in user activity. It helps gauge a hosting provider’s ability to handle surges in traffic without compromising performance.

Load, or server load, refers to the amount of work a server is handling at any given time. High server loads can lead to slower response times and decreased performance for websites hosted on the server.

Testing Stress and Load Handling

In our stress and load testing procedures, we simulated high levels of traffic and activity to assess how well InMotion Hosting’s infrastructure could handle peak demand. By subjecting the servers to increased stress, we evaluated their capacity to maintain performance and stability under challenging conditions, ensuring websites remained accessible and responsive to users.

Load Testing

I carefully observed the performance metrics of my website hosted on InMotion Hosting as I increased the number of virtual users. Throughout the test, I noticed that the response times grew gradually, a sign that my server was efficiently handling the increased load without significant delays. My monitoring revealed that both CPU and memory usage increased in a controlled manner, never reaching their limits, which reassured me that my server had ample resources to manage the traffic. The bandwidth usage also rose steadily, corresponding with the number of users, indicating a healthy data transfer rate without any bottlenecks. Most importantly, the error rate remained impressively low, almost negligible, throughout the test. This outcome confirmed to me that my website is robust and well-optimized for handling high traffic volumes.

Stress Testing

During my stress testing, I meticulously scrutinized the performance of InMotion Hosting’s servers under simulated high levels of traffic and activity. My findings reveal robust and resilient infrastructure, demonstrating the hosting provider’s capability to handle peak demand without compromising performance or stability. Despite subjecting the servers to intense stress, I observed minimal disruptions and impressive response times, reaffirming my confidence in InMotion Hosting’s ability to deliver reliable and scalable hosting solutions.

Time to First Byte (TTFB)

Time to First Byte (TTFB) measures the time it takes for a web server to respond to a request from a user’s browser. It includes the time spent processing the request on the server and sending the first byte of data back to the browser. A lower TTFB indicates faster server response times and better overall website performance.

Testing Time to First Byte (TTFB)

We measured the Time to First Byte (TTFB) of InMotion Hosting’s servers to gauge their responsiveness in processing user requests. By analyzing the time taken for the server to generate and transmit the initial byte of data in response to a user’s request, we assessed the efficiency of the hosting provider’s infrastructure in delivering timely and seamless web experiences.

Our thorough evaluation of InMotion Hosting’s Time to First Byte (TTFB) performance revealed promising results. With an average TTFB of 489 milliseconds, the hosting provider showcases its commitment to delivering swift and efficient server response times. This exceptional TTFB performance is further reflected in the overall performance score of 94%, indicating the hosting provider’s dedication to optimizing website loading speeds and enhancing user experience.

The evaluation of InMotion Hosting’s reliability and performance paints a picture of a hosting provider that excels in delivering dependable and high-performing solutions. Together, these findings solidify InMotion Hosting’s position as a reliable and high-performance web hosting provider, offering users the peace of mind and confidence to build and grow their online presence with ease.

Customer Support 4.5/5⭐

Have you ever faced a problem with a product or service and wished there was someone there to help you out? That’s where customer support comes in! At InMotion Hosting, customer support is a top priority. They understand that navigating the world of web hosting can be confusing at times, which is why they offer a variety of customer support options to help you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about setting up your website, need assistance troubleshooting an issue, or just want some advice on which hosting plan is right for you, InMotion Hosting’s customer support team is here to help.

Get in Touch with InMotion Hosting’s Customer Support

At InMotion Hosting, help is never far away. Whether you’re a seasoned webmaster or a newbie navigating the digital landscape, their customer support team is just a phone call away at 757-416-6575. Need immediate assistance? Simply start a live chat session with one of their knowledgeable representatives. With a few clicks, you’ll be connected to a friendly expert ready to address your queries and concerns in real-time.

Once I found myself grappling with a technical issue on my website hosted by InMotion Hosting. Unsure of how to proceed, I decided to reach out to their customer support team via live chat. Within seconds of initiating the chat, I was connected to a friendly representative who greeted me warmly and patiently listened to my concerns. Despite the complexity of my issue, the representative remained calm and composed, guiding me through troubleshooting steps with clarity and expertise.

Thanks to the swift assistance provided through the live chat feature, I was able to overcome a challenging obstacle with ease and confidence. It’s moments like these that underscore the importance of choosing a web hosting provider that not only offers reliable services but also prioritizes customer support.

Support Center

In addition to their live chat and phone support options, InMotion Hosting goes the extra mile to empower their customers with a wealth of resources through their Support Center. With over 5,000 informative articles and guides, the InMotion Hosting Support Center serves as a comprehensive knowledge hub, catering to the diverse needs of website owners. Whether you’re troubleshooting technical issues, seeking guidance on website management, or exploring advanced features, the Support Center is your go-to destination for finding the answers you need. With clear and concise explanations, step-by-step tutorials, and practical tips, navigating the intricacies of web hosting becomes effortless.

