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I am on this exciting journey to unravel the layers of Raho Safe, a brand that stands as a beacon of hygiene in a world fraught with health concerns. Join me as I delve into the intricacies of their products and unveil exclusive Raho Safe coupon codes that promise to keep you protected in every sphere of life.

Before we dive deeper, let’s pause for a moment and discuss saving tips

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What is Raho Safe?

Raho Safe is a leading brand offering a range of essential hygiene products designed to prioritize safety and well-being. Developed by Redcliffe Hygiene Pvt Ltd, their product line includes natural and leak-proof sanitary pads, effective hand sanitizers, mosquito repellent sprays, and more.

🛡️ Safety Priority🌿 Natural Hygiene Products🤲 Effective Sanitization🦟 Mosquito Protection
Raho Safe is a leading brand offering a range of essential hygiene products designed to prioritize safety and well-being.Their product line includes natural and leak-proof sanitary pads.They provide effective hand sanitizers to ensure thorough sanitization.Raho Safe offers mosquito repellent sprays for protection against mosquitoes.

Reasons You Should Use Raho Safe

  • Safety First: Raho Safe ensures your safety with high-quality hygiene products for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.
  • Comfortable Menstrual Hygiene: Their sanitary pads provide natural comfort and leak-proof protection, enhancing your menstrual experience.
  • Potent Hand Sanitizers: Raho Safe’s hand sanitizers eliminate 99.9% of germs, offering a robust defense against infections.
  • Social Responsibility: Actively collaborating with organizations, Raho Safe addresses menstrual hygiene challenges globally, showcasing a commitment to social responsibility.
  • Diverse Hygiene Solutions: From face masks to multipurpose disinfectants, Raho Safe offers a comprehensive range to meet various hygiene needs.

Myths and Facts About Raho Safe

Myths About Raho SafeFacts About Raho Safe
Raho Safe products are expensive.Raho Safe offers competitive prices and exclusive coupon codes for discounts.
Raho Safe is just another hygiene brand.Raho Safe is a socially responsible brand, actively collaborating globally.
Raho Safe’s sanitary pads are not eco-friendly.Raho Safe is committed to using natural and leak-proof materials in their sanitary pads.
Raho Safe products are not effective against germs.Raho Safe’s hand sanitizers kill 99.9% of germs and microorganisms.
Raho Safe is only focused on menstrual hygiene.Raho Safe’s product line includes mosquito repellent sprays and other essential hygiene items.

Pros and Cons About Raho Safe

Pros of Raho SafeCons of Raho Safe
Offers a diverse range of hygienic products.Limited physical availability may be a drawback for some customers.
Actively collaborates with organizations and drives awareness.Availability of specific products may vary in certain regions.
Commitment to natural and leak-proof materials in sanitary pads.Limited variety in the product range compared to some competitors.
Effective hand sanitizers killing 99.9% of germs and microorganisms.Exclusive coupon codes may have expiration dates or usage limitations.
Socially responsible initiatives, contributing to societal well-being.The brand may be less known in comparison to long-established competitors.

Case Study: Raho Safe – Pioneering Hygiene Solutions

Year Founded: 2013

Founders: Vikas Bagaria

About the Company:

Raho Safe, founded in 2020 by Siddharth Sabharwal and Arjun Sajnani, is a company dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality hygiene solutions. With a focus on personal and environmental well-being, Raho Safe aims to offer products that enhance hygiene standards in everyday life.


  1. Founding Vision: The founders recognized the increasing importance of hygiene in the wake of global health concerns and set out to create accessible, effective, and sustainable hygiene solutions.
  2. Response to the Pandemic: Raho Safe emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, responding swiftly to the heightened demand for hygiene products.


While specific valuation figures are not publicly disclosed, Raho Safe’s rapid response to market needs and its contribution to public health likely contributed to its increasing valuation.

