In the world of home decor and crafting, candles hold a timeless appeal, adding warmth and ambiance to any space. With the rise of DIY culture, candle making has become an increasingly popular hobby, offering individuals the chance to create personalized scents and designs. However, finding the right candle molds can be a daunting task amidst the plethora of options available. In this guide, we will explore the best candle molds available on AliExpress. From classic shapes to innovative designs, we’ll provide detailed reviews and insights to help you make informed choices while also uncovering potential savings along the way.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Candle Molds

Candle making is an art form that combines creativity with practicality, allowing enthusiasts to craft personalized pieces that infuse spaces with warmth and fragrance. Central to this craft are candle molds, which play a pivotal role in shaping the final product. However, selecting the right candle mold involves more than just aesthetics; it requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal results.


The material of the candle mold greatly influences the quality and finish of your candles. Consider the type of candles you intend to make and the intricacy of your designs when selecting the appropriate material for your molds.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the candle mold dictate the final look and dimensions of your candles. Whether you prefer pillar candles, votives, or novelty shapes, it’s essential to choose molds that accommodate your desired size and design.


Durability is a crucial factor in selecting candle molds, especially if you plan to use them repeatedly. Invest in molds made from high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use and temperature fluctuations without warping or deteriorating.


Opting for reusable candle molds not only reduces waste but also offers long-term cost savings for avid candle makers. Prioritize molds that are easy to clean and maintain to maximize their lifespan and minimize the environmental impact of your candle-making endeavors.

My Top Picks for Quality Candle Molds on AliExpress

NamePriceCustomer Rating & Products SoldAliExpress Offer
Classical Striped Roman Cylindrical Silicone Candle Mold – Create stunning cylindrical candles with intricate striped designs using this versatile silicone mold. Perfect for DIY candle holders, this mold offers 18 unique design options, allowing you to customize your creations with ease.$2.534.8 (4,000+ sold)Grab AliExpress Promo Codes Up to 30% off
Large Peony Flower Silicone Candle Mold – Add a touch of elegance to your candles with this 3D peony flower mold. Suitable for making candles, soaps, and more, this mold features 11 exquisite designs for beautiful home decor or personalized gifts.$1.884.9 (4,000+ sold)Grab AliExpress Promo Codes $1 off
3D Christmas Tree Candle Silicone Mold – Embrace the festive spirit with this Christmas tree candle mold. With 24 charming designs to choose from, you can create enchanting candles that capture the magic of the holiday season. Perfect for handmade gifts or decorating your home during Christmas.$2.614.8 (5,000+ sold)Grab AliExpress Promo Codes Buy one, get one 50% off
Love Cube Silicone Mold – Express your affection with handmade candles using this love cube mold. Ideal for crafting unique gifts or decorative accents, this mold offers 8 delightful designs for adding charm to any occasion.$1.184.5 (3,000+ sold)Grab AliExpress Promo Codes 15% off
U Shape Scented Candle Silicone Mold – Elevate your candle-making game with this U-shaped mold featuring striped arch designs. Whether you’re creating scented candles for relaxation or decorative pieces for your home, this mold provides endless possibilities for artistic expression.$1.774.6 (2,000+ sold)Grab AliExpress Promo Codes 20% off

My First Pick: Classical Striped Roman Cylindrical Silicone Candle Mold

The Classical Striped Roman Cylindrical Silicone Candle Mold by DALARAN Decor Store offers a versatile canvas for creating intricately designed candles. With 18 unique design options, including elegant stripes and captivating patterns, this mold allows for endless creativity in candle making. Its cylindrical shape is perfect for crafting DIY candle holders, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Priced affordably at $2.53, this mold provides exceptional value for its quality and versatility. Boasting a stellar customer rating of 4.8 stars, based on the feedback of over 4,000 satisfied buyers, it’s evident that this mold has garnered widespread acclaim for its ease of use and impressive results. Handpicked for its diverse design options, positive reviews, and exceptional value, the Classical Striped Roman Cylindrical Silicone Candle Mold stands out as a top choice for candle makers seeking both quality and creativity.

My Second Pick: Large Peony Flower Silicone Candle Mold

I chose the Large Peony Flower Silicone Candle Mold by RomeArt Store for its exquisite design and versatility in creating stunning candles, soaps, and decorative items. With its 3D rose design and 11 intricate patterns, this mold offers endless possibilities for crafting unique home decor pieces or personalized gifts. Customers have consistently praised its quality and ease of use, evident in its impressive 4.9-star rating from over 4,000 satisfied buyers. The mold’s popularity among users speaks to its reliability and ability to deliver beautiful results, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking to add a touch of elegance to their candle-making endeavors.

My Third Pick: 3D Christmas Tree Candle Silicone Mold

The 3D Christmas Tree Candle Silicone Mold by Rose Beauty Store offers a delightful way to infuse your home with festive charm during the holiday season. With 24 intricate designs to choose from, including various sizes and patterns, this versatile mold allows you to create enchanting candles that capture the magic of Christmas. Beyond candles, it can also be used for making handmade soaps, plaster ornaments, resin crafts, and even baking. Priced at $2.61, it provides excellent value for money considering its multiple uses and intricate designs. Boasting a stellar customer rating of 4.8 stars and over 5,000 sold units, this mold has garnered widespread acclaim for its quality and versatility. The mold’s varied designs cater to different preferences, making it a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts seeking to craft unique holiday gifts or adorn their homes with handmade decorations.