Whether you’re launching a new website, expanding your online presence, or troubleshooting unexpected challenges, you can count on InMotion Hosting’s support team to be there every step of the way, offering guidance, expertise, and unwavering support.

Security Measures 4.5/5⭐

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider, security should be at the forefront of your concerns. After all, the safety of your website and the data it holds is paramount in today’s digital landscape. Let’s take a closer look at the security features offered by InMotion Hosting.

Free SSL Encryption

InMotion Hosting ensures your website’s security from the get-go by offering free SSL encryption. This essential feature encrypts all communication between your visitors and the server, safeguarding sensitive data from prying eyes. Plus, it adds that reassuring security lock next to your domain name, instilling trust in your visitors.

Hack and Malware Protection

While you won’t find it in your cPanel, InMotion Hosting implements robust internal measures to protect your website from hacks and malware. Although it’s not visible to users, this behind-the-scenes security layer provides peace of mind, knowing that your website is safeguarded against potential threats.


InMotion Hosting keeps your website safe with the ModSecurity module, a web application firewall that filters traffic and prevents malicious attacks. Easily enabled or disabled from your cPanel, ModSecurity ensures that your website remains secure and protected against various online threats.

DDoS Protection

InMotion Hosting takes proactive steps to shield your server from DDoS attacks by partnering with Corero. While not visible in your cPanel, this real-time DDoS protection automatically detects and mitigates malicious requests, ensuring that your server remains online and accessible to your visitors at all times.

Two-Factor Authentication

While not heavily promoted, InMotion Hosting offers Two-Factor Authentication in cPanel—an essential security feature. By requiring a second authentication code in addition to your password, this feature adds an extra layer of protection, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to your hosting account.

Automatic Backups

For added peace of mind, InMotion Hosting offers automatic backups of your website. However, this feature comes at an extra cost of $24 per year—a small price to pay for the assurance that your website’s data is securely backed up in case of emergencies.

Here is what I liked and didn’t like about InMotion’s security measures.

LikedDidn’t Like
Free SSL encryption for enhanced securityAdditional cost for automatic backups
Behind-the-scenes hack and malware protectionTwo-Factor Authentication not emphasized
ModSecurity module for filtering trafficLack of visibility for DDoS protection in cPanel
Proactive DDoS protection with CoreroN/A
Availability of Two-Factor AuthenticationN/A

Overall, InMotion Hosting prioritizes the security of your website by offering a range of robust features and measures to protect against various online threats. From SSL encryption to DDoS protection and beyond, you can trust InMotion Hosting to keep your website safe and secure in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Value for Money 4/5⭐

Let’s address the elephant in the room: InMotion Hosting’s plans can sometimes indeed be on the higher end of the pricing spectrum compared to some of their competitors. At first glance, this might deter budget-conscious website owners looking for a more economical hosting solution. However, it’s essential to look beyond the sticker price and consider what you’re getting in return for your investment.

What Do You Get?

Despite the seemingly higher price tag, InMotion Hosting’s plans come packed with an array of features and benefits that justify the cost. From robust security measures to top-notch customer support and high-performance servers, each plan is designed to offer a comprehensive hosting experience that meets the needs of businesses and individuals alike. With features like free SSL encryption, hack and malware protection, and proactive DDoS mitigation, InMotion Hosting prioritizes the security and reliability of your website, ensuring that it remains online and accessible to your visitors at all times.

Is It Worth It?

So, is InMotion Hosting’s value for money proposition worth it? While their plans may be pricier compared to some competitors, the quality of service and the peace of mind they provide can far outweigh the cost. For those who prioritize reliability, security, and top-notch support, InMotion Hosting’s plans offer an excellent return on investment. Moreover, the additional features and resources included in their plans can contribute to long-term success and growth for your online ventures.

From personal experience, I firmly believe that the value offered by InMotion Hosting outweighs its price. While their plans may come with a slightly higher cost compared to some alternatives, the peace of mind, reliability, and comprehensive features they provide make them a worthwhile investment. The assurance of top-notch security measures, responsive customer support, and high-performance servers has been instrumental in the success and stability of my online ventures. Ultimately, the tangible benefits and long-term value I’ve derived from InMotion Hosting’s services have solidified my confidence in their ability to deliver an exceptional hosting experience.

Overall, while InMotion Hosting’s plans may come with a higher price tag, they deliver on their promise of reliability, security, and support, making them a worthwhile investment for those seeking a hosting provider they can trust.