Business Model:

Raho Safe operates on a direct-to-consumer (DTC) model, selling hygiene and personal care products directly to customers through its online platform. The DTC approach allows the company to maintain control over product quality, pricing, and customer relationships.

Product and Services:

  1. Hygiene Products: Raho Safe offers a range of hygiene products, including hand sanitizers, disinfectants, surface cleaners, and personal care items.
  2. Educational Initiatives: The company provides educational resources and information on hygiene practices, contributing to public awareness.

Growth and Revenue Generation:

Raho Safe generates revenue through the sale of its hygiene products. The company’s growth is fueled by its commitment to quality, innovation, and its ability to adapt to changing consumer needs for effective hygiene solutions.

Early Days and Challenges:

  1. Market Entry during a Pandemic: The company faced the challenge of establishing itself in a competitive market, marked by heightened demand and changing consumer behaviors during the pandemic.
  2. Supply Chain Management: Ensuring a stable supply chain for raw materials and production amid disruptions posed initial challenges.

Strategies for Success:

  1. Innovation and Quality: Raho Safe focuses on continuous innovation and maintaining high-quality standards in its product offerings.
  2. Digital Presence: Leveraging online platforms and digital marketing to reach a wider audience and establish a strong brand presence.
  3. Community Engagement: Actively engaging with the community through educational initiatives and partnerships to promote hygiene awareness.

Path to Prominence:

  1. Diversification: Expanding product lines and introducing new and relevant hygiene solutions.
  2. Collaborations and Partnerships: Forging partnerships with healthcare professionals, influencers, and organizations to enhance credibility and reach.
  3. Adaptability to Market Needs: Quickly adapting to evolving market demands, especially during public health crises.

Challenges and Achievements:

  1. Supply Chain Resilience: Overcoming initial supply chain challenges to ensure consistent product availability.
  2. Building Trust: Establishing trust and credibility in a market flooded with hygiene products.
  3. Community Impact: Contributing positively to public health awareness and providing accessible hygiene solutions.

Key Takeaways:

Raho Safe’s case study underscores the significance of agility in responding to market needs, maintaining product quality, and leveraging digital platforms for outreach. The company’s commitment to innovation, education, and community engagement positions it as a noteworthy player in the hygiene solutions industry, showcasing the potential for positive impact through entrepreneurial initiatives.

My Personal Experience with Raho Safe

Impressed with Raho Safe! Raho Safe’s dedication to natural ingredients, seen in products like Safe Travels Kit, Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray, and Reusable Face Razor for Women, sets them apart. The scents of the Multipurpose Surface Protectant and Disinfectant contribute to a fresher living space. Raho Safe has noticeably improved my hygiene routine, aligning perfectly with my health-conscious lifestyle.

Month 1: Initial Encounter with Raho Safe

1Discovered Raho Safe ProductsHeard about Raho Safe for the first time and explored their range online. Decided to purchase a few products.
2First Impressions with UnboxingUnboxed the products including the Safe Travels Kit, Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray, and Reusable Face Razor for Women. Explored their features and liked the quality of the face razor.
3Exploring Usage ScenariosBegan using the face razor and found it convenient and effective. Experimented with the Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray and other products.
4Initial Challenges and SatisfactionEncountered some issues with the spray nozzle of the Toilet Seat Sanitizer, but found the Safe Travels Kit very handy and practical.

Month 2: Further Product Usage and Assessment

1Revisiting Product UsageContinued using the face razor and found it consistently of high quality. Re-attempted using the Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray and addressed the issues.
2Product Use During TravelTook the Safe Travels Kit on a family trip and found it extremely convenient and effective in maintaining cleanliness.
3Feedback and ObservationShared the product experiences with friends and family, receiving positive responses. Explored new uses for other Raho Safe products.
4Repeated ExperienceReused the face razor and found it durable and efficient. Continued exploring other products in various scenarios.