My Fourth Pick: Love Cube Silicone Mold

The Love Cube Silicone Mold by New House New Life Store offers a versatile solution for crafting handmade candles, soaps, epoxy resin decorations, chocolates, gypsum items, and even ice cubes. With eight charming designs to choose from, this mold allows for creative expression across various DIY projects. Priced affordably at $1.18, its accessibility makes it a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts. Garnering a commendable customer rating of 4.5 stars and selling over 3,000 units, it’s clear that this mold has won the hearts of many. Its selection was driven by its multifunctionality, positive reviews praising its durability and ease of use, and the opportunity it presents for individuals to create personalized, heartfelt gifts and decor items.

My Fifth Pick: U Shape Scented Candle Silicone Mold

I selected the U Shape Scented Candle Silicone Mold by YiQiuQIu Store for its innovative design and versatility in candle making. This mold allows for the creation of striped arch-shaped candles, adding a unique touch to homemade candles. With its durable silicone construction, it’s suitable for use with various materials such as plaster and resin, expanding its utility beyond candle making. The positive reviews, averaging at 4.6 stars from over 2,000 satisfied customers, attest to its quality and ease of use. Moreover, its affordable price of $1.77 makes it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced candle makers looking to enhance their crafting repertoire.

How to Save on Your AliExpress Purchases

When shopping on AliExpress, maximizing savings is always a bonus. One effective way to save on your purchases is by utilizing AskMeOffers Promo Codes. These codes can unlock discounts, deals, and special offers, allowing you to stretch your budget further and get more value for your money. Whether it’s a percentage off your total purchase or a specific discount on selected items, AskMeOffers promo codes present an opportunity to score fantastic deals on a wide range of products, including candle molds. Keep an eye out for these codes before completing your AliExpress transaction to enjoy significant savings on your purchases.

Tips for Successful Candle Making

While candle making may seem straightforward, achieving consistent and high-quality results requires attention to detail and a few essential tips. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced candle maker, these tips will help you master the art of candle making and create candles that burn bright and smell divine.

  1. Choose the right wax: Select a wax suitable for your desired candle type, such as soy wax for container candles or paraffin wax for pillars.
  2. Monitor temperature: Maintain proper temperature control during melting and pouring to prevent issues like frosting or sinkholes.
  3. Additives for enhancement: Explore additives like colorants, UV inhibitors, and vybar to customize the appearance and performance of your candles.
  4. Allow proper curing time: Let your candles cool and cure for the recommended period before burning to ensure optimal scent throw and burn performance.
  5. Trim wicks: Trim wicks to ¼ inch before each burn to prevent excessive smoking, mushrooming, and uneven burning.
  6. Test and adjust: Conduct burn tests to evaluate the performance of your candles and make necessary adjustments to improve quality.


Selecting the perfect candle molds is an essential step in the candle-making process, and AliExpress offers a plethora of options to suit every preference and budget. Through our exploration of the top five candle molds available on AliExpress, we’ve guided you towards informed decisions for your candle-making endeavors. Whether you’re a seasoned candle maker or a novice enthusiast, these top picks and savings tips pave the way for an enjoyable and rewarding candle-making experience. Illuminate your creativity and transform ordinary wax into extraordinary works of art with the help of the top candle molds from AliExpress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right candle mold for my project?

When selecting a candle mold, consider factors such as material, size, shape, durability, and reusability. Determine the type of candles you want to make and the intricacy of your designs to guide your decision.

Can I reuse candle molds?

Yes, many candle molds, particularly silicone ones, are reusable. Proper cleaning and maintenance can prolong their lifespan, making them a cost-effective investment for avid candle makers.

Are there any discounts or offers available for purchasing candle molds on AliExpress?

Yes, AliExpress frequently offers discounts, promotions, and coupons for various products, including candle molds. Keep an eye out for special deals such as percentage discounts, dollar-off coupons, or buy-one-get-one offers to maximize savings on your purchases.

Is it safe to purchase candle molds from AliExpress?

Yes, AliExpress is a reputable online marketplace that offers a wide range of products, including candle molds. However, it’s essential to read product reviews, check seller ratings, and review product specifications carefully before making a purchase to ensure quality and authenticity.

How long does shipping take for candle molds purchased from AliExpress?

Shipping times for candle molds on AliExpress can vary depending on factors such as your location, shipping method chosen, and the seller’s processing time. Generally, shipping from AliExpress to international destinations can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. Be sure to check the estimated delivery time provided by the seller before placing your order.

What should I do if I encounter issues with my candle molds purchased from AliExpress?

If you encounter any issues with your candle molds, such as damaged or defective items, it’s recommended to contact the seller directly through AliExpress’s messaging system. Most sellers are responsive and willing to resolve any problems to ensure customer satisfaction.

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