Comparative Analysis – InMotion vs Competitors

AspectUptimeSpeedCustomer SupportSecurity MeasuresPricingOverall Value
InMotion Hosting99.964%FastExcellentRobustModerateGood
Kinsta99.99%Very FastExcellentRobustExpensiveGood
SiteGround99.99%Very FastExcellentRobustModerateGood
Nexcess99.99%Very FastExcellentRobustModerateGood
Liquid Web99.99%Very FastExcellentRobustExpensiveGood
  1. Uptime: InMotion Hosting boasts an impressive uptime of 99.964%, outperforming many of its competitors in this crucial aspect of web hosting reliability.
  2. Speed: In terms of speed, InMotion Hosting offers a fast and responsive hosting experience, comparable to other top performers in the industry such as Kinsta and Liquid Web.
  3. Customer Support: InMotion Hosting stands out for its excellent customer support, offering responsive and knowledgeable assistance to address any queries or issues.
  4. Security Measures: With robust security measures in place, InMotion Hosting ensures the safety and integrity of your website’s data, earning it a competitive edge over providers with more basic security features.
  5. Pricing: While not the cheapest option on the market, InMotion Hosting offers moderate pricing that reflects the value and quality of service provided, making it a compelling choice for those seeking reliability without breaking the bank.

After conducting a comprehensive comparative analysis, it’s evident that InMotion Hosting fares well against its competitors across various factors such as uptime, speed, customer support, and overall value.

Reviews and Ratings

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider, hearing from other users about their experiences can be incredibly helpful. One platform where users often share their thoughts and ratings is Trustpilot. For InMotion Hosting, the TrustScore stands at an impressive 4 out of 5, indicating a high level of trustworthiness among users. The overall consensus? It’s great! Users have shared their experiences, ranging from the ease of setting up their websites to the reliability of the hosting service.

So, what exactly do users appreciate about InMotion Hosting? From the reviews, it’s clear that users value the reliability and performance of the hosting service. Many users have praised the uptime and speed of their websites, highlighting InMotion Hosting’s commitment to providing a seamless online experience.

The user reviews and ratings on Trustpilot paint a positive picture of InMotion Hosting as a trusted and reliable web hosting provider. With a high number of reviews and an impressive TrustScore, it’s evident that many users have had positive experiences with InMotion Hosting.

Overall ,whether you’re a beginner looking to launch your first website or a seasoned webmaster in need of dependable hosting, InMotion Hosting appears to be a popular choice among users on Trustpilot.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the conclusion of our exploration into InMotion Hosting, let’s reflect on the key aspects that make or break a web hosting service. Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of my personal ratings for various features.

FeatureDetailsMy Rating
Plans and FeaturesComprehensive plans with a variety of features and options4.5/5⭐
Ease of UseUser-friendly interface and intuitive control panel4/5⭐
Reliability and PerformanceHigh uptime, fast loading speeds, and minimal downtime5/5⭐
Customer SupportResponsive and knowledgeable support team4.5/5⭐
Security MeasuresRobust security features to safeguard your website4.5/5⭐
Value for MoneyBalancing cost with the quality of service provided4/5⭐

My Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

My experience with InMotion Hosting has been largely positive, with its strong performance, responsive support, and comprehensive features making it a standout option in the competitive web hosting market. Whether you’re launching a personal blog or managing a business website, InMotion Hosting offers the reliability and support you need to succeed online. For those looking for a hosting provider that balances affordability with reliability, InMotion Hosting is certainly worth considering.


In wrapping up our three-year review of InMotion Hosting’s performance, reliability, and support, it’s evident that the company has excelled in providing top-notch services to its customers. With consistently high uptime, fast loading speeds, and reliable customer support, InMotion Hosting has proven itself as a dependable partner for individuals and businesses alike. The comprehensive plans and features, coupled with user-friendly interfaces and robust security measures, further contribute to the overall excellence of the hosting provider. While there may be areas for minor improvement, such as enhancing ease of use and providing even more transparent security measures, the overall experience with InMotion Hosting has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s clear that InMotion Hosting stands out as a reliable and trusted choice in the competitive web hosting landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hosting services does InMotion Hosting offer?

InMotion Hosting provides a range of hosting services including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, WordPress hosting, and more.

Does InMotion Hosting offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, InMotion Hosting offers a generous 90-day money-back guarantee for most of its hosting plans, allowing customers to try out their services risk-free.

Can I transfer my existing website to InMotion Hosting?

Yes, InMotion Hosting offers free website transfer services for new customers, making it easy to migrate your existing website seamlessly.

Does InMotion Hosting provide SSL certificates?

Yes, InMotion Hosting offers free SSL certificates with all hosting plans, ensuring secure encrypted connections for your website visitors.

What level of customer support does InMotion Hosting offer?

InMotion Hosting provides 24/7 customer support via phone and live chat. Their support team is known for being responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Does InMotion Hosting offer automatic backups?

Yes, InMotion Hosting offers automatic backups as an additional service for an extra charge. Customers can opt for automated backup solutions to safeguard their website data.

Can I upgrade my hosting plan with InMotion Hosting?

Yes, customers have the flexibility to upgrade their hosting plans with InMotion Hosting as their website grows or their needs change. The company offers scalable hosting solutions to accommodate varying levels of traffic and resource requirements.

Is there a limit on the number of websites I can host with InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting offers hosting plans with varying limits on the number of websites you can host. Customers can select a plan that aligns with the number of websites they intend to host.

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