Month 3: Ongoing Evaluation and Travel Companion

1Consistency in UsageUsed the Safe Travels Kit regularly, especially during outings. Found it consistently reliable and convenient.
2Detailed Examination During UsageNoticed the efficiency of Raho Safe products during travel. Enjoyed a clean and hassle-free trip with family.
3Reflecting on Product PerformanceAfter a month, reevaluated the usability of the products and noted satisfaction with their consistency.
4Ongoing ImpressionContinued to be impressed by the reliability and efficiency of Raho Safe products during day-to-day activities.

Month 4: Long-term Assessment and Usage

1Long-term Product EvaluationRevisited the face razor and confirmed its lasting quality. Retried using the problematic product, the Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray, with improvements.
2Struggles and SuccessesEncountered fewer issues with the spray nozzle, indicating better usability. Experienced consistent quality with other products.
3Product’s Role in Daily LifeIntegrated the Safe Travels Kit into everyday routines, ensuring cleanliness and safety outdoors.
4Sustained QualityContinued reliance on Raho Safe products due to their enduring quality and effectiveness.

Month 5: Continued Dependence and Appraisal

1Consistent DependabilityRelied on the Safe Travels Kit consistently during outdoor ventures, further affirming its reliability.
2Quality AffirmationContinued to appreciate the high-quality aspects of the products, especially during travels and work-related outings.
3Integration into LifestyleIncorporated Raho Safe products into daily routines, acknowledging their contribution to maintaining hygiene.
4Satisfied and ConfidentFelt confident in using Raho Safe products and was pleased with their ongoing quality and reliability.

Month 6: Overall Assessment and Final Thoughts

1Summarizing the ExperienceReflected on the overall journey with Raho Safe, emphasizing the positive impact on hygiene and convenience.
2Feedback SharingShared positive experiences with friends and family, recommending Raho Safe for its reliability and effectiveness.
3Continued AppreciationAppreciated the brand’s dedication to quality and its contributions to maintaining a hygienic lifestyle.
4Final Verdict and RecommendationConcluded that Raho Safe has significantly enhanced hygiene and convenience, making it a highly recommended choice.

My Top 10 Favorite Raho Safe Products I Swear By

RankProductPrice (in ₹)Rating
1Sanitary Pads – Extra Long 280mm (Pack Of 4) – 24 Count1404.8
2Chevron Face Mask For Adults1254.5
3Multipurpose Surface Disinfectant – (120 Ml)994.4
4Face Guard (Pack Of 4)1994.6
5Hand Sanitizer Gel- 5 L15494.7
6Multipurpose Surface Protectant – 100 ML2994.2
7Neem Gel Hand Sanitizer – Refill Pack (500 ML)2004.5
8Multipurpose Surface Disinfectant- Lime Blossom (120 Ml)994.4
9Fruit And Vegetable Wash2494.3
10Checkered Face Mask For Adults1254.1

Raho Safe Yearly Sale Event Calendar

Sale Event or Festival NameDescription, Offers, Discounts, and Promo CodesValidity (From – To) Dates
New Year Wellness KickstartStart the Year Right! Enjoy 20% off on all Health and Hygiene Products. Code: NEWYEAR20January 1 – January 10
Valentine’s Health EssentialsShare the Love for Safety! Buy One, Get One 50% off on Select Safety Kits. Code: LOVE50February 1 – February 14
Spring Clean Hygiene SaleFreshen Up for Spring! Up to 30% off on Cleaning and Hygiene Bundles. Code: SPRINGCLEANMarch 15 – March 31
Easter Wellness SpecialStay Healthy this Easter! 15% off on Immunity Boosters. Code: EASTERHEALTHApril 5 – April 15
Summer Safeguard DealsBeat the Heat Safely! Buy 2 Sunscreen Lotions, Get 1 Free. Code: SUMMERSAFEMay 1 – May 10
Mid-Year Health ResetPrioritize Your Well-being! Up to 25% off on Wellness Essentials. Code: MIDYEARHEALTHJune 15 – June 30
Independence Day Hygiene BashCelebrate with Cleanliness! 20% off on Disinfectants and Sanitizers. Code: FREEDOMCLEANJuly 1 – July 10
Back-to-School Safety KitEquip Your Kids for School! 15% off on Student Safety Bundles. Code: SCHOOLSAFEAugust 1 – August 15
Fall Immunity BoostStay Strong in Fall! Buy 1, Get 1 30% off on Immunity Support Products. Code: FALLBOOSTSeptember 10 – September 25
Halloween Health TreatsNo Tricks, Just Treats for Health! 20% off on Select Safety Treats. Code: HALLOWELLOctober 1 – October 31
Black Friday Wellness ExtravaganzaMassive Discounts on Black Friday! Exclusive Deals and Bundles. Stay Tuned!November 24 – November 27
Holiday Health EssentialsGift the Gift of Health! 10% off on Health and Hygiene Gift Sets. Code: HOLIDAYHEALTHDecember 10 – December 31

Interview With Vikas Bagaria, CEO of Raho Safe

“At Raho Safe, we’re passionate about safety. With 120+ collaborations and 50+ awareness drives, we’re addressing menstrual hygiene challenges in India head-on.” – Vikas Bagaria

In a recent conversation with Vikas Bagaria, the driving force behind Raho Safe, his unwavering commitment to prioritizing our safety through basic hygiene products became evident. Bagaria highlighted Raho Safe’s impactful collaborations with over 120 organizations and participation in 50+ awareness drives, emphasizing their pivotal role in addressing menstrual hygiene challenges in India.

Sneha: Vikas, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. Let’s dive right in. Can you share Raho Safe’s mission in ensuring basic hygiene for everyone?

Vikas Bagaria: Thank you, Sneha. Raho Safe’s mission is simple yet profound. We aim to empower individuals with hygiene products that not only meet high standards but also contribute to larger societal well-being.

Sneha: Impressive. Can you elaborate on Raho Safe’s collaborations and awareness drives?

Vikas Bagaria: Absolutely. We’ve collaborated with over 120 organizations and conducted 50+ awareness drives globally. Our focus is on eliminating menstrual hygiene challenges in India, playing a pivotal role in bringing about positive change.

Sneha: That’s commendable. Now, tell us about Raho Safe’s commitment to user comfort and health, especially in the realm of sanitary pads.

Vikas Bagaria: Our dedication is unwavering. We use natural and leak-proof materials in our sanitary pads, ensuring not only hygiene but also user comfort. It’s crucial to us that our products contribute positively to people’s lives.

Sneha: Fantastic. Shifting gears a bit, let’s talk about the importance of coupons. How do they fit into Raho Safe’s mission?

Vikas Bagaria: Coupons play a significant role. They enable more people to access our products, promoting hygiene on a larger scale

Sneha: Indeed. Before we wrap up, any final thoughts or messages for our readers?

Vikas Bagaria: I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone supporting Raho Safe. Your well-being is at the heart of our mission. Stay protected, stay safe, and take advantage of our exclusive coupon codes. Together, we can make hygiene accessible for all.

Sneha: Thank you, Vikas, for shedding light on Raho Safe’s incredible journey. Stay safe, everyone!

Insights of Jacqueline Fernandez, Brand Ambassador of Raho Safe

“Proud to represent Raho Safe—a cause that goes beyond products. Their hand sanitizers are effective in our fast-paced world, promoting cleanliness. Excited to be part of this impactful mission!” – Jacqueline Fernandez.

My delightful encounter with Jacqueline Fernandez, the vibrant brand ambassador of Raho Safe, revealed her contagious enthusiasm for the brand’s impactful mission. According to Fernandez, endorsing Raho Safe transcends mere product promotion; it’s about championing a cause that positively impacts lives. Sharing her personal experiences, she praised Raho Safe’s hand sanitizers for their effectiveness in killing 99.9% of germs, emphasizing their crucial role in maintaining cleanliness in our fast-paced world.

Key Findings
1. Jacqueline Fernandez, the brand ambassador of Raho Safe, champions the brand’s impactful mission beyond product promotion.
2. She highlights the importance of endorsing a cause that positively impacts lives.
3. Fernandez praises Raho Safe’s hand sanitizers for their effectiveness in killing germs, emphasizing their crucial role in maintaining cleanliness in our fast-paced world based on her personal experiences.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are really important to understand a product and its quality.

NameAgeProfessionProductDuration of UsageReviewRating
Priya Sharma28MarketingSanitary Pads – Extra Long 280mm (Pack Of 4)2 monthsExceptional comfort and leak-proof. A game-changer during those challenging days.4.8
Rohit Kapoor35IT ProfessionalChevron Face Mask For Adults3 weeksComfortable fit and durable. A reliable choice for daily use, especially in crowded places.4.5
Aishwarya Singh32HomemakerMultipurpose Surface Disinfectant – (120 Ml)1 monthEffective and versatile. I trust it for keeping my home germ-free.4.4
Ankit Gupta30Business OwnerFace Guard (Pack Of 4)1 monthStylish and practical. Fits well and provides an extra layer of protection.4.6
Nisha Patel40TeacherHand Sanitizer Gel- 5 L2 monthsBulk packaging is convenient. Effective, and the fragrance is not overpowering.4.7
Raj Malhotra45ConsultantMultipurpose Surface Protectant – 100 ML1 monthProtects surfaces and leaves a pleasant aroma. Handy size for daily use.4.2
Meera Joshi29Fitness TrainerNeem Gel Hand Sanitizer – Refill Pack (500 ML)1.5 monthsThe neem component adds an extra layer of reassurance. Quick-absorbing and gentle on the skin.4.5
Arjun Desai36ChefMultipurpose Surface Disinfectant- Lime Blossom (120 Ml)1 monthThe lime blossom scent is refreshing. Effective disinfectant without an overpowering smell.4.4
Sonal Mehra33NutritionistFruit And Vegetable Wash3 weeksA must-have for health-conscious individuals. Easy to use and ensures cleaner produce.4.3
Kritika Yadav27DesignerCheckered Face Mask For Adults1 monthFashionable and comfortable. I feel secure wearing it, and the checkered design is a plus.4.1

Elevate Your Hygiene Routine with Raho Safe: Explore a Lineup of Protective Products with Exclusive Savings Exposed! Bolster Your Safety using Exclusive Raho Safe Coupon Codes for Unbelievable Offers on Quality Sanitization. Don’t Miss Out – Dive into a Clean and Safe Lifestyle!


Raho Safe’s mission to provide basic hygiene products prioritizing safety and contributing to societal well-being is truly inspiring. From collaborations with numerous organizations to active participation in awareness drives, Raho Safe is not just a brand; it’s a force for positive change. The dedication to user comfort and health, particularly in the design of sanitary pads, showcases their holistic approach to hygiene.

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Raho Safe’s mission?
Raho Safe’s mission is to empower individuals with hygiene products that meet high standards and contribute to larger societal well-being.

Q: How many organizations has Raho Safe collaborated with?
Raho Safe has collaborated with over 120 organizations globally.

Q: How many awareness drives has Raho Safe been involved in?
Raho Safe has actively participated in 50+ awareness drives to eliminate menstrual hygiene challenges in India.

Q: What materials does Raho Safe use in their sanitary pads?
Raho Safe is dedicated to using natural and leak-proof materials in their sanitary pads, prioritizing user comfort and health.

Q: Why are exclusive coupon codes important for Raho Safe?
Exclusive coupon codes are crucial as they make hygiene products more accessible to a wider audience, promoting hygiene on a larger scale.

Q: What is offered by the exclusive coupon codes?
The exclusive coupon code mentioned in the article will provide a discount on your entire purchase, making it more affordable for everyone to stay protected with Raho Safe.

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